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Sightings reported from May 1, 2001 through December 31, 2001

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Tori's version of "Have Youself a Merry Little Christmas" played at the end of the TV show Roswell!

(Dec 21, 2001) - K T, Alison Zemell, Heather Hansen, Elizabeth (Blue Girls), Nicolle Morehouse, Emily Green, Karen, Jennifer, Jennie, Emily and Jessica Fripp report:

    They played Tori's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas in Space)" on the new episode of the U.S. TV show Roswell last night, December 18, 2001 on the UPN network. It was the closing music at the end of the show. I think they played the whole thing.

"Strange Little Girl" played on TV soap "Passions"

< (Dec 21, 2001) - Brent Phillips, WaterColor Stain (Kelly), and Ryan Smith report:

    Tori's song "Strange Little Girl" was featured as background music in a scene during the Monday, December 17, 2001 episode of the NBC daytime soap opera "Passions".

Tori mentioned in Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth column at E! Online

(Nov 30, 2001) - Cynthia Weaver, UpsideDown Girl, Bonnie (aka nikita007) and Amanda Blum report:

    Tori is mentioned in Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth column at E! Online on November 29, 2001. Read it at E! Online or below.

    Tori Amos, dining at the always scrumptious Newsroom Cafe. Robertson Boulevard. Frumpy-chic in green cargo pants, dark blue tank with the words "Under Dog," a matching dark blue jogging jacket and tennis shoes, the redhead--who's in town for her Strange Little Girls concert tour--was joined by her hub-unit, sound engineer Mark Hawley (sporting a gray FDNY tee), their one-year-old daughter and an Industry friend. The gabby group grabbed a quick bite and then headed to Storyopolis across the courtyard to check out the Dr. Seuss exhibit. I swear on my green eggs and hammy remarks.

MTV Dismissed and "Cornflake Girl"

(Nov 9, 2001) - Christina, BrIaN the pimp, Jayde and Tom Santos report:

    Last night I was watching MTV Dismissed when I heard "Cornflake Girl" in the background during the two guys and a girl date. Then it was played again during the 2 girls and a guy date.

    This seems to have been broadcast at various times during November 5-7, 2001 and likely at other times as well.

Austrian magazine "WIENERIN" calls Tori a "wicca-practicioner"

(Nov 5, 2001) - Silvia Klement reports:

    Tori Amos' name appeared in an article in the Austrian magazine "WIENERIN", issue November 2001, on the subject of Wicca-Witches. It stated that singer Tori Amos acknowledges to be a wicca-practicioner. Other celebrities mentioned: actress Cybill Shepherd.

MTV "Travelogue"

(Nov 2, 2001) - Laura Heywood reports:

    Tori's song "Strange Little Girl" is used as a music bed (instrumental) for an MTV commercial for MTV "Travelogue"!

1000 Oceans on Judging Amy

(October 31, 2001) - Tami and many more Toriphiles report:

    I'm watching "Judging Amy" on CBS, and they're playing 1000 Oceans during the last few mins of the show. [The air date was October 30, 2001.] They played the song in its entirety. It's such a great's the synopsis of tonight's show...

    "The Unbearable Lightness of Being Family"

    Amy makes one last attempt to repair her relationship with her brother Vincent before he moves away.

    In the Gray family, the "surfing monkey" statue is a symbol of good luck for the person holding it. Amy, the current recipient, was given the monkey after her marriage fell apart and now wants to give it to her mother, Maxine, when Maxine's picture appears in the newspaper with a story about her embarrassing resignation from Sanctuary House. However, Maxine feels that Amy should offer the lucky knick-knack to Vincent, whose wife, Carole, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. When Vincent reluctantly approaches Amy for legal advise, brother and sister try one last time to break down the barriers that divide them -- before Vincent moves permanently to San Francisco. When Amy learns that Carole's condition has worsened, she has to come to terms with saying goodbye -- to both the surfing monkey and her beloved brother.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

(July 25, 2001) - Mike Fisher, JoAnne and E. B. report:

    Tori was just mentioned [July 22, 2001] on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It is celebrity night, and Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish was asked the question:

    Which of the following musicians is male?

    A) Alice Cooper
    B) Shawn Colvin
    C) Enya
    D) Tori Amos

    Darius chose correctly for $500. Quite a shame she wasn't mentioned in the $1,000,000 question!

The Lennon Murphy Band

(July 18, 2001) - JOHN a.k.a. cruelsugar reports:

    John found an article that appeared at on May 8, 2000 about a band named The Lennon Murphy Band, who has a female lead vocalist. Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori:

    By contrast, Lennon, whom she named for the late John Lennon, started out a little like Tori Amos, with sensitive thoughtful lyrics, and now she has added a hard-rocking, loud-pounding edge, a style that didn't fit easily into all the usual categories.

Jen Parrish - Parrish Relics : Amulets & Ornaments

(July 18, 2001) - Jen Parrish reports:

    My local paper came to interview me about my business (jewelry designer), and of course I was nervous so I had Tori on in the background to calm me down...

    well, the first paragraph of the article was this:

    "Faces of Stoneham" Stoneham Sun July 4, 2001 by Danielle M. Pothier Jennifer Parrish
    Parrish Relics

    "As Tori Amos sang from a CD player and her friend's greyhound Nicholas lounged on the couch in the other room, Jennifer Parrish sat at a large wooden table sipping a glass of iced tea. Parrish, originally from Malden, has settled in a historic Franklin Street home with her husband, Ed, after a brief stay in Atlanta, and started her own Medieval-themed jewelry business over three years ago...."

    I was so happy that Tori was a "part" of my interview, as her work has inspired a lot of my jewelry (bracelets with the words "Bliss", "Siren"..) and her music is in constant rotation in my studio..

Artist Dave McKean

(July 18, 2001) - John Doerflinger reports:

    John found an article about artist Dave McKean and a very interesting deck of Tarot cards called The Vertigo Tarot. The article and the artwork for the cards is really fascinating, and you can read about it at this web site about Tarot Cards. The article mentions Tori as well as Neil Gaiman, as you can see below.

    The fact is that Dave McKean has attracted an enormous base of fans and clients, creating imaginal worlds for the likes of Tori Amos, Bill Bruford, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Machine Head, and a host of other musicians. He has done numerous book projects including the cover of Stephen King's Wizard and Glass, his own graphic novel Cages, and an entire children's book with author Neil Gaiman. ["The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish"] Enter a bookstore or music shop, and you will likely find several examples of his work there. He might best be known, though, for the cover illustrations he designed for the entire 75-issue run of The Sandman.

Fight The Good Fight Ministries Again

(July 18, 2001) - Aimee Lortskell reports:

    while perusing the fundie [religious] site which has a little section on tori, i discovered that they also quote tori in their eminem section. naturally, they don't want to use more of what she says about him which would actually somewhat support their argument, but instead imply that she's in collusion. it's certainly a good example of selective editing.

New R.E.M. album "Reveal" includes a "tribute to the rock pianist Tori Amos"

(July 14, 2001) - David Yzaguirre and Joel report:

    An article at the New York Times web site mentioned that the new album from R.E.M., called "Reveal", includes a tribute to Tori. The July 1, 2001 article was called "Rock Groups That No Longer Rock ' and was written by Kelefa Sanneh. The article focuses on R.E.M. and Radiohead, and how they are moving away from recording traditional "Rock" songs. Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    But there are duds, too, and more of them than on any of R.E.M.'s 11 other albums. Perhaps this album is the result of the group's post-Berry restlessness. Before Mr. Berry left, each new R.E.M. album was a miracle of persistence: a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer, finding a way to make new songs with old tools. The new R.E.M. is an odd, flighty creature, chasing inspiration across genres and styles. "Reveal" includes a frightful tribute to the rock pianist Tori Amos, an overblown waltz and one cloying number containing the lyric "You give a little sneeze and dance the rhu-rhu-rhu- rhu-rhumba." Peter Buck sneaks in a handful of great guitar lines, but there's no sense that all this music has been made by the same group.

Natalie Merchant's new album "Motherland" and drummer Matt Chamberlain

(July 14, 2001) - Lily M. reports:

    Lily was the first to tell me about a news item at about artist Natalie Merchant. The news item was posted on July 11, 2001 and mainly talks about Natalie's new album called "Motherland". The article mentions Tori! You can read it below. I really like Natalie Merchant, so I was excited to see an indirect connection between her and Tori via Matt Chamberlain!

    Merchant Readies Motherland

    Former 10,000 Maniacs singer to release third studio album in fall

    Natalie Merchant has been working on her fourth album, Motherland, the follow-up to Ophelia, scheduled for release in early November [2001]. Though the former 10,000 Maniacs frontwoman released Live in Concert in 1999, the album will be her first studio release in three years.

    Merchant enlisted T Bone Burnett -- who in addition to credits with the Wallflowers, Counting Crows and Sam Phillips, also scored a hit recently with the old time folk music soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou? -- to produce the album. The majority of Merchant's backing band will be familiar to fans who caught her on her 1999 tour, including Gabriel Gordon and Eric Della Penna on guitars, Graham Maby on bass and Elizabeth Steen on keys. Taking over the seat at the drum kit will be Matt Chamberlain, who has worked with Fiona Apple, Macy Gray and Tori Amos, among others.

Delirium Toy

(July 14, 2001) - Amy Shockley reports:

Delerium pic

    I just wanted to let you know that in the August 2001 issue of Toy Fare, it has a section entitled "Incoming" which lists toys that are coming soon. This month it includes a Delirium action figure (and other Neil Gaiman characters) with the captions, "GIRL FOR PELE Delirium is loosely based on singer/songwriter Tori Amos, who's also red-haired and sorta crazy." "ENDLESS WALTZ Delirium is the yougest of the seven Endless, and was once known as Delight." I have also included a scanned image. (Click on the image to see it larger.)

Australian series "Head Start"

(July 14, 2001) - David McInnes reports:

    There is a TV program here called "Head Start". It is an Australian series, which focuses on a group of teenagers, who have been given federal grants to assist them in their chosen field. For example, one girl is making a documentary on a famous female pilot, another is developing a revolutionary bicycle gearing device, whilst another is breeding yabbies.

    Anywho, the point of this email is to let you know of a Tori mentioning. One girl in the series, named Katherine (played by actress Megan Dorman) has been given funding to support her composition and piano skills. Katherine is a flame-haired, wide-faced young ingenue with a funny lip shape. Early in the series, we witnessed a repressed young piano player slaving away at classical compositions and subdued by her overpowering mother. Katherine was able to break free with the assistance of her funding; moving into shared accommodation and focussing on her own, original pieces.

    In recent times, Katherine has discovered techno and other new wave music, thanks to her peers, who have introduced her to music other than that of the classical variety, all of which was forbidden in her household. Hence, Katherines new compositions reflect her prowess in musicology, as well as integrating this newfound electronica. She has even incorporated the noises made by council workers excavating and sealing the road outside their inner-city apartment!!!

    I thought that this storyline was a tad familiar, borrowing some of the more emancipative elements of Toris own history. To my surprise, when they advertised the series official website at the end of a recent episode, I discovered this to be (possibly) more than true! Instead of reproducing the similar old web design of including an episode synopsis and actors filmographies etc, the designers of this innovative site have actually continued the spirit of the show, pretending as if the characters were real people!! On each characters subpage, the biography includes details in keeping with their TV persona. I have found many interesting links through these, more to the point however, Katherines subpage includes her many musical influences, and of the more recent variety, Tori is included!! I thought this was a very clever touch, and it even includes a picture of Tori, and links to a Tori site (albeit a bad one! Im emailing them to get that changed!!!) This made me very excited to see such a prominent mention of Tori and her music!

    Needless to say, the show is very good, and the website is very innovative in its original design and conception! I am not sure if the show is on outside Australia, however, it screens on Sunday nights on the ABC at 6:15pm for those with satellite TV. Also, it is made by the production team behind "The HeartBreak Kid" and spinoff series "HeartBreak High", which I am positive has screened outside of Australia. The ABC is the local network, and shows very arty type shows and lots of locally produced stuff. Not being a commercial station, it does not attract great numbers, but I thought this was also in keeping with the whole edge of the mainstream crossover type quality of Tori herself. The characters in the show do not appeal to the cliche valley girl ideal, and are all very real, strong characters, with many alternative interests including cult anime, alternative music, and some bizarre fashions! All in all, I strongly recommend this show to your typical Toriphile!

Ten Celebrity Friends of Michael Stipe

(July 14, 2001) - Daisy reports:

    Q Magazine released a special REM-only magazine a few weeks ago, and I haven't finished reading through it yet, but I've found at least one Tori mention so far. Here is what it says in a little box on page 120:

    "Ten Celebrity Friends of Michael Stipe:

    1. Thom Yorke
    2. Courtney Love
    3. Morrissey
    4. Tori Amos
    5. Cameron Diaz
    6. Bill Clinton
    7. Bono
    8. Patti Smith
    9. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
    10. Moby

Neil Gaiman On TechTV

(June 30, 2001) - Davida Poore reports:

    I just wanted to let you know that I saw Neil Gaiman on The Screen Savers on TechTV last night (June 27, 2001). [Leo Laporte] did a great interview with him. He was so funny. They talked about his new book [American Gods], which sounds fabulous, his online Journal, and of course his web site! He said did a story on his journal saying it was an advertising ploy to sell his book. He obviously did not advertise it when he put it out, it just kinda caught on. The guy that interviewed him was actually a big fan. I'm not sure if it will re-air or not. They even mentioned Tori, not in the interview itself, but on the quick facts text they showed across the bottom of the screen. They said how she wrote the introduction to one of his books and that she was a good friend and enjoyed his work.

Tori and the NBA Draft

(June 30, 2001) - Meredith S. and Aaron Todd report:

    Tonight [June 27, 2001], when Eddie Griffin was selected as the number seven pick in the NBA Draft (TNT network) they showed a picture of Eddie and his brother along with other family members. Apparently his brother died of a heart attack in March and they were explaining this, as well as how much his brother meant to him. While the story was being told and as the picture was shown, the intro for "Lust" was playing in the background. [Note from Mikewhy: What a weird choice given the subject matter!]

Carvel Ice Cream Bakery

(June 30, 2001) - Michael Gehrig reports:

    Just to let you know, a Carvel Ice Cream Bakery in West Hempstead, New York has been making Ice Cream pints named after Tori's Songs. I've seen Datura (Vanilla w/ butterscotch, chocolate syrup and almonds), Bliss (Every chocolate imaginable), Agent Orange (Orange Sherbert w/ sprinkles), Raspberry Swirl (Black raspberry and vanilla), as well as Spark (Vanilla, fudge, and a cherry center)... all made by "The Ice Cream Assassin".

Donna Delory, Madonna's backup singer

(June 30, 2001) - Tarik El-Khateeb reports:

    Hi Tori is mentioned in a Sonicnet article about Donna Delory, Madonna's backup singer. Here's what was written:

    With the exception of a handful of Madonna and Jewel ballads, De Lory's own music sounds nothing like the artists she has worked with. Bliss was written and recorded with a cellist and could be described as Tori Amos-like ambient electronica.

Tori followers are going to HELL!

(June 27, 2001) - Jen Parrish reports:

    Jen Parrish told me about a page about Tori Amos on the Fight The Good Fight Ministries web page, where they talk about how sinful Tori is and how she is leading her followers to eternal damnation. At the risk of offending some, I laughed by head off at this page. Fight The Good Fight Ministries is "a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world and shattering Satan's lies."

Much Music "Gonna Meet A Rockstar"

(June 25, 2001) - Trysta Doary reports:

    I was watching Much Music "Gonna Meet A Rockstar", the episode when a girl named Tianna from Saskatoon meets the Mathew Good Band. In her room I caught a framed picture of Tori on her wall. It's a picture from the God video where she's kneeling and looking up with that dreamy look on her face. I didn't see if she had any other Tori stuff but she had a TON of CDs. I thought it kind of interesting that people who like Tori may also like the Mathew Good Band.

VH1 "Before They Were Rock Stars" repackaged

(June 27, 2001) - Marla Tiara reports:

    VH1 repackaged its "Before They Were Rock Stars" a bit and made theme shows. I saw one that focuses on stars who have been in commercials. I missed the first 5 minutes, so I don't know if they showed the Just Right commercial, but they DID show a 1 second clip of Tori (from the Cornflake Girl US video - the bit where she rolls her eyes skyward) in a montage of famous people who had been in commercials.

Article about BT from Sonicnet at Yahoo! News

(June 27, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article about BT (Brian Transeau) at the Yahoo! News web site. It came from Sonicnet. Tori is mentioned in the article. The Tori parts are below:

    So far in BT's remarkable six-year career, he's spearheaded the popular genre known as trance, revolutionized film scores and brought Tori Amos into clubs. But he will probably forever be remembered as the inventor of "dirty pop."

    Over the past few months, Maryland-bred Brian Transeau has brought gritty beats and broken vocals into the glossy worlds of 'NSYNC (news - web sites) and Britney Spears. BT produced the Orlando, Florida, fivesome's latest hit single, "Pop," and recorded two tracks for the pop princess' upcoming album č one of which he described as "insane."


    BT, who released his first single on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label in 1995, has ventured into the pop world in the past only as a remixer, taking on tracks by Madonna, Sarah McLachlan and Seal. His remix of Amos' "Blue Skies" in 1996 was a worldwide club smash.

Tori mentioned again on the Sara Cox Breakfast Show

(June 25, 2001) - Danny.Weddup reports:

    Tori was mentioned again on the Sara Cox Breakfast Show, BBC Radio1. Yesterday morning [June 18, 2001] Sara read out a list of 'Top 10 Celebrities Who Believe in Reincarnation' and Tori was one of them.

Singer/Songwriter Esthero

(June 25, 2001) - Jenifa reports:

    Esthero is a Canadian artist, and on her web site you can find an interview where she mentions Tori. You can read the entire interview here. Below you will find the part where Esthero mentions Tori.

    Interviewer: Why do you do it? Some musicians like to keep a safe distance from fans.

    Esthero: I think ... Tori Amos called them "people that come to the shows." She refused to call them "fans." And I think that's genius. I don't separate it either. I don't separate into "star" and "fan." I think of it as a bunch of people getting together to witness something magical, and everybody is a part of it. I don't think about it too much. Everybody behind me is playing an instrument and I see a fan with free hands ... The line between the stage and the audience is very blurred to me.

Tori Sofa

(June 25, 2001) - Leif reports the following to the Precious Things mailing list:

    This is pretty interesting...I was searching online [at Benchmark BeHOME] for furniture (sofas in particular) and came across one called "Tori Sectional". I thought it was just coincidence that it had the same name as the singer until I went back and looked at the rest of the furniture on the site and realized that they were ALL named after musicians. So the "Tori Sectional sofa IS actually named after the singer Tori Amos!

    [Note from Mikewhy: I completely believe this sighting, but I was unable to locate the sectional when I visited the site!]

Tori sighting in The Guardian (UK)

(June 25, 2001) - Danny.Weddup reports:

    There is a mention of Tori in the Travel section of today's Guardian newspaper in the U.K. (June 23, 2001). In the section '...never travels without', they interview a celebrity to find out what they always take with them when they travel. In the interview with Sarah Cawood (TV presenter, on Live and Kicking on BBC1), she said:

    A necessity: 'Music is very important to me, so I always keep a CD player handy. I've just been on a bit of a buying binge, so I'd have lots of CDs to choose from. I'd definitely take the new Travis album, the new Muse album, some Tori Amos for a bit of chilled-out atmos and, of course, the Best of The Doors.'

Tori on Macintosh iBook

(June 15, 2001) - Bryan Cody reports:

    I just received my new iBook (500mhz, combo drive and 20 gig hard drive) and unlike my old revB iMac it came with iTunes installed with many songs and spoken word audio files. One of the songs is BT's Blue Skies -Featuring Tori Amos (5:04).

Nick Cave and the song "Green Eyes"

(June 15, 2001) - America reports:

    I have a cute bit of info for you. In the May 2001 issue of Mojo magazine, Nick Cave admits that the beautiful song "Green Eyes" was written for Tori. How sweet.

Tori referenced on

(June 15, 2001) - some place else reports:

    i thought you might find this interesting. . .

    "care bears falling dead out of the sky.
    the labour party claims it was their idea.
    part of the peace process.
    to educate small children in weighty matters such as
    organised religion.
    tori amoz.
    liz hurley.
    follow the yellow brick road.
    renegade marxist terrorists.
    donít feel stupid.
    birds falling dead out of the sky.
    mother nature has her own special ways of fighting back."

    can be found at

    you have to click the "6/0" looking link 15 times to get to it.

    even though tori's last name is not spelled correctly, i am sure radiohead know who they're talking about. after all, great artists do tend to compliment each other from time to time.

Violet Skin

(June 9, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article posted on June 8, 2001 to The Detroit News web site about a musical group called Violet Skin. If you read the small article, you will see that two members of the group met at a Tori concert and that Tori influences their music. Here are parts of the article. You can read the entire article at

    Shortly after their first meeting at a Tori Amos concert, guitarist Katie Janness and bassist Dominique Spina became close friends and eventually roommates.

    The two college students started Violet Skin with two other musicians, who were eventually replaced by second guitarist Sara Schmittroth, who is all of 15 years old, and drummer Angie Kaiser.

    In just a couple of years, Violet Skin has played all across Detroit, performed out of town and released a 14-song CD titled Kabuki, made earlier this year at Roscoe's Recording in Detroit.

    The band's next step is a CD release party for the new disc. And in July, the group will perform at the Kali Maa Fair in New York City.


    Sound: Violet Skin has an abstract and unconventional indie-rock sound that showcases the creative nature of the musicians as well as their musical aptitude. Sonic Youth and Tori Amos influences are apparent.

Singer/Songwriter Danielle Spencer

(June 5, 2001) - Webb reports:

    In the Western Australian Sunday Times on the 3rd of June 2001, there is an interview with a new singer/songwriter from Sydney called Danielle Spencer. When asked 'Do you find your music is compared to anyone in particular?' she replied 'Kate Bush, Madonna and Tori Amos.' You may know her, she was Russel Crowe's date for the oscars.

20th annual Congressional Art Competition features a winner who painted Tori

(June 5, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at about a high school Art student named Eleanor Brennan who was the East Bay winner of the 20th annual Congressional Art Competition. She won with a portrait of Tori! Here are parts of the article:

    Eleanor Brennan hopes for a future as an artist, to have her artwork admired by many people.

    This 16-year-old San Ramon Valley High School student is well on her way. One of her paintings has been chosen to be displayed inside the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

    Eleanor was the East Bay winner of the 20th annual Congressional Art Competition, and will travel to the nation's capital next month to see where her artwork is displayed.


    Eleanor received free tickets to Washington, D.C., to attend a reception with Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, and see her untitled acrylic painting at its new home in the Capitol.

    The piece to be displayed is one Eleanor was working on at her art school in Florida. It was inspired by her listening to music and trying to portray what she heard into the painting. Eleanor created a lifelike portrait of singer Tori Amos.

"Putting The Damage On" played during made-for-showtime movie "Bad Manners."

(June 1, 2001) - Summer reports:

    I was flipping through the channels,and I flipped to Showtime 2 and heard "putting the damage on" being played during the closing credits of a made-for-showtime movie called "Bad Manners." It wasa remix of the song that I had never heard before... (Note from Mikewhy: This is possibly the Twilight Mix of Putting The Damage On that appeared on the 1997 RAINN Retrospective Promo CD.)

July 2001 issue of Teen

(June 1, 2001) - Bianca reports:

    In the July 2001 issue of Teen Magazine with Britney Spears on the cover, there is a little thing on Tori Amos. It's of WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Its a short paragraph or so speaking of her top selling album, her new born baby and her new album. It has Alanis Morissette, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Missy Elliot, Fiona Apple etc.. It also includes a picture of Tori Amos.

Tori during "Career Day"

(June 1, 2001) - October reports:

    Today [May 30, 2001] was "career day" at my school (I'm in 8th grade). It was a stupid event, but one of the professionals who spoke to us was named Mr. Spring. He was a producer for shows and concerts and events at Madison Square Garden, and he showed us a video of some tiny concert and event clippings. Towards the end, there was a clip on Tori!!! It was a close up of her face and shoulders, and she was singing into the microphone. I couldn't see any of the Bosendorfer, but I think she was playing, her arms were moving. It lasted a few seconds, and was fairly inconsequential, but I was very excited. I practically leaped out of my chair, and got a few weird looks. ;-)

February 2001 "Men's Health" Magazine

(June 1, 2001) - Nony Sagol reports:

    I found this quote in "men's health" magazine february 2001. Its in an article called "best,worst,and horribly troubling - our yearly look at the crude,useful,kinky and insane"...

    Breasts in Society.
    Most troubling observation: "An ounce of breast milk is even more potent that the finest tequila" - Tori amos,on breastfeeding her child for the first time. "

Life! Weekend in Singapore

(May 26, 2001) - Mark reports:

    Two weeks ago, Singapore's press Life! Weekend did a feature article moms that make good music. They included Tori Amos and gave a photo of her in the venus era and the under the pink era. I was pretty excited and the quote about tequila was finally found on a singapore newspaper. They also included stuff about the hardships of motherhood.

English Language Educational Video

(May 26, 2001) - Simon reports:

    Tori's song "Girl" is on an A-Level English Language Educational Video which was made in 1993 (to my knowledge) and is about language and gender. The opening bar is repeated several times before the 1st verse and chorus is played then the end string arrangements.

Guardian newspaper and the Royal Festival Hall

(May 22, 2001) - Danny.Weddup reports:

    Tori is mentioned in today's (May 20, 2001) Guardian newspaper (UK). It's in the 'Office Hours' section in a feature about the staff at The Royal Festival Hall, comparing the jobs of a lady who worked there for 40 years and one of the current administrative staff. Here is the Tori part:

    'Now that she has retired, [Betty] Blythe finds that she goes to concerts more than she used to, "although I always went to anything really special". Two such occasions that stick in her mind are when the Vienna State Opera performed at the Hall in 1964 and when Frank Sinatra gave a charity performance with Grace Kelly and Bob Hope. "The atmosphere was incredible." Harvey's tastes are, appropriately, a little more contemporary and she cites gigs by Tori Amos and Blur as particular high spots.'

"Drivers License" of Musical Artists

(May 22, 2001) - kris (TwinkleGrrl) and alli (Back2Venus) report:

    This is a "drivers license" of musical artists, showing where they came from. Tori is featured under North Carolina. :) Here is the web site.

Tori reference in Werewolf

(May 22, 2001) - Katherine Banks reports:

    I'm not sure if you know about this or not, but Tori is quoted in a role playing game called Werewolf. The quote represents a type of werewolf called Black Furies...they're an all-female group. The quote is from Precious Things... "I want to smash their faces". Anyway, it's still an interesting game and a fun reference.

"Mea Culpa" covered Crucify

(May 22, 2001) - Rose reports:

    Local band "Mea Culpa" covered Crucify at University Ave Fair in Seattle on Saturday, May 19, 2001. A hardly recognizable rendition but the lead singer later agreed that all Tori's songs are great. It's good to see such active Toriphiles in Seattle!

Jill Gioia

(May 15, 2001) - Emily reports:

    In Long Island's newspaper Newsday from May 10, 2001, in the Night Beat section, there is an article called "LI Native Aims to Be Girl Power Promoter" about a new singer named Jill Gioia.

    "I love that girls who hear me -- in high school or junior high -- say I give them something different for them to identify with," Gioia says. "I miss that there's not a lot more Sheryl Crows or Tori Amoses out there. I hope to be something really different that way."

    She's got a hit called "He's My Bitch." Nuff said :)

Nathan Temby covers Tori

(May 15, 2001) - Nathan Temby reports:

    Just a little Tori thing. I'm [singer Nathan Temby] doing a concert on June 20, 2001 in San Francisco to promote my record label and album and one of the songs in my setlist will be a true-to-tori rendition of Winter. (Its not on my album, I'm just covering it in concert.) I may also perform Precious Things for part of my encore - if the spirit moves me. Its all acoustic and on a piano. (Go to for more info.)

Clairvoyant Colette Baron-Reid

(May 15, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I earlier this year found an article at the Jam! Showbiz web site about some of the acts that EMI has been signing to their label. There was one part of the article that talked about clairvoyant Colette Baron-Reid:

    The EMI signing likely to raise the most eyebrows is clairvoyant Colette Baron-Reid, who has previously released records of meditative music but has branched out into full-blown pop music that, based on the one track played Monday, will draw comparisons to Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Coincidentally, Eric Rosse, who has engineering and production credits on the first two Tori Amos albums, worked on the project.

I found another article about her in the Calgary Herald on May 12, 2001. You can read that article online at Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Colette Baron-Reid is a choice target, and she knows it. Even though her songwriting ability attracted the attention of producer Eric Rosse, celebrated for his work with Tori Amos, and despite the promise of her first major-label pop record, Magdalene's Garden, which hits stores Tuesday, Baron-Reid knows not everyone is going to buy her story.

    Baron-Reid is more than a musician. She says she's a clairvoyant, and she knows many people associate the term with fakes and flakes.

I have yet more about this singer on my Hand Of Fate Page, including a link to her web site and places you can buy her album.

Michael Stipe mentions Tori in June 2001 Esquire Magazine

(May 14, 2001) - Brian **damaged** reports:

    There's a new interview/article about Michael Stipe at [This interview also appears in the June 2001 issue of the magazine itself.] On the third page of this feature, the writer describes shaking Stipe's hand and Stipe mentions Tori:

      When I shook his hand at the hotel that will go unnamed, he remarked immediately, "You have a firm handshake. I'm lucky I don't play piano. I used to have a firm handshake, too, until I met Tori Amos. She just put her hand out there, like she was asking you not to hurt it. Now when people come up behind me in bars and wrap their arms around my neck in a bear hug, I'm like, 'Please. The throat.' "

Portrait of Poverty covers Crucify

(May 9, 2001) - Rose reports:

    On Tuesday, May 1, 2001 there was a May Day Festival in Seattle called "May Day Music and Arts Celebration." It was held near the Pike Place Market and a couple bands played there. One local punk band called "Portrait of Poverty" covered "Crucify." They also added a few of their own lyrics. It was very loud, fast, and hard to sing along to.

Christian video called "Sound & Fury: An Examination of the Power of Music"

(May 9, 2001) - Jenn reports:

    You can find videos for sale at the Reel to Real Ministries web site,

    This is number 2 of a series of Anti-Secular Music. The first one was a ridiculous look at backwards lyrics, Gene Simmons "thirst for blood" AC/DC meaning Anti-Christ/Devil Child, etc...

    I can only imagine what they have to say against Tori in this new one...

    The web site gives this desription for this video:

    Join your host Eric Holmberg on an eye-opening journey into the soul of rock 'n' roll. Presented in a compelling, logically-irrefutable and "non-preachy" manner, this video is ideal as a tool for sharing biblical truths with non-Christians and is sure to teach, challenge and awaken its viewers to a greater awareness of music's persuasive force. Thoroughly up-to-date, artists include: Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Korn, Tori Amos, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine, KISS, and many more!

    Here's a site with an essay about the first video in the series...

Sara Cox Breakfast Show on BBC Radio1 and the British `tabloid` paper The Daily Star

(May 5, 2001) - Danny.Weddup reports:

    On the Sara Cox Breakfast Show on BBC Radio1 this morning [May 2, 2001] there was a mention of Tori!!

    Sara was making fun of a 'Top10' column in the News of The World newspaper, because it had some ridiculous list like 'Top 10 Celebrities Who Live By The Sea.' As a joke she said she wondered what they'd come up with next - 'Top 10 Celebs Who Are Part Cherokee Indian'?

    They played a song, then she said - 'Just in case anyone was wondering, some celebrities who are part Cherokee Indian are Tori Amos, Jeri Hall, Jonny Depp and Dolly Parton.'

JohnB reports:

    Tori was mentioned in the British `tabloid` paper The Daily Star today. [May 2, 2001] Each day they have a list of ten things (fascinating facts apparently). Today`s list was 10 Celebrities Who Are Part Cherokee Indian Tori was number 1. Followed by Jerry Hall, Burt Reynolds, Cher and Johnny Depp among others.

Article about pro-anorexia web-sites from the U.K. Mail On Sunday

(May 5, 2001) - Mike Gray reports:

    Unfortunately, my mother buys the Mail On Sunday over here in the UK (not the classiest newspaper) and it had a two page article about pro-anorexia web-sites, and it mentioned that one of them was titled "Only Popular With Anorexia" which I somehow suspect is a Tori reference. You can read the article at (The article is rather graphic, so be careful if you are easily disturbed.) Here is the paragraph that mentions the lyric from Jackie's Strength:

    Alongside the websites are a plethora of newsgroups and live chatrooms, with lurid names like Anorexic With Pride, Puking Pals, and Only Popular With Anorexia, in which teenagers can read weight-loss tips, view anorexic pictures and post their own or read others' diaries of the daily battle with their own flesh.

Kiki & Herb

(May 5, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    An article about the drag duo Kiki & Herb can be found on The Dallas Observer web site. It was posted there on May 3, 2001. Here is the paragraph that mentions Tori:

    We'll leave the complete Kiki & Herb mythology to be recounted by the stars themselves, but let's just say the history of this tattered cabaret duo involves mental illness, multiple addictions, serial divorces and dumpster-diving. Kiki is a septuagenarian songbird who's devolved into a Wendy O. Williams-style punk wailer from some combination of daily picklings in Canadian Crown and her increasingly deranged devotion to socialist politics; Herb, a "gay Jew retard" friend from childhood and Kiki's most faithful enabler, tickles the ivories but stays mostly silent, except for the occasional reassurance and yelped-out backup vocals. He witnesses Kiki's bipolar swings between love and scorn for her audience: One minute, she's throwing her drink at a ticket-buyer; the next, she's descending the stage while crooning PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me," begging another to lick her thighs. The vast Kiki & Herb repertoire includes Cheap Trick, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Britney Spears, David Bowie and the Wu-Tang Clan. Mellman admits their performances are a reaction to the smothering mediocrity of both contemporary drag and cabaret.

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