U.K. TV Show 'Stars In Their Eyes' - April 29, 2000

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On Saturday, April 29, 2000, the U.K. TV Show "Stars In Their Eyes" on the 'ITV' channel broadcast an episode that included a Tori impersonator. "Stars In Their Eyes" features members of the public who dress up and perform as their favourite artist. This was the first time in the show's history when someone did Tori, and the reports from Toriphiles in the U.K. say that the impersonator was quite bad! You can see a photo of this impersonator below, sent to me by Gemma Thomson. She "performed" Cornflake Girl. Below you will find reports about the show from people who saw it.

Definitely NOT Tori!

From Lucy:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to let you know the tori impersonator has just been on and it is the most hysterical thing I've ever seen"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sounded like a man!!!!!! It was *so* funny especially her miming the piano solo part.

    There was 5 contestants doing -Olivia Newton John (terrible), Roy Orbison (really good), Jennifer Paige (excellent), Tony Christie (quite good) and of course Tori (oh lordy!!)

    The woman doing tori was a police officer from Mersey Side liverpool. The thing was she never ever mentioned that she was a fan of Tori, and you could tell this from her performance. I have to say the one good thing about it was her hair!!! Itw as *exactly* like tori had it in 1994. She did Cornflake Girl.

    The 'performace'- she sort of did a funny dance as she ran up to the piano and I knew then it was going to go downhill!!! She started singing like she was a man, really deep, just nothing like tori at all!!! It was just like someone's perception of tori after they had heard her once or twice. There was also some funny facial gestures and finger pointing in the air (!!), it was hysterical!!!

    The bit I was waiting for was the solo piano part and that was just the funniest thing, she was sort of playing the keys in the air and it just didn't fit at all!!

    Luckily she didn't win, Jennifer Paige did (and she was excellent I thought). Mike you have to see it, hopefully someone will send you a soundclip or screen shots!!! I hope so!! Everyone I know over here thought it was hysterical! I thought it was going to be bad, but not that bad!!!!

From Andy Tebbutt + Emma Taylor:

    Tori's " appearance on "stars in their eyes" has just finished, and what a strange experience that was !!!

    The host called her "kooky kooky Tori Amos", the person themselves said "her father was a GOSPEL preacher" !

    Even after the make up people had done their job, and stuck a red wig on her she looked NOTHING like Tori... but fair do's - it's a soundalike show not lookalike... However... the show has had some bad people on over it's 10 years, but she was TERRIBLE, and we're not saying that because we love tori etc - we're saying that because she really was... not a single word came out like tori, her voice was far too low, and just sounded so unlike tori it was a joke : )

    Needless to say she didnt win - Jennifer Paige won ( up against Olivia newton john, roy orbison. and tony christie ! )

    She did Cornflake girl by the way :)

    we laughed all the way through it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Gemma Thomson:

    She sang Cornflake Girl, but she didn't even play the piano - she faked it badly! Oh, and there's a winner at the end of the show, and she lost to a Jennifer Paige impersonator.

From Carly Gray:

    I thought I would add something to the other reports of Saturday's show. The host began with "Some pop singers are stranger than others, and our next guest is certainly stranger than most. But, she is the best singer/songwriter since Kate Bush"!!. The woman doing Tori came out and said as a clue to the identity of her star "She is always compared to Kate Bush". Well, she obviously cannot be a fan. As for her performance, as I am sure you have already gathered, it was pretty awful. She took every gesture that Tori has ever done in her career, and packed them all into the one song, while exagerating them at the same time. It was more like she was poking fun at Tori as opposed to someone paying homage.

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