TV & Radio Appearances - August 1998

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Raspberry Swirl Video
August 1998

VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars II & III
August 25, 26, 29, 1998 & other dates
    On Tuesday, August 25, VH1 aired a program called Before They Were Rock Stars III. They had a surprisingly long and fascinating look at Tori which lasted for about 5 minutes. They showed all kinds of old video footage of Tori from as early as 1979. I was thrilled that VH1 gave her so much time during this one hour program (Though I am not sure if Tori will be thrilled to see this old stuff on TV!) I have a brief summary of what they showed and several photos. I have been told that VH-1 repeated this show on August 26 and on Friday night, August 28 at 1:30AM (This was actually Saturday morning, August 29 to be exact.)

    I did not notice until the summer of 1999 that Tori was also briefly mentioned on Before They Were Rock Start II on VH1. Basically they showed a photo of her from a high school yearbook (which is in Tori's authorized bio) along with 2 other celebrity high school yearbook photos and had you place next to their photo the award they received in school, such as "most likely to succeed."

    View photos from VH-1 Before They Were Rock Stars.

Jackie's Stength Video
August 16, 1998
    MTV 120 Minutes in the U.S. debuted the Jackie's Strength video on Sunday night, August 16, 1998. I have several screen shots from this beautiful and highly effective black & white video, which was shot by James Brown (who also directed the "Spark" video) and which includes documentary footage of Jacqueline Kennedy. I really loved the part of the video where Tori is interacting with the younger version of herself. Incredible...

    See photos from the "Jackie's Stength" Video and Comments About It

Conan O'Brien
August 7, 1998

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