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Photo From MTV Unplugged 1996

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The main page of this site. Here you will find the latest Tori stuff from the last few weeks or so. After that, it will be archived in one of the sections below.

Here's where you find all the latest information on Tori's current Dew Drop Inn Tour. There are set lists and reviews from the fans, quotes from Tori on stage, a general overview of the tour, some great photos, and links to other places on the web with tour stuff!

This section has information on Tori's music, her albums, singles, song interpretations, and anything else about this wonderful woman's art.

Information and photos from recent television programs featuring Tori, and some details on Tori's radio appearances.

Includes recent articles from magazines and newspapers on Tori, and interviews from the press.

One day this will be a wonderful guide to all the really cool Tori destinations on the Net. I have not updated it in a while, but I will get to it!

Fan club information, some wonderful artistic creations by Tori's fans, and anything else that does not fit into other categories goes here.

Links to other artists I like, though not as much as Tori ;)

The section usually has some wave sound files to download, and at times even quicktime video clips and other multimedia related items.

My own Tori story and why I love her so much, something I wrote on why some people just don't appreciate Tori's talent, links to the reviews of the concerts I have seen on the Dew Drop Inn Tour, and anything else I wish to rave about :)

Wonder who I am? Check out my regular home page! It is hopelessly outdated since I spend most of my time on the Tori site, but you can read more about me and find links to my friends.

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