TV & Radio Appearances - March 1996

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Tori On Swedish Television
March 1996

    In March 1996, there was a 30 minute interview and video special on Tori Amos on Swedish TV. The interview was conducted in a village in Ireland, called Kinsale, which may have been where 'Boys for Pele' was recorded. During the interview, Tori and the interviewer walk around in the village, and by the beautiful harbour. The rest of the time they are inside a house. The interviewer is a Swedish woman named Sonja Bjrk.

    Read The Transcript From This Interview Sent To Me By Swedish Toriphile Christina Stalby.

Big Breakfast Show (U.K.)
March 18, 1996

    While in the U.K. earlier in 1996, Tori was on The Crunch, part of Channel 4's Big Breakfast show. She appeared with some puppet characters called Zig and Zag. Here are a few pictures from that appearance made available to me by Graham J. Bird.

French TV Interview
March 1996

    This is a TV Interview that aired in March 1996 in France on a show called Fanzine on the M6 Channel.

    You can read this interview at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find French TV Interview in the list of articles.

Entertainment Tonight (Weekend Edition)
March 1, 1996
    Featured a short 2-minute segment on Tori. I don't currently have the details.

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