Great Expectations Radio Special

Karen from Cincinnati was the first to tell me about a Great Expectations Soundtrack radio special which included a short Tori interview. Karen heard it on radio station 97.7 (97X) in Oxford, OH on January 27, 1998. The special featured short interviews with some of the artists featured on the GE Soundtrack. This radio special was heard on several other radio stations as well. Toriphile Michelle heard it on February 1, 1998 on a local radio station in Pittsburgh. Michelle has transcribed the Tori part of the interview below, which includes comments from Scott Wieland as well. Tori says several interesting things about her contribution to the soundtrack, but the thing that got my attention was a comment from Tori revealing one of the reasons she agreed to go to the U.K. and do the project. "I needed to get away from a stalker in America." That is all she says about it and quite frankly it disturbs me.

The Tori part of the interview is below. Her comments are introduced by Scott Wieland, who I guess was a narrator for the special. (He does not seem to actually be interviewing Tori himself.) At the end of the short interview they play "Siren".

Scott Wieland: Hello this is Scott Wieland and welcome back to the world premiere of the soundtrack of Great Expectations. tori amos was one of the first artists to sign on to the project and actually move to london to get better aquainted with the films composer patrick doyle and assure that her song siren was the perfect companion to the movie but as tori explains she had more then one reason to get away from america

TA: I needed to get away from a stalker in america.. And ah my manager called me and said um there's this project and you can go to england and I said well let me first meet the person I'd be working with and little did I know that I'd meet Patrick and all I want to do is take a bath in guiness with him. I mean I just adore him.

SW: On a lighter note tori however and aside from making music, tori contributed more to the production of the film as I found out

TA: well I've been making bloody marys for the crew because you have to just I do think when you do get to the music side of things even though people are working really long hours and working really really intently because things um have to be so accurate there isn't the same kind of freedom. WHen I'm doing an album for myself I have so much freedom. You're designing songs ya know to picture and it has to work. I mean my god I've seen Ethan Hawke from every angle you can possibly imagine going ooookay Ethan ya know seen that side of you and because they gave me the scene to do while he's fishing.. I didn't get to do the scene while Gweneth Paltrow ya know strips. I don't get that scene.

SW: Way to go tori- getting everyone drunk on the set. sounds vaguely familiar.. naturally this modern update of GE will be compared to the original film but Tori sees the movie in a much different vein

TA: there's a scene where the little kids kiss right and their tongues touch and there's this moment where your heart just goes OH god and I think that if that doesn't touch a place in people. People talk about being effected and when those kids touch their tongues ya know it's as hard core as Pulp FIction to me.

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