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Sound Clips Of Killing Me Softly
Live In Muncie IN, September 18, 1996

Added October 28, 1996

These wave sound clips come from a taping sent to me by a marvelous Toriphile named Kim in New Jersey. They are from a concert I attended on September 18th in Muncie Indiana. I met Tori at the sound check before the concert and I requested Killing Me Softly. She played that request for me, as the last song of the concert! (Click here to read the full Muncie review.) Anyway, it is with great pleasure that I make these sound clips available for you. I still get chills and tears everytime I hear them!

If you have trouble downloading these clips please email me at the address on the bottom of this page and let me know please!

Killing Me Softly Wav Sound Clip #1
2.2 Meg (1 minute 43 secs, 16 bit, 11.025 Hz Mono)

  • This is the end of the song; Tori is playing the piano.

    Killing Me Softly Wav Sound Clip #2
    1.2 Meg (57 secs, 16 bit, 11.025 Hz Mono)

  • This is near the beginning of the song; Tori is playing the organ.

  • Molly and Alie's Sound Clip From Akron Ohio Of Tori Saying Goodbye To Us On The Web

    Updated October 28, 1996

    Gauging from the posts on the newsgroup, there is high demand and interest in this sound clip that sisters Molly and Alie have made available on their Progressive Tori Web Page. So I made it a little easier to find here! Just click on the link here to get to their home page, and then click on the link at the top to go to the Akron Ohio page which has the sound clip on it. Tori is in tears as she tells us goodbye. Moving and Amazing!

    Tori's Recorded Message To OkToriFest 1996

    Added October 17, 1996

    The RDT Fanzine, long recognized as a leader in the Tori Net Community, held another Oktorifest in Columbus Ohio on October 5. About 50 fans gathered to celebrate all things Tori-related! I wanted to go but was unable to attend. RDT has dedicated a part of their web site to describe what happened at the meeting. There is also a WAV sound clip available with a special message Tori recorded for the OkToriFest participants. Tori talks about her tour ending and how she feels about it! She says, "I'm gonna miss everybody. It's never as good as when we're on the road. No matter what I say, that's the truth. Things just aren't as magical." You can read the entire transcript or download the sound clip at the RDT fanzine web site. Just follow the OktoriFest link once you are there!

    Other Great Sounds On The Net

    Updated July 31, 1996

    Rebecca Cox's Tori Site 'Laid Down' has great wav files of Tori in concert for you to listen to after her recent show in Chicago June 6th. Also, for those of you who subscribe to the Really Deep Thoughts fanzine, you saw in issue No. 9 a wonderful interview with Tori from the Under The Pink tour. This interview was conducted by Rebecca, who now has a web page with this interview broken down into a series of .wav files for you to download.

    Updated July 31: Rebecca now has some interesting sound clips from the recent Blood Roses bootleg CD for you to download. She made them mono so that you would not have to wait too long. Great Stuff!!

    Hey, Take Me To Rebecca's site NOW!

    Tori devotee Inferno (T.Pham) has created a web site called Sweet Dreams which features, among other things, some fantastic sound samples in MPEG format. This allows him to put a whole Tori song in a file that is around 800K and has almost CD quality sound. You can hear Tori sing American Pie, Take To The Sky Live, and Song For Eric Live, as well as several interview clips. Great listening!

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