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Sightings reported from January 1, 2002 through April 17, 2002

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Tori and "Bad Ass Grrrls" in the May 2002 issue of Spin Magazine

(April 17, 2002) - Natasha, Laura Boyd, Josh, Laura and redstamen report:

    The May 2002 issue of SPIN magazine (with Pink on the cover) includes a section entitled "Bad Ass Grrrls". There are articles on Madonna, Joan Jett, etc. There is a sidebar on page 76, and it says: "NICE GIRLS...BUT KINDA NASTY?". They then list J.Lo, Janet Jackson, Tori Amos and Shakira

"Hungarian Wedding Song" heard during National Public Radio's Marketplace

(April 17, 2002) - redstamen and mlh phd report:

    I heard a few bars of Hungarian Wedding Song between show segments on the show Marketplace on NPR (National Public Radio) on March 19, 2002. I've always thought whoever does their music snippets has great taste!

Lisa Loeb mentions Tori on her official web site

(April 17, 2002) - Heather Hansen reports:

    Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb mentioned Tori in an answer to a question on her official web site at

    Question: For a moment you had the Tori Amos community all abuzz about your involvement on her latest album "Strange Little Girls". It was even rumoured that you were providing guest vocals on Tori's reworking of 'Heart of Gold'. What ever came of this collaboration with Tori Amos: was it scheduled and never materialized, was it recorded but not used in her album, all was it just a bunch of rumours?

    Lisa's answer: "I think that the Tori Amos collaboration was all rumors. I used the same drummer as Tori on some of the tracks of my album- a guy named Matt Chamberlain, but I've never spoken with Tori about collaboration. I did buy her album when it came out, and I would like to collaborate with her in the future. I think that she's a very deep artist who expresses herself very strongly, melodically, and plays incredibly well with great emotion."

Belgian singer/songwriter An Pierle

(April 17, 2002) - Mina Stevens reports:

    I recently discovered Belgian singer/songwriter An Pierle and I found some quotes about Tori. An Pierle has been compared to Tori cause she's another 'girl with a piano', but apparently Tori isn't her idol.

    "I regret that I'm therefore sometimes being compared to Tori Amos. Maybe because I'm more like Kate Bush and find myself easier back in the music from John Cale." - Haagse Courant, November 2000

    "Well, Tori is another girl with piano. So a comparison is easily made. But I think that Tori fans will think my record is too heavy. A comparison with Pere Ubu is better." - Oor, March 2001

    "The only similarity with Tori is that we're both educated women who use a grand piano to express ourselves creatively. The biggest difference with her is, that she plays the piano much better." - Haagse Courant, November 2000

    If you want more info about her, go to this An Pierle web site.

Shoe designer Madden gets 41 months in prison

(April 17, 2002) - Sebya Sinona reports:

    An article in the April 4, 2002 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle and posted at reported:

      Steve Madden, who built a $240 million empire designing chunky shoes for teen-agers, was sentenced Thursday to almost 31/2 years in prison for cheating investors in a stock fraud scheme.

      ...The judge praised Madden for his support for rape victims, breast cancer research and other causes, saying she believed he "is a truly empathetic man." But the good works did not form legal grounds to deviate from the plea deal, she added.

    As most of you know, Steve Madden designed a shoe called the Tori Amos years ago and gave the proceeds to RAINN.

Kelsey's in Winnipeg Manitoba

(April 17, 2002) - Cara Lynn Gowryluk reports:

    Kelsey's on Route 90 in Winnipeg Manitoba (Canada) has a poster of Tori Amos in their lounge.

Men's NCAA College Basketball pre-game TV show

(April 17, 2002) - Terry reports:

    The sighting was today (March 24, 2002) during a the pre-game show for the CBS coverage of the Men's NCAA College Basketball tournament (approx. 2:15 pm EST). CBS was doing a story on the University of Maryland basketball team and they were interviewing one of the basketball players for the University of Maryland, and in the background, without the vocals, "Cornflake Girl" was playing. Interesting that they used a Tori for the University of Maryland, which is the state where Tori is from.

Knee Coal Beth and the Village Voice

(April 17, 2002) - JCurry reports:

    The Village Voice mentions Tori in its listings section of the March 26, 2002 issue. The listing is for Saturday, March 23.

    "KNEE COAL BETH Yet another sad, poetic local warbler with a nonlinear sense of melody to devote to her post-Tori piano. This particular ice princess appears to be in love with snow, though, which might make her more post-Bjork instead, if your ears allow for such distinctions. Death, Paris, and death in Paris also figure in there. Whether she mentions Jimbo-'s bathtub is for you to find out."

MTV Spring Break show "Full Body Search"

(April 17, 2002) - Cara Lynn Gowryluk reports:

    On a MTV Spring Break show called "Full Body Search," they played the music to "Strange Little Girl" during a portion where the female contestants were being questioned about the men's sexual styles. (i think that's when it was.) it played for a good minute or two. It's odd how "Strange Little Girl" seems to be the background music for a lot of MTV's shows - i've never even seen them play the video! (Just MTV2). It's a good thing though.

Tori mentioned on Win Ben Stein's Money

(April 17, 2002) - Cheryl Pike reports:

    On the TV show Win Ben Stein's Money after he is introduced he always gives a song quote in that endearing monotone of his. I was watching today (March 27, 2002 - the episode where Jimmy's daughter is the co-host) and his quote was "I've got 25 bucks and a cracker do you think it's enough?"

Tori concert played during Australian airline flight

(April 17, 2002) - Steven and Maria report:

    just thought that i would let you know that i recently returned from a 3 month vacation in australia. and on my qantas airlines flight from adelaide to sydney on the airplane tv's they played "Tori Amos live in New York" ! for the whole flight it was nothing but tori on tv. it showed such songs as cornflake girl, winter, silent all these years and a small interview with her at the end of it. it was amazing!

2 Tori mentions in the May 2002 issue of Details Magazine

(April 17, 2002) - Natasha reports:

    The May 2002 issue of DETAILS magazine includes 2 Tori mentions:

    1. On pg. 58, there is an interview with Atlantic Records chief Ron Shapiro. He is talking about all the artists on his label. then, it starts to go into Atlantic's losses, and the article says "Last year, Atlantic dropped Tori Amos and Collective Soul, among others. Factor in an industrywide 5 percent plunge in sales last year, and hunger for free downloading, and artists howling that they be released from ther contracts after seven years- and Kallman and Shapiro's task seems unpleasant at best"
    2. On pg. 82, an article about a new musician, the caption is "Who is Charlotte Martin?" and above it says "piano prodigy". The interview starts out "She's the 25 year old singer and ivory tickler whose upcoming debut album, One Girl Army, updates Tori Amos's meticulously confessional, scars-and-all mode of songwriting." Then the article goes on to describe her lyrics and her life.

Desk calender called "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy"

(April 17, 2002) - Cara Lynn Gowryluk reports:

    I got this desk calender that was called "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy". It's about misheard lyrics and there was one for Tori:

    February 16 Saturday
    Tori Amos
    "The Wrong Band"
    Wrong Lyric: She's got a soft spot for hymns and spells
    Right Lyric: She's got a soft spot for heels and spurs

"Strangers In Paradise Volume II: I Dream Of You." by Terry Moore

(March 19, 2002) - John D. reports:

    I spotted this really cool Tori sighting in the back of the comicbook trade paper back "Strangers In Paradise Volume II: I Dream Of You." written by Terry Moore. It's sorta an afterward and he talks about how he couldn't write or be himself without music and how during the end of writing this one he was listening to "darker" music such as Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, and some other stuff.

Tori Sighting on BBC World Service

(March 19, 2002) - Ken Tough reports:

    Snippets of Tori's versions of "New Age" and "Enjoy The Silence" were used in this week's [last week in February 2002] "Meridian Writing" program on the BBC World Service. This program discusses the short story collection of american author Rebecca Miller, as part of a theme of sex & violence (ancient-to-modern). Her short story collection is called _Personal Velocity_, and is published by Doubleday.

Crossword puzzle in United Airlines magazine

(March 19, 2002) - Emily Ash reports:

    I was flying home for vacation, and flipping through the 'Horizons' magazine that United Airlines provides, and I was doing the crossword. One of the clues was:
    "Northern ___", Tori Amos

    Needless to say, I got at least ONE clue filled in.

Loveline Radio Show

(March 19, 2002) - Natasha reports:

    Taped on Wed. March 6, aired Thurs. March 7 on East coast (I live in Fla) a caller on Loveline had a family problem, and Dr. Drew drew said "Call Tori Amos' hotline, RAINN" then he gave out the phone number, then a soundclip of Tori saying  the two words"I believe" from the last time she was on Loveline was played. (*They also played that soundclip of her saying "i believe" about 10 days ago

World Cafe with Rufus Wainwright

(March 19, 2002) - Alli reports:

    I was listening to World Cafe today with Rufus Wainwright, and during at least one of the breaks between segments they played the begining of Twinkle without any vocal about 6 times. Even though they were just using it as a filler, it sounded really great.

"Leather" at a rave

(March 19, 2002) - doug (DaturaLust) reports:

    hey mike, it was the strangest thing. I went to a rave in New Rochelle on feb. 17th. It was called lust 4 more. i got there pretty early and went onto the dance floor. a DJ called syntax err came on and played his set. it was pretty good trance music, so anyway i was dancing and all of a sudden i hear a song with faint female vocals getting louder. i listened more closly and realized the dj dubbed the first verse of leather over one of his was soo cool to hear tori amos at a rave. thought you might like to know.

Moe performing "Cornflake Girl"

(March 19, 2002) - Angela reports:

    I was at a concert of a band named moe. and they opened the second set of their show with "cornflake girl". i was so surprised to hear that. it was a cool thing to hear her being covered by a jam band, and to get her out to a new crowd.

MTV's Most Expensive Videos 4

(March 19, 2002) - Megan Langer and Aaron Schlosser aka SPARKDOWN report:

    Just thought I would let you know that I heard Strange little girl being played in the back ground for MTV's Most Expensive Videos 4. Ethan Zohn the winner from survivor africa was hosting and while he was talking you could hear strange little girl being played.

Tori mentioned by columnist in Bill Simmons

(March 19, 2002) - Patty Patterson and Doug Smeath report:

    I'm a devoted EWF and check your website everyday for the lastest news. I'm also a devoted sports fan and read everyday as well. My favorite columnist made a Tori Reference. I'll will paste the section of the article it appeared in but if you would like see the entire article it can be found on Page 2, the columnist in Bill Simmons and the article is named The Sports Guy's Grammy Diary. It's just a small blurb but I found it amussing.

    9:37: All right, I'll say it: I'm not down with this Alicia Keys thing. Sure, it's nice to have a woman playing the piano and writing/singing songs, but everyone's making her out to be a cross between Elton John, Whitney Houston and Tori Amos, only without the baggage. This has all the makings of "Penny Hardaway: The Sequel." Can she put out a few albums first?

Tori's music played on MTV's TRL as they revealed the mystery guest of the day

(March 19, 2002) - Dana reports:

    today [February 26, 2002] at about 3:45 (eastern time) on TRL on MTV, the background music to strange little girl was played as the mystery guest of the day was revealed as alanis morissette. there were no words but it was on for quite a while, just looping again and again for about 2 minutes.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen's interview in Harper's Bazaar (March 2002)

(March 19, 2002) - Awkward Hussy reports:

    In the Australian issue of Harper's Bazaar (March 2002) there is an interview with supermodel Gisele Bundchen which has a small Tori reference. Here is the relevant extract:

    ..."Tori Amos, U2 and Radiohead are among her favourites".

Tori mentioned on Howard Stern

(March 19, 2002) - Nadia and John report:

    I was listening to the Howard Stern radio show on Valentine's day morning. During the news brief Howard's co-host Robin commented that there was a poll conducted on which artist people listened to most while feeling heart-broken on Valentine's day.  On a nation-wide survey Tori came in at #5.  One of the show's other co-hosts made the comment "who the hell is she? Aren't a lot of gays into her?" to which Howard responded "Yeah, maybe you would listen to her if you're a heart-broken lesbian or something."  Ahhh ... what would we do without our assholes?

January 2002 edition of Rocksound (UK.)

(Feb 24, 2002) - Danny.Weddup reports:

    There are two mentions of Tori in the January 2002 edition of Rocksound (UK.)

    In their section on rock bands to look out for in 2002 (Music With attitude 2002: The New Revolution), they say the following about a new band called 'Five Pointe O':

    From: Chicago

    History: Teenagers Dan, Sean and Sharon got together in '98 for a jam session, only to discover a chemistry which led them to recruit other members, hence Five Point O was born.

    Releases: A self-titles 4-song debut EP. Now signed to Roadrunner records, you can expect their 11-track debut album to hit the shops very soon. In their own words: "What you are about to expect is like nothing you've ever known. You are abut to be eaten from the inside out, thrown into a wild rage, and driven to the edge by something you can't explain."

    Rock Sound's verdict: A violent concoction of Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Tori Amos and Nailbomb, which will leave a lasting impression.

    The second mention is during an interview with Sum 41:

    Are you the kind of person who gets into constantly gets into arguments about music?
    "Not really", he (Deryck) shrugs. "I make fun of the kind of music some people like."
    What kind of music's that?
    "Tori Amos!" howls Steve.
    "I hate female singers!" says Deryck with alarming ferocity. Huh? You don't like Blondie, say?
    "I mean, like Dido and stuff like that," he amends. "Women in agony kind of music!"

Street performer plays Etienne

(Feb 24, 2002) - Christoff reports:

    My girlfriend and I were walking down Pitt Street in Sydney city centre and there was a guy playing a piano in the middle of the street (it's fully pedestrianised!). He was playing happily along and the notes sounded vaguely familiar. We sat down to listen for a few minutes whilst eating our lunch and then it clicked. He was playing "Etienne". Not singing it, just playing it. It sounded pretty good, but it was so weird and cool to hear this beautiful song played 10500 miles away from home, buy a guy in the street, as if it was a really famous song. After that he played a couple more (unrecognisable) songs before he was moved on by the local police. So I didn't get chance to talk to him. Tori gets everywhere bless her!

Tori mention in Mac Addict

(Feb 24, 2002) - Miss Kim reports:

    In the Mac addict march 2002, there is an article on BT. He mentions Tori a few times.

    First.. In the intro of the article
    "He expanded the repertoire of high profile artists such as Tori Amos, Madonna & NSYNC"

    Then towards the end of the article they ask him "who are some of the other musicians who use mac whom you admire?", and his reply was "Peter Gabriel. Robert Fripp. Brian Eno. Everybody I know uses a Macintosh. It's insane. Sasha. Paul Van Dyk. Tori Amos. Sarah McLachlan... It's just the way to make music. And it's cool too, 'cause it's sort of like a common language. It's like being in a room with a bunch of vegetarians - you have something in common with everyone there. It's a universal thing amongst musicians. Musicians are Mac users too. I think Mac people are Democrats, too."

    Among his career highlights, it listed that he "Wrote 'Blue Skies' with Tori Amos".

Restaurant Kelsey's in Mississgua, Ontario

(Feb 24, 2002) - Dirk reports:

    This is probably the most inane information, but this restaurant Kelsey's in mississgua, ontario has got all this crazy stuff on the wall, and amoung the mouseheads and Elvis statues, a large poster of Tori can be seen looming over you while you eat. She's perched at the piano and singing into the microphone and wearing a brown tank top with of course the words TORI AMOS underneath. Just thought it was interesting, seeing as she gets pratcially no recognition from the canadian media.

Tori's "I'm Not In Love" mentioned in an article about a Valentine's Day mix tape!

(Feb 14, 2002) - Brian Chansky and LipGlossThing report:

    The February 13, 2002 edition of USA Today included an article from Whitney Metheson in her Pop Candy column called "Your very own V-Day mix tape!". In the column, the writer details a mix tape she created with one side for the lovestruck and the other for the lovelorn. Tori is on the lovelorn side! Here is that part of the article:

      2. I'm Not in Love, Tori Amos. Since everyone already owns at least five tapes with 10cc's version, I'm recommending Tori's take, which appears on Strange Little Girls.

Rufus mentions Tori in Montreal Gazette Interview

(Feb 12, 2002) - Mark Harris (DiamandaGalas) reports:

Tori Reference in Gavin Rossdale interview

(Feb 12, 2002) - anna ham reports:

    Just wanted to let you know that there was a Tori reference in an October 21, 2001 interview with Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article was written by Aidin Vaziri. Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Q: Some people were expecting "Golden State" to be an answer record to all the personal things Gwen [Stefani] wrote about you on No Doubt's "Return of Saturn."

    A: What, a reply record like Tori Amos?

    Q: Yeah. Like, on "Simple Kind of Life," Gwen sings, "You seem like you'd be a good dad." On "The People That We Love," you could have sung, "Actually, I think I'd make a really lousy dad."

MTV commerical featuring Strange Little Girl

(Feb 12, 2002) - Jo Wagner reports:

    There is an MTV commercial about the different videos on MTV, and the entire commercial is played to "Strange Little Girl". It starts out with clips being projected onto a boat (i believe), and it starts out with a clip of Tori, then shows other video clips.

Tori's music on MTV'S True Life

(Feb 12, 2002) - Jo Wagner, Ben, Raspberryswirl and Laura alicia ~*raspberryspark*~ report:

    "Spark" was played during MTV's True Life "I'm Getting Plastic Surgery". [This occurred sometime on or around February 9, 2002.] It was just the instrumental, but they played it for quite a long time.

Tori's music on MTV's Real World, Road Rules, Challenge of the Seasons

(Feb 12, 2002) - Alex, Jo Wagner and Laura alicia ~*raspberryspark*~ report:

    i was just watching the first episode of MTV's Real World, Road Rules, Challenge of the Seasons [on February 10, 2002], when I noticed :gasp: Strange Little Girl playing in the background. It was a poignant moment, as two teams had just been kicked off the show. strange that mtv is sticking this song everywhere without a REAL SINGLE to be bought  :grumble grumble: just wanted to let you know.

"Medium Rare-Jamming With Culture" by Ken Rockburn

(Feb 12, 2002) - Matthew Burditt aka notheryet reports:

    I just borrowed a book from a friend called "medium rare-jamming with culture" by Ken Rockburn.  it is a series of interviews with cultural icons. It was published in 1995. In it is a 4 page interview with Tori, around the time of Little Earthquakes. I realize it's "old news", but it is a good read.

"Crucify" heard during "Passions"

(Feb 12, 2002) - Jamie and Kelly Webb report:

    i think the daytime soap passions must have a tori amos fan in their dept because this is the second time ive heard her music played there.  in the feb. 7th 2002 episode crucify could be heard in the background during a scene between ethan and gwen.  it played from the beginning to the first "chains" part.  curiously enough, soon afterwards the original (or at least a non tori version anyway) of "im not in love" could be heard in the background.

New artist Vanessa Carlton

(January 27, 2002) - Amanda *Sparkly Girl* Hester, Joanna and Natasha report:

    I just got the latest Rolling Stone (February 14, 2002) in the mail this morning and as I was flipping through, I found a Tori mention under a section called "The Next Wave: 10 Artists to Watch". It was under a new artist named Vanessa Carlton. (page 46) This is the paragraph that mentions Tori:

    SOUND - Think a more pop-oriented Fiona Apple, minus the stormy psychodrama. Carlton wields serious formal skills at the keyboard, keeping her songs busy with classical flourishes, rich voicings and harmonies reminiscent of Tori Amos - a sort of intelligently upbeat sound aimed at listeners who have outgrown Britney but aren't quite jaded enough for Courtney Love.

From Mikewhy: You can find Vanessa's web site at She seems VERY promising to me!

Toriphile Alexis Ostrowski reports that another article that appeared in Interview Magazine around the same time also compared Vanessa to Tori. Another Vanessa article in the April 2002 issue of Vanity Fair also mentioned Tori. (Thanks Terry!)

"Strange Little Girl" heard during a Daria movie on MTV

(January 27, 2002) - Brett Heitkam, Stephanie M. Coin (Maberly), Watrfae, John, jamie, Mia Hernandez and paper kitten report:

    A portion of "Strange Little Girl" was used as transitional music between scenes toward the beginning of the MTV movie "Daria: Is it College Yet?" on Monday night, January 21, 2002 in the U.S.

Neil Gaiman interview at

(January 27, 2002) - Jessi Paff reports:

    Don't know if you have seen this one yet. It is a July 30, 2001 interview from with writer Neil Gaiman wherein he says:

    "The next big project after 'American Gods' is already written. This is more or less a first in my lifetime, being a book ahead. It's a children's book. It's called 'Coraline' (CORAL-line), and it's a novel for strange little girls of all ages and genders. Me and Lewis Carroll. Kids think it's an adventure story and really cool. Adults get nightmares -- my agent and my editor -- said, 'This is much too spooky for kids.'"

Columbia House CD catalog Artist of the Month

(January 27, 2002) - Rebecca reports:

    tori is the columbia house cd catalog artist of the month...with a really strange write up calling her the "goth-pop" singer *lol* it's rare for them to pick someone like tori because usually they go for that mainstream-whatever-is-on-the-radio-now band.

The band Unwritten Law

(January 27, 2002) - Natasha reports:

    Tonight on Loveline, (it was recorded yesterday, January 22, 2002, but aired in Fla tonight) The band Unwritten Law were the guests. They cited  Led Zeppelin, and Tori Amos etc, as being their musical influences.

Hal Sparks from "Queer as Folk"

(January 27, 2002) - Mindfire21 reports:

    I just thought you would want to know that the "Queer as Folk" show on Showtime has a guy Hal Sparks better known as "Michael" on the show and Talk Soup on E! Entertainment Television. anyway he has is own website with a section on Tori.....

The Book "More Now Again" by Elizabeth Wurtzel

(January 27, 2002) - Mary reports:

    In her newest book "More Now Again", Elizabeth Wurtzel quotes two lines from Tori's song "God". At the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Six (entitled "Have A Happy Ending"), she begins with "God sometimes you just don't come through. Do you need a woman to look after you?"

NBC's American Dance Championships

(January 27, 2002) - An Anonymous report:

    Just wanted to let you know that "Take to the Sky" made an appearance today on NBC's American Dance Championships. I turned on my TV to hear and see the very end of this gifts dance, but I know for sure she was dancing to Take to the Sky.

The Childrens Defense Fund on MTV

(January 27, 2002) - Kerry Williams reports:

    This morning (January 19, 2001) "Caught A Light Sneeze" was played on MTV. A portion only was played at the end of a special program hosted by Faith Evans. I believe the program is called "The Childrens Defense Fund". A very nice special, I recomend watching it.

Sluggy Freelance

(Updated Jan 19, 2002) - Kevin L first reported:

    Just letting you know about a Tori Sighting. Right now the popular online comic strip "Sluggy Freelance" ( 's chapter is entitled "A Thousand Oceans" There is some debate on the discussion boards if this is a refrence to Tori's song or not

Aonie, Emolie Hazzler and Sara Keesler saw this same comic the next day, when there was once again Tori content!

    Turns out that a few Toriphiles assumptions that the Sluggy Freelance storyline ( "1000 Oceans" really WAS an allusion to Tori! =>

    In today's comic (January 18, 2002) the lyrics are in each panel, and Tori is credited.

    I knew that Pete, the guy that does Sluggy was cool, but now he has earned a few thousand more cool points.

Tori mentioned on the Fox TV show "Grounded for Life"

(Jan 18, 2002) - Brandi Alice, Alan Salisbury, Paul Powell, Danny Snow and Adria Di Maggio were the first to report the following. Special thanks to all the others who also emailed me about this!

    I just wanted to let you know that Tori was mentioned on a new episode of the Fox TV show "Grounded for Life" tonight [January 16, 2002]. The teenage daughter Lily was having boy trouble and lying on her bed depressed listening to music (not Tori) when her Grandfather came in and said he was having woman trouble and laid on the bed to be depressed too, he mentioned the music "really sucked". Then later in the kitchen Lily told her little brothers to leave her alone and the one little brother asked where they were supposed to go, their parents kicked them out of the living room and "Grandpa is upstairs on your bed listening to Tori Amos".

MTV "True Life"

(Jan 18, 2002) - Andy, John Kwiatkowski, Cora, Jill Hutchko and lonicera report:

    I was watcghing MTV last night (January 14, 2002), and during the series True Life This episode was called "I'm a Little Person,". During one of the segment while they were telling the story of a women that has difficulties with her life because of her dwarfish physical characteristics, they played "Strange Little Girl" in the background (only instrumental parts, no singing).

"Spring Haze" during a Dutch documentary about prostitutes in Rotterdam (Holland)

(Jan 18, 2002) - marije reported to the Dent Forum:

    I was just watching a touching documentary about prostitutes in Rotterdam (Holland), and they played Spring Haze in the background, and sometimes really loud. Especially the part: 'And if Omens are a God men.breezing in....'. 'And my only way to far in', billoing out to somehere.......etc'. It is a really good documentary by the way, a woman organised a 'catwalk'for the prostitutes, so they can put up there selfesteem....wonderful. I know that lady, a columnist, and she owns a clothes store I come often. She's great, and I bet she chose the music, as she is definately the type to like Tori.

Supermodel Gisele in Harper's Bazaar

(Jan 18, 2002) - Lisa Holton reports:

    I just wanted to tell you about the *small* Tori mentioning on p.187 of the new Harper's Bazaar. (February 2002) It's an article/interview w/ supermodel Gisele and Tori is mentioned as being in the cd player of her car (as one of her fave musicians), along w/ U2 and Radiohead.

Tori CDs seen on Will & Grace

(Jan 18, 2002) - Jo ellen and Kim reports:

    On the new episode of Will & Grace that was on tonight (January 10, 2001), Will and Grace were in a record shop and you could see Tori Cds in the background, including Little Earthquakes, Under The Pink, and the God remix single.

"New Age" played during the Israeli TV show Haburganim ("The Burgeouis")

(Jan 18, 2002) - ari amir reports:

    You might or might not rememer me as Ari from Israel. Anyway, I wanted to inform you that the excellent local TV drama by the name of "Haburganim" ("The Burgeouis", sp?! you know, that word in french that means high society) put New Age at the end of last week's episode.

February 2002 issue of Toyfare magazine mentioned Tori

(Jan 18, 2002) - Mike DiMuzio reports:

    I was re-reading the feb 2002 issue of Toyfare (number 54) and in the "fanfare" section where people ask questions there is a picture of the Ring Wraith figure from 1979 and the word bubble reads: "Hey-- got any rings? or that new Tori Amos cd? Whichever." I t it was cute and one of the last places I ever expected tori to be mentioned.

Tori put into the "In-Crowd" column by Twist Magazine

(Jan 18, 2002) - Josh reports:

    In the February 2002 issue of Twist magazine, Tori was featured in a little section called "Celeb Cliques." The article was devoted to high school cliques and then at the end of it they did a section on celebrities, and Tori was featured. She was under the "In-Crowd" column, along with Calista Flockhart. Under Tori's picture (from the 'Venus' era) it said "Tori Amos was obviously popular in high school - her classmates voted her best all-around!"

SexChart Degrees of Separation at

(Jan 18, 2002) - will elefante reports:

    Wired News online wrote an article about a little underground Internet project or chart that shows how each person is connected to the other through "bedroom dalliances." The chart includes Tori, who is connected to Trent Reznor, who is connected to Courtney Love.

Green Day named 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as one of their top ten favourite music videos on MTV Asia

(Jan 18, 2002) - mstar reports:

    This one happened months ago. On MTV Asia Green Day named 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' as one of their top ten favourite music videos. As an introduction, a member of the band said something like "Oooh! Cheerleaders with tattoos! Very cool." with sarcasm, but the scene inexplicably cut away to a video of our Tori performing the song during one of the concerts shown on the Little Earthquakes vid. Very funny.

Tori and "Big Brother 2" in Italy

(Jan 18, 2002) - Chiara reports:

    I just want to tell you that I recognized Tori's "Strange Little Girl" during the spot of Italian 'The Big Brother -2nd edition', last week (more or less). (the program with the boys and girls closed in the house and seen trough the eye of the cam by everyone.) It was just the middle of the main melody, without Tori's beautiful voice singing, but it was very clear to me, and, I think, to all Tori's fans. Please, no Tori & The Big Brother...please!

Interview with Courtney Love at

(Jan 18, 2002) - Maria Carullo reports:

    I was just at and reading the new interview with Courtney Love and she mentioned Tori in the article...thought you would like to read it...

    nme: Why don't a lot of women play rock music and succeed?

    Courtney: "The club level and novelty press level. Despite all the chatter about sexism at that level, a lot of the male and female rock critics are pulling for a girl or four girls to shake up the world. They are just so used to it not happening that they are reasonably doubtful. It turns into a nightmare for any woman. You've got to be prepared for the names they are going to call you compared to your male peers. Males you may have written for or with or inspired who may be copying you - stealing your moves, stealing your 'bits' or obsessions. This could be Phil Lynott and Tori Amos - this is universal, but it applies most certainly to rock'n'roll from Joplin onward.

Kevyn Aucoin and the December 2001 Allure Magazine

(Jan 18, 2002) - Teresa AKA Afterglow reports:

    There's a TINY Tori mention in the December 2001 Allure magazine. In the column "Kevyn's Notebook" by Kevyn Aucoin, he writes about various female musicians whose makeup he's done. He mentions Cher, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston & Britney Spears in the text, and there's a picture of Tori along with numerous other musicians. It's the one that was used on the Jackie's Strength Remix single, with her eyes closed. The text on it says, "TORI AMOS- I took the photo, and she supplied the raspberry lip gloss."

Tori used as an example in an online article called "Subjective Evaluation of the MPEG Audio Codec"

(Jan 18, 2002) - Benjamin Kitabayashi reports:

    Check this link out. You'll find a report written by an university professor (Mark Neidengard in June 1996)) on an experiment conducted using 3 songs, one by Tori, to determine the quality of the MPEG Audio Codec. It even shows a visual representation of "Blood Roses" recorded during 2 tests.

Tori at

(Jan 18, 2002) - Nadyne reports:

    This may well be the strangest Tori sighting I've ever encountered:

    Dictionaraoke is a ... err ... how to describe this? Some online dictionaries have audio clips of words, so you can hear them pronounced. So someone got the bright idea to take songs and feed them through these online dictionaries, and record an MP3 of the results. They bill it as "the fun of karoke meets the power of the dictionary". It's ... weird. To say the least.

    One of the songs on the page is "Me and a Gun". The file size is just over 5MB. I don't know if it's worth it, but ... well, there you are.

    Err. Enjoy. Or something. There's a total of 75 songs available right now, from "Copacabana" to "Closer" to (for more Tori-related content) "Enjoy the Silence" to "Another Brick in the Wall" to ... Well, just go to the site and take a look. For those of y'all who partake in alcohol or (ahem) other forms of chemical entertainment, having them handy may be a good idea. ;)

Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town

(Jan 18, 2002) - Genevieve ~ januarygirl reports:

    I just found an I just found an MSN Chat Transcript from 8/07/00 with Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town

    Someone in the chat asks: "If you could go out on a date with anyone who would it be and why?"

    Erik replies: "I am most intrigued with Tori Amos. I would love to know her."

"Desert Island Discs" in Pulse Magazine

(Jan 18, 2002) - allison and kristen (*Back2Venus* and TwinkleGrrl) report:

    just wanted to let you know that in this month's Pulse magazine, tori's mentioned in an article called "Desert Island Discs" (page 15)... S.T. Kane named the Venus album number four of the ten albums they'd put in their "cd survival kit". (his/her list was called "techincal virgin"). that's about it.

January 2002 issue of Seventeen Magazine

(Jan 18, 2002) - Kim reports:

    There's a little snipet on Tori in the Jan. 2002 issue of Seventeen magazine. The article is titled "Romantic Me" and says "Paging Tori Amos. Ruffles, ribbons and lace are sweetening blouses and belts. It's a little gypsy, a little Victorian and very ooh-la-la. It has clothes all over the spread, and then a picture of Tori's "Time" character on top of a white blouse.

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