TV & Radio Appearances - January 1998

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E! Behind The Scenes
January 31 / February 1, 4, & 5, 1998

    On Saturday, January 31, 1998, at 1:30PM ET, and again on Sunday, February 1 at 5:00PM ET, Tori was briefly seen on the show Behind The Scenes on U.S. Cable channel E!. According to Ears With Feet Michelle (aka RaisinGirl), the show was dedicated to the movie Great Expectations, and they showed a short clip of Tori recording the "Finn" vocalizations in the studio and some interview snippets. The Tori clips were the same as those shown recently on Hollywood & Vinyl on VH1.

Great Expectations Soundtrack Radio Special
January/February 1998
    Karen from Cincinnati was the first to tell me about a Great Expectations Soundtrack radio special which included a short Tori interview. Karen heard it on radio station 97.7 (97X) in Oxford, OH on January 27, 1998. The special featured short interviews with some of the artists featured on the GE Soundtrack. This radio special was heard on several other radio stations as well. Toriphile Michelle heard it on February 1, 1998 on a local radio station in Pittsburgh. Michelle has transcribed the Tori part of the interview, which includes comments from Scott Wieland as well. Tori says several interesting things about her contribution to the soundtrack, but the thing that got my attention was a comment from Tori revealing one of the reasons she agreed to go to the U.K. and do the project. "I needed to get away from a stalker in America." That is all she says about it and quite frankly it disturbs me.

    Read the entire interview From This Radio Special.

Channel 4 - Music Of The Millenium poll
January 24, 1998

    Andy Tebbutt and Brian the Lion have revealed that Tori's Little Earthquakes album has been voted 95th out the top 100 albums of all time in the Music Of The Millenium poll. The event was organized late last year by HMV Music, Channel Four T.V. and The Guardian newspaper and involved the votes of over 12,000 people. The results were televised on January 24, 1998 on Channel 4 in the U.K. When you think about it this is an impressive achievement!

Access Hollywood
January 24/25 1998

    Tori appeared briefly during the weekend of January 24/25, 1998 on the nationally syndicated entertainment news program Access Hollywood. This show, produced by NBC studios, covered the movie Great Expectations and showed Tori recording some of the vocals for the track "Finn", as well as a clip of her saying that the film inspired her in a big way. The clip was the same as what was shown on the show Hollywood & Vinyl on VH1.

Hollywood & Vinyl (VH1)
January 23, 24 & 29 1998
February 1, 4 1998

    I have received reports from Chris Barnes, Mary Riley, Beth Coulter and Candace that Tori was seen on the program Hollywood & Vinyl on U.S. cable channel VH1 on Friday, January 23 at 8:00PM ET and again on Saturday, January 24 at 10:00AM ET, and several times after that. This half hour show featured soundtrack hits from movies. They showed some relatively recent interview clips with Tori talking about the movie Great Expectations and the soundtrack. They also showed the Silent All These Years video. Often a studio or record company will create a press release video and then various programs are free to use clips from it. I think that is the case with the Tori interview clips on this show, for they also popped up on other places as well.

    Read Tori's Exact Quotes From Hollywood & Vinyl and see some screen shots.

The Big Question (BBC) - shown on Dutch TV
January 11, 1998

    Toriphile Ruud van Melick informed me that he saw an excellent interview with Tori on Dutch TV on January 11, 1998. The interview was from 1996, so this was a repeat showing. I am not sure when it originally aired, but I do know it was shown previously on October 27, 1996 in the U.K. The title of the show was The Big Question (BBC). Interviewer Mark Lawson asked artists about their philosophy in life, sprituality, religion and what generally makes them and their world tick. Tori's answers were simply fascinating!

    Read more details about this interview and the ENTIRE transcript!

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