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Sightings reported from January 1, 2001 through April 30, 2001

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GuitarWorld magazine and Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland

(April 27, 2001) - Bri Lance reports:

    Tori is mentioned - slightly - in an article in the June 2001 issue of GuitarWorld magazine about the Limp Bizkit guitar player, Wes Borland. In the article, he has to pick his 12 favorite songs, and one of them is "Smells Like Teen Spirit". In his comments about this song, he is talking about how it is already a classic and mentions that "Tori Amos does a great version of this" or something along those lines.


(April 27, 2001) - Jen reports:

    On Glampire's page ( there are a couple of Tori mentions. There is, of course, the mention of the tribute album on his bio page, but doesn't really say anything about it. Also, (It's been there for a while actually) in his photo gallery it's mentioned that photographer Frank Micelotta has photographed them both.

Glampire is one of the artists covering Tori on the album "Songs Of A Goddess : A Tribute To Tori Amos", which comes out from Cleopatra Records on June 12, 2001. He covers "Bliss".

University of Puget Sound "Celebrity/ Staff look-alike"

(April 27, 2001) - Laura Heywood reports:

June 2001 Spin Magazine article about Tool

(April 27, 2001) - Nick reports:

    I just wanted to let you know that Tori is mentioned in a Spin Magazine (June 2001) article about Tool's new album, the title of the article being Hammer of the Gods. On page 92 it states:

    "[Maynard James] Keenan's also friends with Judas Priest's Halford, Megadeth's Dave Mustaine (with whom he's reported to share a vacation house), and most surprisingly, Tori Amos, who shares with Keenan a Christian upbringing and a lasting fascination with religion.

    "He really is this beautiful guy," she says "And he believes that you can't separate yourself from what you create. I think we both believe that whatever you put out there, the phrase 'Oh, I'm just kidding,' is fuckin' weak. He does not negotiate with his beliefs, and if he's a friend, he's a real friend. He just has this deep spiritual currency"

Drag Queen "Sissy" sings "Hey Jupiter"

(April 27, 2001) - Daniel Nolan reports:

    An article that appeared in the Iowa State Daily, the newspaper for Iowa State University, on April 16, 2001 mentioned Tori. It talked about "The Sissy and Sassy Show", a drag queen show that took place at the university. You can read the entire article here. Here is the part that mentions the fact that one of the drag queens performed a Tori song:

    Sissy, who also received a standing ovation from the crowd after singing Tori Amos' "Hey Jupiter," said it was a special night for another reason too.

    Debbra Sloan, Allen's mother, was in the audience for the first time watching one of Sissy's shows.

    "Everything about the performance was great, especially the dancing," Sloan said. "Bryan has such a beautiful voice."

    Sloan, who is originally from California, said she was impressed with the work put into the show and that it was nice to see what Bryan was doing.

    "The show was just incredible," she said.

Music History book "Listen"

(April 27, 2001) - Brad Walsh reports:

    my friend's college music history book has a tori mention and photo. i didn't scan the 1/4 page photo, but it's just a random live shot from the pink era. the caption says:

    "Like many singer-songwriters, Tori Amos has adopted a confessional style in her lyrics; her personal revelations have captivated audiences as much as her passionate stage presence and skillful piano playing."

    the book is "Listen (Brief Fourth Edition)" by Joseph Kerman and Gary Tomlinson, copyright 2000.

Fisher/Duncan Sheik concert

(April 27, 2001) - Sarah the Anglophile Dryad and Pirate reports:

    I attended the Fisher/Duncan Sheik concert tonight (Friday, April 20th, 2001) at Village Underground in the city. I thought you might be interested to know, seeing as you're a fan of both Tori and Fisher, a little performance she did between songs.

    Fisher: So, you guys all know the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, we have 2 Degrees of Duncan Sheik here tonight. Our first breakout hit, Breakable, was on Great Expectations.

    Her Guitarist: So what does that have to do with Duncan?

    Fisher: Well, he was on the album, too!

    Audience Member: And Tori Amos!

    Fisher: Yeah, Tori was on it with... with... Siren.

    Then she grabbed the microphone and gyrated against it and started singing: "My siren, almost pregnant, my siren." But it was a really good imitation of Tori, actually, not mean-spirited.

    So the audience laughed and Fisher said: No, I love Tori. Tori's really great.

    And Fisher is really great, too. She came up to table where I was seated and wrote me a little note and autograph and took a picture with me.

Kevyn's Notebook in May 2001 Allure Magazine

(April 27, 2001) - laurel reports:

    In the "Kevyn's Notebook" section of Allure (May 2001) there is a small Tori mention. Kevyn's article is called "Eye of the Beholder," and it discusses his depression as a youth and how he overcame that (he learned beauty is on the inside). He discusses his godchild Samantha who mentions Tori as one of her "favorites." Here is the blurb about Tori:

    "Recently, my godchild, Samantha, came to visit for her fourteenth birthday, and we watched two of our favorite films; 'Mask' and 'The Elephant Man.' 'I think they're beautiful,' Samantha remarked about the characters played by Eric Stoltz and John Hurt. One beautiful soul seeing another, I thought. Samantha also lists Cher, Freddie Prinze Jr., Tori Amos, Elijah Allman, Eddi Reader, Liza Minnelli, Sisqo, Jon Bon Jovi, and Caroline Rhea among her favorites.

    It's a very uplifting article, with an important message for people living in a culture obssessed with outer beauty.

Personal Computer World

(April 20, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    The British web site Personal Computer World has The Dent listed as one of their favourite web sites. Special thanks to Personal Computer World and Interplanet Janet for this honor!

U.K. Top Ten Pop Princesses

(April 18, 2001) - Matt Garrett, Danny.Weddup and Carole a.k.a Galaxygrl report:

    The show is called "Top Ten Pop Princesses", and ran this Saturday (March 14, 2001) night from 10pm on Channel 4 in the U.K. It devoted huge sections to Sheena Easton and Britney Spears, but part way through the countdown it broke off into a subsection showing what it referred to as "Po faced Princesses" featuring Alanis Morrisette, Lisa Loeb and Tori. They showed a brief clip of her performing Crucify in a studio (definitely looks like her from 92ish), and as usual she was 'gyrating' with her usual non-conventional way of sitting on a piano bench. Anyway, the voiceover comment was "Terrible stool problem Tori. Perhaps it's worms"!

Courney Love mentions Tori in the Daily Express

(April 18, 2001) - Erin reports:

    Erin found an article on Courtney Love on the web site of the Daily Express from the U.K. In the article, which was posted April 16, 2001, Courtney Love mentions Tori. You can read the article at Here is the portion that mentions Tori:

    After Flynt, Love's life changed immeasurably. She won numerous plaudits from the critics, though was mystifyingly excluded from the Oscar nominations. But for everyone she won over, there was a detractor who griped that perhaps she wasn't acting at all - that the role mirrored her own life a little too closely.

    Love admits that while making Flynt, she was able to "atone and work stuff out. I did become this drug icon and in Flynt, I worked through that. It was therapeutic because I could deconstruct all that and show how disgusting and unglamorous drugs are.

    "Sorry, I don't mean to get all Tori Amos on you but it isn't just people with a low level of education, like me, who do that. My friend Edward [Norton], who went to Yale and who's Mr Academy Award Boy, works his stuff out through every part. The next thing he's doing, he's working out something about me."

LA Times quotes Tori's Manager

(April 18, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an interesting article at about the demands that artists make backstage during concerts. These demands were recently documented by a web site called During part of the article, there is a quote from John Witherspoon, who manages Tori. You can read that part of the article below. (You can read the entire article at, but it will likely not be up much longer.) Neither the article nor focus on Tori.

    In 1980, Van Halen placed a clause in its contract requesting bowls of M&M candy, with the brown ones plucked out. The Rolling Stones responded a year later by demanding candy bowls filled only with brown M&Ms. Now nearly everybody makes demands.

    "The majority of it is really a joke," said Spivak Entertainment's John Witherspoon, who manages Tori Amos. (She has dodged the Smoking Gun so far.) "It's a test for the promoter. Some promoters take it quite seriously and step up to the challenge, and those are the promoters the bands like."

3 sightings at the University of Missouri-Columbia

(April 18, 2001) - Eric reports:

    Anyhow, I have three Tori 'sightings' to report that have all occurred right here on campus!

    My first Tori 'sighting' was actually more of a creation that a 'sighting.' Heh... You see, I was applying for a cartoonist position in UMC's respected, independent student paper, the Maneater. Well, I can't do anything without working Tori into it, so she made an appearance in one of my sample strips. Unfortunately, the strip did not make the cut. *SIGH* (The editor hates me.) But the good news is you can still see the strip that includes Tori on my site at:

    The second 'sighting' was really just a mention of Tori during one of my classes on Thursday, April 5, 2001. In my Theater 44 class (which is very fun, I must say), we were talking about oppressive situations. My acting instructor (who reminds me of my cousin, Darren) was listing some things that constitute oppressive situations for different types of people. He asked if anyone in the class had ever heard about the "Take Back the Night" marches. Well, no one had heard of it, except for this one girl (who looks kind of like Julia Roberts). As she began explaining it to the rest of the class of 18 students, she asked, "Didn't Tori Amos start that?" I got really excited and thought of a million things to say at that moment, but I'm shy, so I didn't say anything. (Besides that, nothing I thought of had anything to do with the class.)

    The third Tori 'sighting' occurred the very next day, Friday, April 6, 2001. I was reading that day's edition of UMC's respected, independent student paper, the Maneater. On the forum page, I read one of the (what I consider lame) columns that appears weekly. Much to my surprise, Tori is mentioned once briefly towards the end of the column. You can read the entire column on the Maneater's website.

VH1 "Name that Video"

(April 18, 2001) - Rory and tidal rain report:

    I was just watching the new VH1 show called "Name that Video" (April 16, 2001) and in the opening round the players have three categorys to choose from: Say it again- hard to decipher lyrics, Finish the phrase- they have to sing the rest of the line and the third changes from show to show. But anyway Tori showed up on the Say it Again monitor and it was a pic of her form the CALS vid. The man who was up immediately and excitedly chose Tori. The line was "i need a big loan from the girl zone" he clicked in right away and got it right! :) Toriphiles on the tube, thats what I like to see !

James Patterson novel "First to Die"

(April 18, 2001) - Erin Ahern reports:

    I have a Tori sighting for you. In the new James Patterson novel "First to Die" a character is listening to Tori Amos. He wrote the novel that is now a movie called "Along came a Spider". Kinda funny!

Siren on FOXnews

(April 18, 2001) - karac reports:

    On the FOX NEWS CHANNEL program FOX MAGAZINE, there was a segment on being addicted to stealing. During the segment they were interviewing a woman from Michigan and the music bed was SIREN.

"Tracy takes on"

(April 18, 2001) - Rasputina11 reports:

    British character actress had a show Tracey Takes On that ran in the early nineties, with reruns currently being shown on an HBO channel.

    Tracey, plays about 10 different fictitious characters on the show, one of them is ERIN, a Janis Joplin like singer. On a rerun played yesterday, Erin is to perform a benefit concert, but she gets stage fright, prompting fans to say "but you have inspired a new generation of songwriters, Tori Amos thanks you in her album liner notes"

    a brief but amusing mention of Tori.

(April 10, 2001) - Thomasina reports:

    I found a petite Tori ref on the quirky and hilarious Brit webcomic Bobbins (Northern Brit slang for "crap".) If you look at this old strip you can see one of the characters, Elliot, holding a YKTR album! And you might want to check out the comic itself as it is topical, quirky, and a lot of fun. FYI, Fallon Young is my new hero. :)


(April 10, 2001) - NeoAnkh, Stacee, and Kelly Webb report:

    Today I was watching the NBC soap Passions. Once again they used a Tori song in the background. While Miguel was talking with his Mom in the book cafe, they played "Bells for Her" in the background!

Jane Magazine - May 2001

(April 10, 2001) - Nathan reports:

    I found a new Tori sighting in the new May 2001 issue of Jane Magazine (Courtney Love on the cover). The sighting is on page 121 and the basic idea is a Reader's Poll and there is a quote from a man in Missouri who says "Give me Lisa Rinna's lips, Anna Nicole Smith's chest, J. Lo's butt, and Tori Amos' pit hair, and I will rule the world!" - a reader from Missouri, home of John Ashcroft. There is a very small picture of Tori that looks about from the Pink era Meet & Greets.

MTV Cribs

(April 6, 2001) - Genevieve, Raven Oak and Brian Hose (SparkBoyMD) report:

    For your "Interesting Places that Tori is Mentioned" section on, I just saw Boy George's house on MTV's show Cribs. [April 5, 2001] He was showing his collection of KISS dolls, and he pointed out one of them [Gene Simmons], saying, "This one was given to me by Tori Amos." He said that it was her good luck charm when one album was doing particularly well (although he didn't say which one), and he hoped it would bring him luck as well! AS he did this, a clip of the U.S. Cornflake Girl video was played.

Stone Gossard solo CD

(April 6, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at Yahoo! News from Rolling Stone about a solo CD that Pearl Jam member Stone Gossard is releasing. The article mentions Matt Chamberlain, and also mentions Tori. Here is part of the article:

    Stone Gossard is set to become the first member of Pearl Jam to release a solo album when the guitarist releases his tentatively-titled "Bay Leaf" on Epic later this year.

    Featured guests include Matt Chamberlain -- who's drummed for Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and the Wallflowers and whose own band, Critters Buggin', is signed to Gossard's Loosegroove label -- and fellow Seattle recording artist Pete Droge.

"The Ad and the Ego: All Men are Great in their Dreams"

(April 6, 2001) - Jenn Herrera reports:

    In the past year at my school, the University of New Mexico, I have had the pleasure of viewing a video on advertisements called, "The Ad and the Ego: All Men are Great in their Dreams" (1996). It is used in a lot of communication, journalism, and American Studies classes here. Many of my friends have viewed this video multiple times in different classes as well.

    There is a section of the video where Calvin Klein is talking, and in the background the beginning measures of "Cornflake Girl" are being played. I was so excited to hear this! I don't think the producers of the video had any idea that Calvin Klein aided RAINN out, so I thought that was pretty interesting.

May 2001 Seventeen Magazine

(April 4, 2001) - Danny Weddup reports:

    I just wanted to let you know that Tori is in Seventeen magazine (May 2001 issue). There is a quiz called "What kind of goddess are you?" (or something like that) there is a good sized picture of her too. She is catagorized as a certain kind of goddess or something, I dunno, kind of weird, hehe.

Elisa S. adds more to this report:

    There is a quiz from the May [2001] issue of Seventeen, that includes Tori (they compare her to Demeter)... "Which Goddess Are You?". I think it's a nice little compliment to her, except that they include Jennifer Lopez in the group. ;) but the others are Dido and Ani DiFranco. It's good to see artists like Tori and those two in such a mainstream magazine... especially for young girls.

The band Fuel / Rolling Stone

(April 3, 2001) - NeilQuinn reports:

    In the new Rolling Stone Magazine, April 26, 2001, Issue 867, with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on the cover, there is a one page article on the band Fuel (pg. 32). At the very bottom of the page, near a little pic of Tori's face, there is an 'Influences' section where they mention Tori... It says:

    When Tori Amos writes "Boy, you best pray that I bleed real soon," that took thought and maybe some real-life experience. I aspire to dig that deep.

Kevyn's Notebook in April 2001 Allure Magazine

(March 30, 2001) - Laurel, Caroline Rains and Adam report:

    In the April 2001 edition of Allure magazine there is a section called "Kevyn's Notebook," where makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin talks about all different topics/trends. This particular article was called "Better Off Red," and discussed Kevyn's favorite red things, and different celebrities with red hair and deep red lipstick. In the bottom corner of the page, there was a picture of Tori's "Jackie's Strength" cd (as well as two other cd's: Eddi Reader's "Simple Soul, and Patty Griffin's "Flaming Red"). Caroline Rains and Adam send me scans of this, and you can see one of them below.

Bastet's Dream

(March 30, 2001) - rebecca (livingdeadgirl) reports:

    There is a band, or duo really, called Bastet's Dream and the lead singer sites Tori as an influence but the big thing is that she totally started doing the band because of Neil Gaiman. Find out more about the band here.

Women And Popular Music Sexuality, Identity And Subjectivity

(March 30, 2001) - Victor reports:

    Tori is mentioned in a book called Women and Popular Music : Sexuality, Identity and Subjectivity by Sheila Whiteley. You can find out more about the book at Here is a short description of it that Victor sent to me:

    In the 1960s, the Rolling Stones sang about women as sex objects while the Beatles recorded romantic love songs about perfect women, both forcing women into the same old whore/virgin binary we've been stuck in for so long. Where did real women fit in? Ethnomusicologist Sheila Whiteley flips through four decades of record and CD racks to find the yin in the overwhelming yang world of rock. She examines mostly prominent musicians, like Joni Mitchell, who sang frank songs about sexuality, abortion, and women's empowerment. Later chapters pick apart musicians and groups as diverse as Patti Smith, Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos, and even the Spice Girls, showing how the artists reflect and foster their listeners' feminism.

Tool Newsletter at

(March 23, 2001) - Courtney Allen reports:

    Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know about Tori being mentioned in the Tool Newsletter (March 2001). Its a brief mention about Tori "claiming" Maynard makes the best chocolate cookies and what is his recipe. The author of the Newsletter, Blair, details his journey for this elusive recipe while not disturbing the extremely busy Maynard. You can read the entire newsletter here. Here are the parts that mention Tori:

    "We would like a copy of Maynard's chocolate chip cookie recipe. Tori Amos said he makes the best chocolate chip cookies."

    Let's see - Tori Amos thinks they're the best, and Famous Amos makes chocolate chip cookies. Could there be some connection there. No - it's probably just a coincidence. You've got to stay focused, Blair.

Fashion Magazine and Cargo Cosmetics

(March 22, 2001) - Rachel F. reports:

    I just got my newest issue of the April 2001 Fashion Magazine, and there's a mention and picture of Tori in it. Here's the blurb:

    It's all in a name. For Cargo Cosmetics there are some big ones - Jennifer Aniston and Tori Amos - who are part of its celebrity artists' lipsticks ($16) for the Children's Miracle Network. Aniston's fave is the honey "Plume", while Tori Amos loves the grapey "Voyage". Look for shades in May from Debra Messing and Camyrn Manheim.

Cornflake Girl played on Buail Bóthar

(March 22, 2001) - Chris (Dibble) reports:

    The first 30-40 seconds of Cornflake Girl were played on a tv programme called Buail Bóthar ( i think it means Hitting the Road), an Irish Language Travel Progamme, when th presenter was out on safari on TG4 (The Irish Language TV station)

Tool article from Syracuse University

(March 22, 2001) - Daniel Nolan reports:

    An article with the title, "CD/DVD set gives a look inside mind of Tool vocalist" appeared in the March 6, 2001 edition of The Daily Orange, the newspaper of Syracuse University. You can find the entire article here. (But you will have to pay for it!) Here is the excerpt that mentions Tori:

    Also considered in my deliberations were acid-dropping pixie Tori Amos and the Church of Satan's choir boy, Marilyn Manson. But Amos and Manson have nothing on the complex genius that fuels [Maynard] Keenan's songwriting and cryptic lyrics.

Rock Piano Course

(March 19, 2001) - Jay Unkeless reports:

    Not a biggie, but I attend the New School University in New York City. I was looking through the Course Bulletin under "Piano". There are two course selections, one is Contemporary Piano for Classical Players and the other is Rock Piano, in which Tori is listed. I'll include parts of the course descriptions:

    1. Repetoire is drawn from piano greats of diverse pop, rock, and blues backgrounds including songs by The Beatles, Paul Simon. . . and Tori Amos.

    2. Songs learned are from such players as Tori Amos. . . etc. You get the point. Looks like I'm gonna have to register for one of these classes!

Spring Haze

(March 19, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at (The Kansas City Star newspaper web site) talking about songs for the spring. They mention Spring Haze and say:

    "Spring Haze": If you can purr and scream in the same sentence, try this Tori Amos song. Be warned, it's not one of your peppy sunshine-and-bunnies songs.

"Winter" clip on KPCC radio

(March 19, 2001) - Danielle reports:

    Yesterday (3/16/01) around about 11:40 PM a clip of the "Winter" piano part was played as an intro for a segment on breastfeeding (maybe it's some sort of secret Toriphile insider thing...w/ the pig on Pele or something!) on KPCC radio, 89.3 here in Southern California...I dunno. I just thought it was strange and I started hypervenilating, lol.

CBC radio

(March 19, 2001) - Rachel F. reports:

    On the CBC radio in Canada, I have heard the intro to Winter played before and sometimes after they have a story, usually of the "heartfelt" kind. I thought that could be of some use to the Tori's Cultural Influence section.

King Britt

(March 17, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article from The Toronto Sun that was posted March 16, 2001. It talks about internationally-known Philly DJ/producer/composer and Sylk 130 founder King Britt and a radio staion he invented (WISH 130) that plays 80's music. Part of the article mentions Tori. You can read the entire article at Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Britt, who's remixed music for Macy Gray, Bebel Gilberto, Tori Amos and United Future Organization, to name a few, discussed crafting the music to suit his idols.

Over the Rhine

(March 17, 2001) - Mikewhy and blue girls report:

    The Mercury News reported on March 13, 2001 that a new Tori album hit the stores that day called "Films For Radio" on Back Porch Records. You can see this at However, this is actually the new album from Over The Rhine. I have seen this group open for the Cowboy Junkies, and they are excellent. But they are not Tori! (Thanks to Rachel!) I have seen a short review of this album in several newspapers that says that anyone who likes Tori will enjoy this new album, and so that could be part of the reason that The Mercury News made this mistake.

    In fact, blue girls writes the following:

    Just about every review of the album ["Films For Radio"] lists the first track as "Tori inspired" even though I personally don't feel that way of course! hehe.

    Over on the over the rhine site ( there is a review posted with several Tori mentions.

Sarah Slean concert review

(March 17, 2001) - candace reports:

    Candance pointed out to me a review of Sarah Slean in concert that she found at from the Independent Weekly, a University of Toronto campus paper, from February 4-11, 1999. Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Sarah Slean, a former U of T music student, brought the mood of the crowd into an introspective trance. Her music, unmistakably influenced by Tori Amos, was beautiful and captivating.


(March 15, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article about singer/songwriter shannonwright at that was posted on March 15, 2001. She is compared to Tori in the article. Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Shannonwright often is compared to Tori Amos, the other red-haired, piano-playing singer-songwriter, but, she points out, only by male rock critics. Perhaps that's why I don't understand the comparison. It's akin to equating Sid Vicious and Eric Clapton on the basis that they were brunet Brits famous in the '70s for playing instruments with strings--as if a few common physical traits and labels transcend actual performance and style. While Amos creates pseudodrama by swaying at the keyboard and exaggerating her voice through whispers and howls, shannonwright has an innate sense of drama that leans more toward Kurt Weill-style musical theater and cabaret, as well as minimalist composition. The emotions in shannonwright's songs come not from her actual words--they're often nonsensical, at least to everyone except her--but from the music's tone and the way her voice curves around these lyrics.

Mademoiselle Magazine April 2001

(March 15, 2001) - Jennifer A (anitalula) reports:

    Just wanted to let you know that Tori was mentioned in the April 2001 issue of Mademoiselle Magazine on page 99. "I'd get home, crank up a Tori Amos CD and spend all night alternating sips of wine with lines of coke." The article is a true story of a woman who has overcome addiction.

VH1 Behind The Music 1999

(March 15, 2001) - Lisa Mason (anitalula) reports:

    I don't know if you already got email about this, and it is a tiny sighting. On VH1 this weekend they showed a Behind the Music on 1999. In the intro for it, there was a brief shot of Tori in concert. She wasn't mentioned in the episode, but they did talk about the Alanis tour (I think that is why she was shown at all).

Tori on "The Sopranos"

(March 11, 2001) - Leif reported the following to the Precious Things mailing list:

    I just recently got the "The Sopranos: the complete first season" on dvd and watched the first episode today...since I don't have HBO and have only seen it like 2 times during the 2nd season. Anyway, it was during the scene in the daughter's bedroom when a friend yelled out "Hey, there's TORI!" I thought it was cool how they used a Tori Poster on the's one of the BIG subway posters..the one where she's sitting on the bed in jeans and has a toothpick in her mouth...and then I even paused the scene and zoomed in...and MORE tori to the poster is a bulletin board..right next to the door. And I couldn't really tell, but it LOOKED like a ton of little pictures of Tori on the bulletin board, like a Tori was very exciting to see.

Seventeen Magazine

(March 11, 2001) - raisngrl (Vanessa) reports:

    Just thought I'd let you know that Tori was mentioned in the April 2001 issue of Seventeen Magazine. In the quiz, "how hot are you?" Tori is listed as a possible choice.

    #6 At last week's karaoke-night fundraiser, you brought down the house with your killer rendition of

    a. "Genie in a Bottle." You were hoping your Christina Aguilera impression would rub the cute sports editor the right way.
    b. "Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos--you've always been a big fan.
    c. the Divinyls "I Touch Myself." (So it made a few chaperones blush; you just couldn't resist.)

    Even though it's a small mention, it's still Tori.

Tori briefly mentioned, but not part of Spin's Top 40 List

(March 10, 2001) - Mvick0584 reports:

    The new issue of Spin Magazine (I am not sure what issue, it could be March or April 2001) includes Spin's Top 40, their list of the most important artists in music today. In past years, (1997 and again in 1998) Tori was chosen for this. However, this year she was not. They do mention her name however. Mvick0584 reports:

    here's the blurb type thing just before the Top 40 of 2001 its on page 78 on the opposing page there is a picture of Radiohead thus is just the sentence before Tori's name:

    ...We're talking about players making noise now-so don't dog us for skipping fave woodshedders like the Beasties, Tori, Trent, or Lauryn Hill.

"Over the Rainbow" top song of the century

(March 10, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    Many of you know that Tori sometimes covers "Over The Rainbow" in concert. The song also appeared on the 1996 Hey Jupiter EP (That EP lists the song as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".) I read a story at CNN and other places that says that "Over The Rainbow" was voted the top song of the 20th Century. Not really a Tori sighting, but interesting since Tori does cover the song. Here is part of the article from

    Judy Garland's rendition of "Over the Rainbow" tops a new list of 20th century American songs.

    The theme of the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" is ranked first in the "Songs of the Century" project, created by the Recording Industry of America Association (RIAA), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Scholastic Inc. and AOL@School. AOL is the parent company of

    The list was put together for young people to "help further an appreciation for the music development process, including songwriting, musicianship, recording, performing, producing, distributing and the development of distribution and cultural values," according to an RIAA press release.

    Rounding out the list's top ten: Bing Crosby's "White Christmas"; Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land"; Aretha Franklin's "Respect"; Don McLean's "American Pie"; The Andrews Sisters' "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"; the original Broadway cast album of "West Side Story"; Billy Murray's "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"; The Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' "; and Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer."

    The list was picked by hundreds of "music lovers across the country" from "all walks of life," including the music industry, according to the release. The voters picked from 1,100 songs provided by the RIAA and the NEA, though write-in spaces were available on the ballots. The organizations asked voters to make historical signficance a major factor in their decisions.

Music Appreciation class textbook

(March 9, 2001) - Eric D Kenney posted to the ToriNews mailing list:

    I am taking a music appeciation class at the University of Colorado, Boulder and in the text book _Listen, Brief 4th Edition_, on page 413 there is a pic of Tori (who looks a lot like Joni Mitchell in this pic). The caption says:

    "Like many singer-songriters, Tori Amos has adopted a confessional style in her lyrics; her personal revelations have captivated audiences as much as her passionate stage pressence and skillfull piano playing,"

    The text is talking about singer-songwriters, and it says basically among the men singer-songwriters, women have found their niche as well. It lists Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, and Tori and Alanis Morissette.

    I just thought it was neat to see Tori here.

Former 'Rent' lead Anthony Rapp

(March 9, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at about actor Anthony Rapp, best known for his portrayal of lead character Mark Cohen in the Broadway hit "Rent". It was posted on March 7, 2001 and was written by Cori Bolger and comes from the Daily Orange newspaper at Syracuse University, by way of U-Wire. Rapp spoke to an audience in Goldstein Auditorium at Syracuse University on Tuesday, March 6, 2001. Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori:

    He named "A Beautiful Mind" co-stars Crowe and Harris as two of his greatest inspirations, along with musicians Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and Tori Amos. Rapp spoke often about the struggle many performers must endure while trying to make it big in show business.

Ottawa Citizen Article on Napster

(March 7, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article on Napster in the March 6, 2001 edition of the Ottawa Citizen. The article talks about Napster's attempts to block people from downloading copyrighted music, and how easily people are avoiding these blocks for now. The article looks at one 16-year old Napster user named Chevelle Wiseman. It includes a photo of Chevelle in her room and you can see a Tori poster in the background! I have included the photo here. Click here to read the article.

The Virgin Internet Music Guide mentions The Dent!

(March 6, 2001) - Danny Weddup reports:

    The Virgin Internet Music Guide mentions the Dent. It's published by Virgin as in Virgin Cola, Virgin Airways etc. It's priced £4.99 / $8.95 and it was released in May 2000. It's a guide to music on the net, how to find it, where to find it, how it works etc. It has 230 pages. One of the chapters is an artist A-Z, and here is the entry for Tori on P122:

    Tori Amos
    The best place to go for everything on this piano-straddling star is the fan-run dent in The Tori Amos Net Universe (, which truly has it all. Cornflake City, another unofficial site at is also really good for news, and the official site on is not bad, either.

    That's what it says! By the way, I couldn't get the Cornflake City site to work. At the bookshop where I work, we are selling the book for special offer at .99p! Good deal.

Tori song used in TV commercial

(March 6, 2001) - "Playboymommy" a.k.a Lucy reports:

    Yesterday [Sunday, March 4, 2001] I was watching tv, and there was a commercial for a new episode of Gidegon's Crossing (?? it could have been for another tv show, but i'm pretty sure it was for Gideon's Crossing) And the backround music was "Precious Things"!! Now, it could be the Rabbit In The Moon sample, but it sounded to much like Preious things. There was the unmistakable crack and "ahhhhhh-ahhhhhhh".

Spin Magazine and Pearl Jam

(March 5, 2001) - Upside Down Girl reports:

    Tori is mentioned in the new Spin mag, Special Issue for April 2001 on page 114. In a blurb on Pearl Jam, Spin says, "Like R.E.M. or Tori Amos, though unlike most other peers, they'll continue to worship a slightly abstract rock muse, assured of a sizable cult audience."

Model/Singer Caprice

(March 5, 2001) - Stuart Lewsey reports:

    I just thought that you might like to know that Caprice said on the Big Breakfast show in the U.K. that she wants to work with Tori as she admires her so much.

Favorite Earthquake Poll at

(March 5, 2001) - Josh Lindsey (kayne) reports:

    I was checking out music equipment on and this caught my eye in the sidebar... it's a quick survey for Seattle earthquake survivors regarding their favorite earthquake song. "Little Earthquakes" got 9% of the vote.

Dutch gameshow "Lucky Letters"

(March 5, 2001) - Theo van Dijk reports:

    Just wanted to let you know that last weeks thursday episode (feb 22th 2001) of the Dutch gameshow "Lucky Letters" had a question about Tori in it. A picture of her was shown with the question "What is the name of this singer, known because of her song Cornflake Girl". The question was answered correct. It'sjust a small question, but still, "Lucky Letters"is a prime time tvshow in the Netherlands so many people will have heard it!

Toronto Star

(March 5, 2001) - Sarah Folkes (fragile) reports:

    i was at a piano leson the other day, and i read on the board my teacher has an article on music lessons and how they benefit students and thinking, and there was a list of popular musicians and what they studied as a child, and tori was listed as studying classical piano.

    A small mention, but a mention nonetheless ;) it appeared in the Toronto Star on December 6th 2000.

Tiffany & Tori

(March 5, 2001) - Matt reports:

    There is a small mention of Tori at the end of an interview with Tiffany at

    EM: Over the last ten years, pop music has changed quite a bit. Have women like Sarah McLachlin changed your perspective on music?

    T: When I was first starting out, I really wanted to do more "folk" style of music... At the time I was really into Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks, but obviously at my age I couldn't do that. Sure, with time off to grow and be involved in relationships my perspective changed. I'm a singer and performer, so that part was always easy. It was a real challenge for me to learn to reflect on my experiences and still be musically compelling. I really worked at it over the years, and I'm excited about having those songs on an album. I love what Sarah and Tori Amos do.

DJ Rap

(March 5, 2001) - Angela Garcia reports:

    i was looking at the dj rap page (she's a fantabulous drum and bass dj) and there was a section where they were describing her album. one of the blurbs, from the mag jane, said 'On Rap's debut album she's the Tori Amos of DJ's, with soft vocals and painful lyrics peppering her break-beat mixes.' just thought it was interesting.

Note from Mikewhy: What is the URL for this page on DJ Rap?

Arrest in the Juarez murders

(March 5, 2001) - Tristessa reports:

    There was a news story about an arrest in the Juarez, Mexico murders. These murders are mentioned in Tori's song Juarez, which appears on the "to venus and back" album. You can read about this at the Yahoo! news web site.

Native American music and the Grammys

(March 5, 2001) - Daniel Nolan reports:

    There is an article from the February 21, 2001 edition of the New York Times that talks about Native American music and the Grammys. The article mentions artist Bill Miller, who opened for Tori during her 1994 Under The Pink tour in the U.S. The article mentions this. Read the article at the New York Times web site or Yahoo! News story about Napster

(March 5, 2001) - migennes reports: posted a story on March 4, 2001 on Napster It includes a link to a time line of "the evolution of the right to copy" near the center of the story, which includes the following entry:

    April, 1998
    Atlantic Records offers a song by Tori Amos for download to fans that preordered her album, "From the Choirgirl Hotel."

    It is the first mention of a specific artist in the time line. Unfortunately I can't seem to locate a direct link for the time line. It opens as a new window when you click the link.

Nelly Furtado

(March 5, 2001) - Brandon Sink reports:

    There is a brief mention of Tori on page 40 of the Spring 2001 issue of Yellow Rat Bastard magazine. The article is about singer Nelly Furtado, and here is the part that mentions Tori: >...The 21 year Canadian may or may not consider herself a pop artist--however--neither did Tori Amos--or Fiona Apple. What distinguishes Nelly from those artists however is her light hearted approach to music. The songs from her debut album WHOA NELLY don't reflect any deep unsorted issues or agony from being rejected by the opposite sex . . .

British TV program "London's Burning"

(March 1, 2001) - Emma Taylor + Andy Tebbutt and JohnB report:

Emma and Andy state:

    It seems someone at ITV got little earthquakes for xmas!!!! Because, after Precious Things being used to advertise "tonight with trevor mcdonald", and Winter used to advertised "the bill", they are currently using the first verse of Crucify complete with lyrics to advertise sunday's "londons burning"!!! Plus before xmas BBC1 used cornflake girl to advertise "other peoples children"! Tori's never had so much airplay ; )

JohnB says:

    Crucify is being used in the trailer for the British TV program "London's Burning" about a fire station and the firemen and women who man it.

Writer Stine Jensen

(February 21, 2001) - Theo van Dijk reports:

    Just wanted to let you know that last week there was an article in the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" about a woman from the University of my town (Groningen, the Netherlands) who did a book about female singers that have strong lyrics. Although there is not a photo of Tori with the article, she is mentioned a couple of times, which I will try and translate here:

    "Singers such as Madonna and Britney Spears aren't interesting to her, but writer Stine Jensen can't get enough of Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco and P.J. Harvey. In her book "The Longing Machine" (very bad translation sorry) the 29 year old writer writes about the position of these and other strong women in pop music."

    "Pop music professor Rene Boomkens gave her the idea to have a look at lyrics and this way the scientist found with Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco and PJ Harvey - three modern singers of our time- literature packed in music."

    "Ani, Tori and PJ sing about the less beautifull issues in life, such as rape or abortion. In this is partly vulnerableness, but also fear, doubtand dilemma's."

    Later the article is about Britney and Madonna, how they are in it only for the show and not for the music. The writer is very not positive about these artists, but as you can see she is about Tori!!!!I hope I translated it right! By the way, the article was called "Elvis is alive and SHE is beautiful!!!"

E! Online compares Tori to Jennifer Love Hewitt

(February 21, 2001) - Jc reports:

    E! Online compares Tori to Jennifer Love Hewitt in an article called Fashion Police.

Hal Sparks mentions Tori

(February 19, 2001) - Chris Gerard ("christian boy") reports:

    Hal Sparks (formerly from Talk Soup), who plays Michael on the Showtime series "Queer as Folk" mentioned Tori in his chat session Sunday night following the latest QAF episode. In response to a question about the music on the show, and what music he likes, Hal responded as follows:

    Hal Sparks: Metal. '80s shred hard rock, and atmospheric guitar music, progressive rock. My favorite band is King's X. I also like everything from E'nuff Z E'nuff, to Wasp, to Tory Amos, to Enya. I'm weird.

    Tory!!! ah... sad. But at least he's a fan.

Tori at

(February 19, 2001) - laurel* reports:

    H E R O I N E MAGAZINE At this site (an online magazine to promote female power/awareness) there is a section called "Who's Your Heroine: User's Picks." On this page you can cite your heroine/why she's so wonderful, and then your response will be posted...and the most numerously mentioned heroine was Tori!!! You can read the many stories of fellow Tori-lovers, and why they think she's amazing. Hopefully, Tori will contribute, herself, to this magazine (if she hasn't already). Just an interesting spotting for you!

Full Frontal Fashion

(February 19, 2001) - brent leonesio reports:

    I was just watching Full Frontal Fashion, coverage of New York's Fall 2001 fashion week. Designer Mark Montaro's show was presented and a list of celebrities who have worn his clothes was shown. Tori's name was listed with Carly Simon's, Juliette Lewis' and Natasha Richardson's. I just thought it was an interesting little siting.

Tori has a break up song at chickclick

(February 19, 2001) - lauren reports:

    I was looking on chickclick and found a little list about good love, sex and Heartbreakin' Songs and the first break up song listed is "tear in your hand". here's the link. some of the other songs are pretty awesome too :)

Finnish magazine Sue's review of an Aimee Mann album

(February 19, 2001) - Hanna Schadewitz reports:

    I found a mentioning on Tori in a Finnish freebie magazine Sue. I translated myself the part where Tori is mentioned, since I didn't think it is worth the effort to translate the entire piece. It's actually a critique on Aimee Mann's new album.

    "Aimee Mann
    Bachelor No. 2

    The first wave of Young Angry Women in the beginning of the 90's lifted up names such as Tori Amos, Brenda Kahn, Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair and Aimee Mann. Some of these women rose immediately into world fame whereas some disappeared as fast as they had appeared."

FOX Magazine

(February 19, 2001) - Tom Reilly reports:

    Fox News Channel has a program on the weekends called FOX Magazine. Today (February 10, 2001) they did a story on college students called "Hooking Up". It was about the different types of experiances that various students had when they went out to bars to meet people. One of the segments dealt with how things can go wrong when you meet someone that way. Low and behold they played Tori's 'Precious Things' for the remainder of the story.

Boston Globe article on Fisher

(February 19, 2001) - Marla Tiara reports:

    An article on the music group Fisher appeared in the Boston Globe on February 9, 2001. You can read the entire article at the web site, but here is the part that mentioned Tori. (I wonder if the Amos web site they are talking about is the Dent?):

    Fisher was unsigned when the group got its first break three years ago by landing a song called ''Breakable'' on the soundtrack to ''Great Expectations,'' which starred Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. Singer Tori Amos also had a track on the record, and Amos's Web site ended up linking to Fisher's.

    ''I owe a lot to Tori for letting that happen,'' Kathy Fisher says. ''She was in between records when the soundtrack came out. Her fans heard `Breakable' and felt it had a similarly emotional style to Tori's, so they checked us out.''

"Music Alive!"

(February 19, 2001) - Richard Handal and Phyllis report on the following. Thanks to Richard for the scanned photo.

    Every friday my Middle School Chorus students get to read silently a monthly magazine called "Music Alive!". This is basically a weekly reader (remember those?) kind of magazine which focuses on how classical music and music from today relate.

    Anyway, this morning i was looking through the January 2001 (Vol. 20 No. 4) issue of the magazine and the first article was about instruments of rock, this being part 4 of 4 focused on the piano. It mentioned Jerry Lee Lewis, then Steely Dan, and Billy Joel (some others too). The final section of the article read like this: (You could also read part of it and see a Tori photo at the Music Alive web site.)

    "Still Hangin' Around"

    With all the innovation that's marked keyboard technology through the years, it's satisfying to know that the good old piano still has a place in rock music. A trio led by pianist Ben Folds that oddly calls itself Ben Folds Five came out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. On their 1995 self-titled debut and its follow up Whatever and Ever Amen, Folds shows his ability to delicately perform ballads one minute while effectively fusing the piano with hard rock the next.

    Two female pianists have emerged in the 1990's, placing the instrument once again at the forefront of performance and composition. Tori Amos, a classically trained player, has merged virtuosic technique with rock, creating powerfully entrancing songs. With her deeply soulful voice and acclaimed songwriting skills, Fiona Apple burst onto the scene in 1996 with Tidal and has continued to amaze fans with 1999's When the Pawn Hits.

    And so it goes. Keyboards continue to infuse rock music, and the instrument's players are always coming up with something new, be it a new kind of sound or a new structure for rock songs."

    The article also included a small photo of tori during the plugged 98 tour.

    This magazine comes with a CD with listening examples of what they are reading about. I let the students listen to the CD while they read - and lo and behold - CORNFLAKE GIRL was a selection!

"The Weakest Link" on BBC2

(February 19, 2001) - Melissa Terras reports:

    I was watching "the weakest link" yesterday, on bbc2 , a U.K. quiz programme. and the question was "what instrument does musician tori amos usually play?" the woman got the question right. but she got knocked out in the next round.

"Tonight With Trevor Macdonald"

(February 19, 2001) - Melissa Terras reports:

    a tori sighting. on February 1, 2001, on itv in the uk, there was a trailer for "tonight with trevor macdonald" - a show which looks at pressing issues in the news, presented by the nations favourite news reader. the issue they were going to discuss was the fact that the morning after pill is now available over the counter here, and the trailer said something about worrying about teenage daughters, and the effect that access to this contraceptive could have on young girls, all very scaremongering stuff.

    and what has this to do with tori? they were looping the riff from "precious things" in the background.

"Ode To Tori" written by a pianist Michael Rodriguez

(February 19, 2001) - Valerie Le Pouesard reports:

    At, I found a piece called "Ode To Tori", written by a pianist, Michael Rodriguez. (decrived as a contemporary impressionistic solo piano )... His album is called: "Ivocation"

    About Tori, he writes :

    "My mind and ears were deeply in Tori Amos' work during the writing and making of Invocation. I truly hope she finds the honor in this offering. It's a very emotional piece for me."

    About song :

    "I could write volumes (words) about how much I resonate with this brilliant artist - Tori Amos. She, through her music and lyrics, has had an enormous influence over me recently. I can't remember the last musician I so admired. If I have "channneled" a fraction of her angst and voice in this collection then I hope I have succeeded in creating a tribute to her genius. All hail Tori!! "

    You can hear and read this here :

    Beginning is a little slow, but it sounds like Tori's stuff, it's clear !

Singer-songwriter Mary Beth Maziarz

(February 19, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    There is an article about singer-songwriter Mary Beth Maziarz, who has been the voice of Dawson's Creek for the past two seasons. You can read the entire article at the Yahoo! News web site. Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    "I feel like this show has been the biggest blessing in my career so far," she says. "You just can't ask for the kind of support and exposure I've gotten from them. The important thing for me is I'm reaching a younger audience, which is so important now from a marketing standpoint. It's very encouraging to me to think that these 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds are interested in a music that has a different kind of depth than Britney or Christi na Aguilera. The fan e-mail I get is really amazing, the writing and thoughts that come from these listeners. People like Alanis [Morissette] have tapped into some of that, and Tori [Amos], I think, gets the most dramatic type. I think I might be the most middle-of-the-road, like the closet drama.

Jump magazine

(February 19, 2001) - Cera reports:

    I was looking through the March 2001 issue of Jump magazine and they had an article "The Anatomy of a Popular Girl" on pg. 69. On the bottom of the page they had pictures of celebrities who were popular in high school and Tori was one of them. There was a little picture of her and under her picture was "most talented and best all around." Nothing big, but I thought it was interesting.

MTV's The Real World, New Orleans: Unmasked

(February 19, 2001) - Danny reports:

    In the book, the real world, new orleans: unmasked, (The book is by Alison Pollet) there are three mentions of tori (that i've found). they printed the cast members applications and in david's one question was: what artistic talents do you have? how skilled are you? david wrote: "I have been blessed with a gospel-rich voice like Fred Hammond and lyricist/piano skills like Tori Amos. Now that's a combo you can't get at Burger King. Feel me?"

    Later they ask: What are your favorite musical groups/artists? david wrote: "Fred Hammond, Hezikiah Walker, Kirk Franklin, Tori Amos, Bjork, various DJs and mix albums, and last but definatly not least, the old-school jams: the Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, et al." In Danny's application, for the same favorites artists question, he wrote: "Tori Amos, Garbage, Bjork, most trance, Bob Dylan, the Cure, U2, Madonna, Led Zeppelin"

MTV's 20 Most Memorable Moments

(February 19, 2001) - marley reports:

    I saw Tori on tv today [January 21, 2001]. She was on mtv's 20 most memorable moments show. Its a show celebrating their 20 years on the air. They show Tori phor a phew seconds singing with contest winner Jesse Camp. I believe its Aerosmiths "Dream on". Its very cute~ Tori looks very happy. Alas, it is only a second clip, but its Tori!

CASTRATION; An Abbreviated History of Western Manhood

(Updated January 20, 2001) - Paul Prescott originally reported the following:

    In his forthcoming book, 'Castration: An Abbreviated History of Western Manhood', Professor Gary Taylor, amongst many other provocative things, claims that 'Tori Amos is arguably the sexiest woman on the planet.' This is quite an unexpected sentence to find in the work of one of the world's most respected and eminent renaissance literature scholars. Taylor also discusses some of Tori's lyrics in the book's first chapter.

    Full details about the book can be found at:

They were having a fun contest with naming this book. but that contest is over. However, Victor made aware of an article about this book that appeared in the Jan 15, 2001 edition of New Statesman from London. It was written by Rowan Pelling and it mentions Tori. You can read it below.


    Gary Taylor Routledge, 304pp

    Time was when you could rely on academics to write desiccated tomes that gathered dust on the shelves of the Bodleian. Alas, no longer. Now they have found a cunning trick to impose their overwrought campus musings on the general public. They don't say: "I'd like to write a book about the Jacobean playwright Thomas Middleton." They say: "I'd like to write a book with a title that screams `Sex!', and will sell in vast quantities to the deluded public. I know, I'll call it Castration: an abbreviated history of western manhood." This explains why Gary Taylor's latest title tells us more about Middleton's play A Game at Chess, and about Taylor's vasectomy, than it does about the seraglio although the good news is that Taylor is riveting on Middleton.

    At least Taylor seems as cheerily loony as his title. His prose style springs from the "groovy prof ' school of writing, so Abelard and Foucault are quoted alongside Christina Aguilera and Tori Amos, and be-my-buddy phrases, such as "the great pussy pie" and "your classic corporate asshole", are scattered throughout the text. (Yes, he does have long hair and a beard.) Taylor knows his stuff, and scours centuries and the globe to present a diverting range of castrati, but centres his thesis on the writings of Freud, Middleton and St Augustine. He uses them to illustrate shifting attitudes to castration, and shows how, although biblical references to eunuchs were taken to denote celibates, castration in 17th-century drama emphasised the removal of the testicles, while with Freud (surprise, surprise) it's all about the phallus. In other words, fear of God gives way to fear of infertility, which gives way to the modern terror of sexual boredom. Taylor is admirably keen to dislodge Freud from his century-long stranglehold on notions of castration and the construction of sexuality.

    The journey is entertaining and informative, but Taylor encompasses too much in his search: censored texts, underendowed statues, sodomites, as well as the implications of cloning and the human genome for male fertility, are all included in the sweep. This is because Taylor intends his book to be "about all of us (male and female, castrated or not), about the human past and present, about the posthuman future". Call me lacking in metaphysical ardour, but this just isn't what I want from a history of castration. I want a narrative medical textbook that will have every man in my office clutching his scrotum as I read out select passages (although, by way of consolation, the very sight of this book should keep most men at a 20-foot distance).

    Taylor would be impervious to such fears; he has already submitted his manhood to the surgeon's knife. Because of his vasectomy, he is able to give empirical proof for his final assertion: "Anatomy may still be destiny, but we are increasingly able to alter our anatomies and shop for our destinies." Taylor may have severed his vas deferens, but the process has produced at least one swollen organ - his brain.

    Rowan Pelling is the editor of the Erotic Review.

YM Prom 2001

(January 20, 2001) - laurel reports:

    On the very last page of YM's Prom Issue for 2001 (Leslie Bibb on cover) there is a picture of Tori as prom queen. There are seven other celebrity high school prom photos, and you're supposed to guess who the people are. Tori looks very beautiful!!!

Nirvana tribute album review

(January 20, 2001) - Ciccone4 reports:

    Tori Amos was mentioned in a review Entertainment Weekly had for "Smells Like Bleach", a Nirvana tribute album. The review was in the January 26, 2001 issue. It is as follows.

    Everyone from Charlie Hunter to Tori Amos has interpreted Nirvana's iconoclastic anthems, but none has captured their anarchic power. Here, punk forefathers like Agent Orange and descendents like I.C.U. again fail to do them justice. Most omit the soulful wailing and off-key sqawks, accelerating the songs into power-punk retreads and losing the passion and chaos that changed the face of music.

    [The disc got a B-]

Music Reviewer Glenn McDonald and The War Against Silence

(January 18, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at the web site of The Boston Phoenix about music reviewer Glenn McDonald and his web site, The War Against Silence, which is posted at The article appeared in the January 18 - 25, 2001 issue of this weekly newspaper. I have spotlighted The War Against Silence before on The Dent because I have always found Glenn's Tori reviews to be insightful and interesting. Here is a key part of the article, and then the part that mentions Tori. (You can read the full article here.) I urge you to visit The War Against Silence and read what Glenn has to say about Tori and other artists. (Just do a seach on Tori Amos when you get to the site.)

    Music reviews can have a mind-numbing predictability....That's why it's so refreshing to stumble upon a homegrown original like Glenn McDonald, an introspective music reviewer who posts a weekly column, "The War Against Silence," at his Web site, Each Thursday morning, a 3000-word piece devoted to whatever happens to be on McDonald's CD player appears on the text-heavy site, the lightly edited product of a feverish night's work. Since beginning in 1995, the 33-year-old Cambridge software engineer has amassed a solid body of thoughtful pop-music criticism that currently weighs in at over one million words, a remarkable feat for any writer working strictly between the hours of seven and seven just four times a month....

    Then there's the quality of the writing, which is earthier, less egotistical, and more cautious in tone than you'd expect from an iconoclastic rock critic. What makes McDonald's columns special is the emotional candor of his writing and the philosophical outlook he brings to bear on his subjects. And since no one's paying him to produce this material, or sending him gratis review copies of CDs, he's free to craft soul-searching monologues about whatever he's been listening to without a censorious editor or commercial benefactor threatening to shrink his output -- or curb his pen....


    Well, sincerity certainly explains a lot of what a reader might find fingering through the index of old columns McDonald stores at Furia. One cannot escape the loneliness of his most eloquent passages, or the general sense of Me-Against-the-Abyss that haunts his best output to date, but that isn't to say his outlook is altogether dour. Woven into his reviews of albums by the Loud Family, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Low, Tori Amos, and Megadeth, to name a few of his favorite artists, is a sense of wonder and childlike curiosity at the mesmeric, life-affirming qualities of sound.

2001 Grammy in the Schools Careers in Music project

(January 18, 2001) - Mikewhy reports:

    I found an amuZnet News story at the Yahoo! Music web site about the 2001 Grammy in the Schools Careers in Music project. This project will be visiting high schools across the country to inform and inspire students who are considering careers in music. Here is a part of the article that includes a Tori reference:

    The program kicks off January 11 in San Francisco, according to a report from the Recording Academy and the Grammy Foundation.

    Top music industry professionals will discuss the realities of the music and recording industries with interested high school seniors. This program, which is run by the Grammy Foundation and has been in place for 14 years, begins with a panel comprised of top recording and music industry professionals interacting with students in a dynamic "talk-show" format. Students then attend one of many workshops on specific topics ranging from engineering and production to instrumental technique to becoming a radio disc jockey.

    Participating students also receive the current edition of the Grammy in the Schools Career Handbook, which contains a directory of schools offering music industry programs as well as a comprehensive listing of record companies. In addition, the handbook provides readers with interviews with such notable musicians as Tori Amos, Jewel, Lauryn Hill and R.E.M. as well as with producers Quincy Jones, Don Was, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Tori recommends CDs at ArtistDirect

(January 18, 2001) - Jason Kirby reports:

    I always notice that fans alert you to different media sightings, and I finally have a new one which I didn't spot anywhere on the site thus far. If you go to the ArtistDirect [which is a cheesy mass-marketing online superstore somehow related to the UBL] store online, you'll find a featured section where Tori shares some of her "picks" in music. She recommends Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, and Joni Mitchell. There is no commentary or anything, just a strange little picture of her in concert. Let's just say it doesn't look like Tori put a whole lot of time or effort into this, but it still is interesting nonetheless. I thought her choices were interesting, considering she has been VERY cagey in interviews at times regarding her influences (i.e. when questioned about this, she will often respond "food" or "I don't want to give away all my secrets"). But, they kind of make sense, considering she has covered Joni Mitchell, had Trent Reznor sing on Past the Mission and referenced NIN in her lyrics, and recalled drooling over Led Zeppelin as a teenager. I'd say the Doors and Aretha Franklin are a little more "out there" for her, but they fit. Cool!

Here is the exact list:

    Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace
    Led Zeppelin - The Box Set (4 CD's)
    The Doors - L.A. Woman
    Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
    Joni Mitchell - Blue

Carly Simon's Clouds In My Coffee 'best of' compilation

(January 18, 2001) - Josh Lindsey (kayne) reports:

    In the book section of Carly Simon's Clouds In My Coffee 'best of' compilation, there is an article by Carly fan/friend Jim Armstrong which begins on page 27. There is a parenthetical mention of Tori on page 28:

    1978's Boys in the Trees is an effort of both serenity and urgency. The title track is sublime, and like each of Carly's finest songs, it is stately and incomparable. (Incidentally, Tori Amos has been performing "Boys In the Trees" in concert, introducing it by saying she used to listen to it over and over again, wishing she had written it.)

    The compilation was released in 1995, and I think Armstrong is referring to a few performances of Boys in The Trees in 1994, such as the one that can be heard on disc 3 of the Tori Stories bootleg.

"Hallo, Mr. Zebra"

(January 18, 2001) - Gabriele reports:

    I come from Germany and don't know exactly who to write to. I just found a book (novel) by a german author called Bianca Döring and it's called "Hallo, Mr. Zebra". There's this quotation on page 3 or 4 saying:

    "Hello Mr. Zebra
    can I have your sweater
    cause it's cold, cold, cold
    in my hole, hole, hole..."

    The book is obviously about the "Beginning of the republic", the years after World War II and especially the 50's. It was published in 1999 by DTV (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag). I haven't read it yet, but I will.

Hollywood Confidential

(January 18, 2001) - Mike Jones reports:

    I was reading a book called Hollywood Confidential, on pg 162 there is a part of the book that talks about what some famous people believe. There was a quote from Tori that read "I have vivid memories of being a prostitute in another life." Then the author of the book adds "(some might say.......oh never mind.)" I'm not quite sure why they included tori in this the books main focus was movie stars and mucians involved with movie stars.

You can see this book listed at

RAINN mentioned after Boston Public

(January 18, 2001) - Many different Toriphiles report:

    Fox has a show on Monday nights called "Boston Public," which is about a high school and its teachers and students. This week's episode (January 15, 2001) concerned a young girl molested by her father. At the end of the program, the number for RAINN was read out and shown on the screen. While this is not exactly a Tori sigting, it is good to know that the organization she founded is still getting such exposure on Primetime TV.

Review of Lina's album 'Stranger On Earth'

(January 14, 2001) - celerity reports:

    Hi, just thought I'd mention this Tori reference I found in a review of Lina's album 'Stranger On Earth' in the 'Culture' supplement of the Sunday Times in the UK. (The January 14, 2001 edition.) Here is the Tori-relevant part:

    'Whenever an American record label comes across the kind of ornery artist who has the potential to sell millions but insists on producing highly individual music, they send 'em over here. Those crazy Brits might go for it, they reckon. They did it with Tori Amos and Macy Gray. And now they're doing it with Lina - a new R & B star in the making.'

"soloalbum" by Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre

(January 14, 2001) - Mara reports:

    I'm reading a book called "soloalbum" by a german author called "Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre" and on page 32 of this book there is a Tori-mention.

    The book is a Nick Hornby-like story, a little liek "High Fidelity". Also a young man's self-reflection...

    The scene where he mentions Tori as as follows:

    The I-Narrator is attending a party, where he is talking to a girl, while she is talking to him, he imagines what she is like and her home might look like.

    "I imagine above her bad tehre is a poster of a dying soldier, on the ground there is a lava-lamp. She loves listening to Reaggae. Fucking Pearl Jam she thinks is "super-intensive" and her CDs by Tori Amos and PJ Harvey are marked with "woman-power rules" !"

    I thought it was really funny to find the mention in this book.

Tori Karaoke

(January 4, 2001) - Audrey reports:

    There's on on-line karaoke site, MP3 Karaoke @ that has Tori's "Spark"! There is a sample that you can listen to -- it's not the actual background music, but sounds to be a pretty good impression of it. There are supposedly backup vocals included in the karaoke too -- great for those of us who love to sing along, but were curious as to how we sound alone. However, you have to purchase credits toward downloading mp3 karaoke tracks.

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