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October 10, 1997

Allure Magazine
October 1997
    There are a few sentences about Tori and a lovely photo in the October 1997 issue of Allure Magazine, which includes the photo you see to the right. It is in an article about make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin, who has a new book called Making Faces, which shows many people, both famous and otherwise, who he has made-up. Tori is featured in the magazine, which seems to have taken excerpts from this book. The photo appears on page 256. The text says:

    "Amos's soft, slightly shimmery makeup ...brought out her ethereal nature. There are no defined lines, not even on the lips."

    She shares the articles with other people, like Lisa Marie Presley, Cher, Vanessa Williams, and Isabella Rossellini. Kevyn Aucoin is the make-up artist who did Tori's makeup for MTV Unplugged. When Tori appeared on David Letterman on October 4, 1996, she looked just like this as she performed Father Lucifer.

Launch CD-ROM Magazine
Issue No. 15 - October 1997

    Dan The Kitti man and Meghan Ferris told me about Tori appearing briefly in the latest Launch CD-ROM magazine (No. 15). Tori is at the very beginning. It has Radiohead on the cover, and it starts with a clip of Tori saying how the most recent thing she got was by Radiohead. It then moves on to other artists talking about Radiohead. Pretty nifty.

Mademoiselle Magazine
October 1997

    Tori Tells How To Turn Compassion Into Action In Mademoiselle
    The October 1997 issue of Mademoiselle in the U.S. features a report called Do Good, Feel Great on page 174, which gives suggestions on how you can help others and make an impact on the world. There is special sub-section called Quick Fixes: Rock Role Model which features some words of wisdom from out very own Tori! There are a few paragraphs where Tori reveals one of her favorite self-help books and gives suggestions on little things you can do to make a difference.

    Read what Tori had to say and see the included photo.

Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine
October 1997
    Tori was featured in the October 1997 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life magazine. She is part of an 18 page music guide. On page 67, Tori ranks #3 in their Web top 40. (The Artist/Prince is #1 and Nirvana #2.) They have a small blurb here that says:

      "With each of her albums quirkier than the last, Tori Amos might have disappeared from the pop landscape were it not for her ardent online following, one of the most passionate in cyberspace."

    Well, I don't agree with that of course! There is also a small picture here from the same photo shoot that was used for an article in Keyboard magazine from September 1992.

    You can also find on page 76 a full page photo of Tori surrounded by various net URLs with the title, "How the Net Keeps Amos Famous". The writers seem to focus on some of the more unusual and obscure online resources. The photo here is a full body shot that we first saw in Spin magazine from October 1994. Each URL points to a place on Tori's body. There is one that points to he mouth that says "Tori Talks" that directs you to Tori's newsgroup and IRC channel. There is another one that points to her heart that says "Tori's Heartfelt Cause" that gives the URL for RAINN. You get the idea! All the links here are available in my Tori Links section.

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