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Music Monitor Magazine
??? April 1996 ???

    Toriphile Ally made me aware of an article that appears on the web site of Music Monitor, a magazine in the U.S. The article is called "You Love Her Or You Hate Her: Two Takes On Tori." I have no idea when this article was first published in the magazine, though it had to be 1996 or 1997. I have placed this article in the April 1996 section, but that is just a guess and is likely wrong. If anyone knows when this article was first published, please let me know.

    Read the Music Monitor article.

Shift Magazine
April 1996

OOR Magazine
April 20, 1996

    Dennis Snelders from Holland sent me the following information that appeared in a magazine in Holland called OOR.

      In an interview in OOR's 8th issue of this year (april 20th) Alanis Morisette mentions Tori twice. (OOR is an important music magazine in Holland.) This is what she said:

      "When I had moved to Toronto, I was alone in a big city, not knowing anyone. I had several depressions every day, until i heard Little Earthquakes from Tori Amos. Her music turned my life upside down. She touched me like no woman had ever done with her music before and she taught me another way to sing. All my negative feelings, which I had been caring with me for so long and which i didn't knew what to do with, suddenly got use and meaning. I discovered I must not hide the feelings, but use them. But I still had a lot of shit to deal with."

      Another piece in the article says:

      "She again points to Tori Amos, who found a way to get rid of the old rock-chick image from Y Kant Tori Read? and who became much more famous with much more personal music. That's the proof the audience does recognize quality, as soon as it is confronted with it."

      OK that's it. I hope I've translated it well. by the way, I often read OOR and they spend much attention to Tori and they are always positive about her!

Atlanta Journal Constitution
April 12 or 13, 1996

    A pop muse who mixes the earthy and ethereal
    Written by: Steve Dollar

    Have harpsicord, will rock.

    That might as well be a motto for Tori Amos, the flame-tresse singer whose solo tour brings her to the Fox Theatre on Sunday for two sold-out shows. Usually, the spotlight is on the performer's provocative lyrics and earthy-to-ethereal vocal theatrics.

    But, to accompany songs from her recent and third album "Boys for Pele" (Atlantic), Amos also will be toting a keyboard that was popular during the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

    "This instrument is challenging me as a person," Amos said during an Easter chat in New York, speaking between munches of popcorn and jetlag yawns. "You can't cheat it with a sustain pedal. it's all hanging out there as if you were [bare] under bright lighting."

    Likewise "Pele." Panned by Rolling Stone, exhalted by Spin, this sprawling, free-associative opus can be read as wildly self-indulgent--a one-woman therapy session gussied up with brass and bagpipes. or it can be seen as a bravely visionary leap into the Jungian void as Amos engages a menagerie of mythic, historical and imaginary figures on a quest for a renewed female identity.

    "I need a big loan," she announces, in one of the record's key lines, the scent of helium on her breath, "from the girl zone."

    "I kind of feel like when I'm doing a show I travel," Amos says. "I'm there in body, but hopefully... I have the ability to go into the inner world, the arena of the unconscious."

Ft. Lauderdale Herald
April 12, 1996

    Who Is Tori Amos Talking About?

    You can read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Ft. Lauderdale Herald in the list of articles.

The Online Chat Debacle
April 9, 1996

Launch CD-ROM Magazine
Volume 6
    Tori was featured in Volume 6 of Launch Magazine, a CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows. There are interview clips and a live performance of Marianne. The interview clips are quite good. My favorite quote is, "...sometimes magic can get created if somebody is open to letting energy do what it does, instead of being so cynical that you miss magic happening. I mean the reason I thank the faeries, frankly, is because I'm NOT stupid.".

    You can see the video of this performance at You can also find an interview with Tori at this site (called The Story Of Tori) which seems to be a more detailed version of the interview that appeared on Volume 6 of the CD-Rom. You can also read this on the Dent as well.

Blender CD-ROM Magazine
Volume 2.2
    Tori was featured in Volume 2.2 of Blender Magazine, a CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows. There is an interview and an informal performance by Tori. Tori acted pretty silly here!

    Visit the Blender Cd-Rom Website

Keyboard Magazine
April 1996

    Article is called Flaky Pastry.

    You can read this article at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find Keyboard Magazine in the list of articles.

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