Raspberry Swirl Video

Tori's second single from "from the choirgirl hotel" was Raspberry Swirl, in Germany, Australia, and likely in other countries as well. (It was to be the second single in the U.K., but as of now it has been cancelled. The second single in the U.S. was "Jackie's Strength".) I have some screen shots from the Raspberry Swirl video and detailed reports/descriptions of it below. I did not make the screen shots for this video. They were sent to me by Toriphiles Ilen and Alexandra. This video has been seen on The Box in the U.K. and appears on the enhanced CD single for Jackie's Strength that was released in the U.S. on September 15, 1998.

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From Allan Crossman

From Julie

From Gwynne

From Doron Vidavski

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