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February 9, 2002

Added Feb 12, 2002

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Rufus Wainwright mentions touring with Tori in a February 9, 2002 article that appeared in the Montreal Gazette newspaper. Thanks to Mark Harris (DiamandaGalas) for sending this to me. Here is the part about Tori:

In other piano pair-ups, last fall saw Rufus touring with Tori Amos.

"It was intense," he said. "It was kind of a super tour. She was solo. I was solo. We were playing huge, ornate theatres. Her fans are just completely rabid. I thought, 'Either they're going to love me or hate me.' They loved me.

"It's funny; we're very opposite. I would be out there, kind of hung over, smoking cigarettes, and she would have her incense and be meditating, never straining her voice. It worked in a yin-yang kind of way.

"She was very sweet. On the last day, she gave me a very expensive bottle of win and a bottle of champagne. The wine was for my 'inner soul' and the champagne was for my 'shining lustre.' She said that every night she went out, the path I had paved for her was filled with stars. She's a very poetic girl. I was, like, "Thanks, you were great, too. Bye'"

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