Tori's Chat on AOL & the Net...Or the Lack of One!

What can I say? The entire event was rather disappointing. The date was April 9th. On America Online, over 500 people virtually packed the MTV arena to "chat" with Tori. The excitement and anticipation was obvious from the comments scrolling down my screen. People were even fairly patient as the time dragged passed 7:00PM. Then finally at about 7:25, Matt Pinfield from MTV's 120 Minutes program appeared and began praising Tori. He and Tori then had an interesting short conversation. That was followed by a formal greeting from some MTV bigwig.

Almost immediately after they started to ask the first question, my connection with AOL was severed. I frantically tried to sign on again, but the MTV arena site was unavailable. I then tried to get to the chat via IRC using my direct Internet account. However, the server was not responding there either. I then noticed on the MTV web site a little note that said the IRC server was having technical difficulties. By now it was 8:00, and I realized that Tori would need to leave and get mentally prepared for the opening concert of her North American Tour, which was just a little over an hour away! I sulked and grew depressed, realizing that the event we had all looked forward to had failed to materialize.

When I was able to sign back onto AOL, I hung out a while with some other fans, and we consoled each other. I then learned that Tori did not even have a chance to answer hardly any questions. At least we got to hear from her a little bit, and if you read the transcript below you will see that they seem serious about trying to do this again rather soon!

A little past 9:00, Matt Pinfield returned and apologized profusely to us. The "crowd" had dwindled down to about 150. At 9:30, Tori took to the stage in Tampa, and we enjoyed about a half hour of commentary from Matt, as well as some trivia questions with prizes. So in a way, we were able to experience some of Tori in concert through the eyes of Matt Pinfield. However, the photos of Tori in concert that we were told would be available never did show up on AOL or the Internet that night. See the transcript below for all the details of the few things Tori said, and the concert play-by-play from Matt.


MtvMattP   : Hello everybody and welcome to this 
             groundbreaking internet event

MtvMattP   : I think it's appropriate that we're doing this 
             tonight with Tori

MtvMattP   : because her music is so passionate and 
MtvMattP   : that I couldn't be more excited to be doing 

T0RlAM0S   : Matt, is sounds like you're talking about my 
T0RlAM0S   : not my first American show! 

MtvMattP   : I can't help it Tori, I get really 
             philosophical when it comes

MtvMattP   : to talking about you and your music

T0RlAM0S   : But I've waited too long. 

MtvMattP   : Tori this is the first night of your American 

MtvMattP   : did Europe as well
T0RlAM0S   : We did 30 shows in Europe, just finished in 
T0RlAM0S   : I took a week break in Tuscany. 
MtvMattP   : How was that
T0RlAM0S   : I found out I'm allergic to pasta
MtvMattP   : Was it a different type of pasta
T0RlAM0S   : It was the best pasta I ever had in my life.
T0RlAM0S   : I had to drink just to take away the pain of 
             the idea
MtvMattP   : and then all of the sudden you found out you 
             were allergic
T0RlAM0S   : that I couldn't eat what I was there for.

T0RlAM0S   : We don't have to explain how I found out I'm 
             allergic to pasta.
T0RlAM0S   : The thing is, the man I was with who'se 
T0RlAM0S   : lovely was very supportive and just encouraged
T0RlAM0S   : me to drink port.

MtvMattP   : So it kind of covered up for the way you felt
T0RlAM0S   : It helped take the pain away.
T0RlAM0S   : Plus it kind of...he didn't feel like he 
T0RlAM0S   : wasted his money taking me to Tuscany.

MtvMattP   : What cities were your favorite to 
             play...generally every night
T0RlAM0S   : If I said every night I'd be a lying sack of 
T0RlAM0S   : The thing is, people always go "I heard you 
             didn't like the show."
T0RlAM0S   : They don't understand sometimes that I'm 
T0RlAM0S   : with technical things on the stage, I'm not
T0RlAM0S   : hearing what they're hearing. I'm like John 
T0RlAM0S   : in "boy in the Plastic Bubble."
T0RlAM0S   : Brad Pitt could be on the other side, but
T0RlAM0S   : depending n what the bubbles' doing that day, 
T0RlAM0S   : could look gross.
T0RlAM0S   : It has to do with the hall, monitor system 
             there are
MtvMattP   : that has to do with the monitor system
T0RlAM0S   : so many variables.
T0RlAM0S   : I'm not always talking about tha audience. 
T0RlAM0S   : If we have little to work with and the 
T0RlAM0S   : are not good, sometimes the vibe can just make 
             up for
T0RlAM0S   : everything.
T0RlAM0S   : It all has to work together.

MtvMattP   : Alright, now lets take some questions

MtvMattP   : I know there are so many fans of yours out on 
             the WWW, and internet
MtvMattP   : it's really evident with the amount of Web 
             sites and conversations
MtvMattP   : all based on your music and conversations

Mtvanguard : Welcome to the MTV Arena for MTV Online's first-ever 
             simultaneous America Online/Web chat.
Mtvanguard : Tori Amos is our guest.
Mtvanguard : She kicks off her North American tour with a live 
             chat, hosted by 120 Minutes' Matt Pinfield.
Mtvanguard : This online event takes place live from Tori's 
             opening-night show at
Mtvanguard : the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Tampa, 
Mtvanguard : Since Tori will be chatting live with us from 
             Florida, so if you didn't get a ticket,
Mtvanguard : you're here for the next best thing!

Mtvanguard : We've got a very special host for the chat tonight.
Mtvanguard : Some of you know him as the mysterious man behind the 
             screenname, baldlove.
Mtvanguard : Some of you know him as The Matt,
Mtvanguard : that guy you can never stump with your trivia 
             questions on our weekly online show,
Mtvanguard : "Go To The Matt."
Mtvanguard : Most of you know him as the host of MTV's "120 
             Minutes"--that's right, it's Matt Pinfield.
Mtvanguard : Before we say hello to Tori and Matt, a few 
             things you'll need to know about this 
Mtvanguard : This chat is taking place on the World Wide 
             Web and America Online at the same time.
Mtvanguard : We will take turns with questions: one from 
             aol, one from the Web, one from aol, etc.
Mtvanguard : However, questions from aol will be put up on 
             the Web, and vice versa. 
Mtvanguard : So, don't worry, everybody will see all the 
Mtvanguard : This chat will run till about 8:00pm (ET).

             DOWN PRE-MATURELY

Mtvanguard : Then, don't forget to come back at 9:00pm 
Mtvanguard : just as Tori gets ready to go onstage, to see 
             exclusive, simultaneously-uploaded shots of 
             the show,
Mtvanguard : get Matt's play-by-play of the vibe at Tori's 
             gig, and win prizes.
Mtvanguard : Okay, let's get down to it...
Mtvanguard : Tori Amos first emerged in 1992 with her 
             stunning album, "LITTLE EARTHQUAKES."
Mtvanguard : Her emotionally challenging music and live 
             shows that border on religious experience
Mtvanguard : quickly turned music lovers into unbelievably 
             dedicated masses. 
Mtvanguard : But you know all this, since you're probably 
             one of those fans. 

MtvMattP   : We're going to have a question from the 
             audience soon

Mtvanguard : A warm welcome to MTV's own Matt Pinfield 
Mtvanguard : Matt, what do you have to say about Tori's 
             latest record--her third--"BOYS FOR PELE?"

MtvMattP   : but in the meantime, let's talk about
MtvMattP   : the relationshiop between the two lyrics
Mtvanguard : To ask a question, click "Interact With Host," 
              and send in your question. 

Mtvanguard : Let's get to those questions.

..................All hell breaks loose now...the connection is lost  :(

Someone on the IRC server actually picked up this little tidbit!  
I added a little more conversation from Tori here April 13.

MTVMattP: Tori, if you can answer that question about
MTVMattP: the relationship between God and Mohammed My Friend

Tori    : People when they ask me, why didn't I make God 
Tori    : a woman and I go like I made the Catholic Church too?
Tori    : I find that sometimes when I'm singing about
Tori    : religious mythogy, people are getting their
Tori    : own opinions in there instead of what really happened
Tori    : like in The Crusades anything that wasn't Christian 
Tori    : beign tortured particularly the Cathares
Tori    : I was in a place called San Galgano - it's truly endless
Tori    : the control and domination that the institution wielded
Tori    : The burning of witches over a number of years, mostly
Tori    : women and when I wrote Muhammad My Friend, it was mostly
Tori    : about having a cup of tea with Muhammad and talking about
Tori    : the circumcision of the female part of God in every
Tori    : religion.  Even Greek mythology, Zues was the big bad dude
Tori    : everyone was fragmented.  Athena, seperated from her
Tori    : sexuality but had her wisdom, Aphrodite who has her sexuality
Tori    : in truth did not have many other aspects like wisdom, which is
Tori    : acknowledged.

Question: Let me start by saying I just got to see your sound check and
Question: a couple of songs you did for some lucky radio winners.  I was
Question: really moved by your version of The Springtime Of His Voodoo, it 
Question: was all engrossing and strong and I love it. I want to say I'm 
Question: really excited to hear all the new songs from the album tonight.
Question: Are you very excited to be here in the states again?
Tori    : Every night, I try to take the songs as they're coming to me 
Tori    : they seem to be shifting and changing with the tour because if
Tori    : your a classical piece, your practicing and performing a piece
Tori    : until it's exactly what the music says.  If you've been around
Tori    : my family after church and had to sit for those Sunday dinners
Tori    : and inanimate objects like the piano become the most exciting
Tori    : everything to you.

Later, at 9:10PM

Mtvanguard : Hello again to all you patient souls who have 
             stuck with us through these technical 

Mtvanguard : AOL and MTV Online are doing our best to avoid 
             any further complications. 

Mtvanguard : Welcome back to the MTV Arena, we're back for 
             the second half of our Tori Amos live event.

Mtvanguard : Here's what you'll get during this hour:
Mtvanguard : 1) Exclusive photos live from Tori's show.

Mtvanguard : We took some pictures earlier today at sound 
             check, and we're taking more right now
Mtvanguard : as Tori prepares to go onstage. We'll keep 
             taking them for the first few songs, 

Mtvanguard : and we'll upload them here as we take them.
Mtvanguard : If you're on aol, the photos will be in the 
             Tori Amos folder on the front screen
Mtvanguard : or right here in the arena.

Mtvanguard : If you're on the Web, they'll be in the Photo 
             Gallery, accessible from the MTV Arena page.

Mtvanguard : 2) Matt Pinfield's play-by-play.
Mtvanguard : Here in the Arena, Matt will be describing 
             what's happening at the Tampa Bay arena
Mtvanguard : where Tori's performing.
Mtvanguard : You can continue to ask Matt questions, just 

Mtvanguard : 3) Win prizes. Throughout the course of the 
             event, Matt will be asking trivia questions 
             about Tori. We
Mtvanguard : So take it away, Matt!

MtvMattP   : First of all, Tori and I want to st we're 
             sorry that
MtvMattP   : we had so many technical details to deal with.

MtvMattP   : Ever since we did 120 Minutes together, w'eve
MtvMattP   : been talking about doing this night.

MtvMattP   : Tori had the idea of making this a more 
             indepth interview

MtvMattP   : than we had r on 120 and being interactive 
MtvMattP   : her ans on the internet and Aol.
MtvMattP   : her fans, I mean

MtvMattP   : We are currently discussing our second plan 
MtvMattP   : to makethis thing happen.

MtvMattP   : anyway, there is nothing Tori, myself or MTV 
             could do

MtvMattP   : There were technical difficulties that were 
             out of our hands.

MtvMattP   : So much for modern technology, huh?

MtvMattP   : We will have the final word! 

MtvMattP   : I'm gonna tell youa little bit about what's 
             going on here at the venue in Florida.
MtvMattP   : Tori got here and was working on sound check,

MtvMattP   : it's a beautiful theatre.

MtvMattP   : But whn no one is in the audience, it's 

MtvMattP   : for Tori to gauge the sound correctly of her 
             and her piano and harsichord.

MtvMattP   : Because of the slap-back sound from the empty 

MtvMattP   : But Tori is very good at what she does and she 
             dealt with it.

MtvMattP   : Knowing that there would be people in the 
             venue later

MtvMattP   : to absorb some of the sound, so acoustics 
             would be better.

MtvMattP   : Tori had to readjust the stage setup a bit,

MtvMattP   : because of the positioning of her piano and 

MtvMattP   : Also, she's a bit farther back from the stage 

MtvMattP   : she usually is because of the sound reasons.

MtvMattP   : But as usual, the show will still be very 
             intimate once she takes the stage.

MtvMattP   : Because anywhere you're sitting in the venue 
             you can
MtvMattP   : make a connection with her.

MtvMattP   : We're taking photos here at the venue.

MtvMattP   : Because of technical difficulties, again, 
             we've had
MtvMattP   : a hard te getting them up.
MtvMattP   : But there should be some there now in the Tori 
             folder we've set up,
MtvMattP   : we'll get as many of them up for you as we 

MtvMattP   : After the sound check, Tori did a quick 

MtvMattP   : for someradio winners--about 20.

MtvMattP   : She performed "In The Springtime Of His 

MtvMattP   : The version was unbelievable!

MtvMattP   : One of the things that you'll find different 
             on this tour from past ones

MtvMattP   : is the addition of a guitarist.

MtvMattP   : Whose sound blends with Tori's very well.

MtvMattP   : And because of the way he's positionined on 
             the stage,

MtvMattP   : it doesn't take away from that living room 
             intimacy that you're used to seeing with Tori.

MtvMattP   : Let's take a question now from the audience.

Mtvanguard : Aiero asks:  What is Tori wearing onstage 
             tonight, Matt?

MtvMattP   : We're not exactly sure what she's going to 
             wear tonight because she hasn't taken the 
MtvMattP   : yet.

MtvMattP   : We're gonna try to get you some photos,

MtvMattP   : I'm sure she'll look stunning

MtvMattP   : She was dressed quite casually during sound 
             check, she's been wearing skirts now a lot on 

MtvMattP   : Okay, so we're gonna give you a chance to win 
             some Tori merchandise.

MtvMattP   : How about answering a trivia question? 

Mtvanguard : Question #1:
Mtvanguard : Who produced Tori's current record, "BOYS FOR 
Mtvanguard : Send your answer to screename: AskTori 
Mtvanguard : Prizes:
Mtvanguard : - First 15 people to answer correctly win a 
             copy of: "Boys For Pele" CD
Mtvanguard : - *The first of the 15 winners also receives: 
             One (1) Tori Amos import EP that includes
Mtvanguard : "Caught A Light Sneeze"
Mtvanguard : - *The second  of the 15 winners also 
             receives: One (1) Tori Amos limited edition EP
Mtvanguard : that includes "Pass The Mission."

MtvMattP   : Speaking about Tori's wardrobe again,

MtvMattP   : she definitely has her own style and she's 
MtvMattP   : getting most of her clothing in London.

MtvMattP   : How about another question?

Mtvanguard : MTMpt asks:
Question   : When will the Tori Unplugged be aired?-Mike

MtvMattP   : The Tori unplugged is taping this Thursday at 
             the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York

MtvMattP   : It will air in mid-June or thereabouts.

MtvMattP   : Because Tori is so spontaneous with her live 
MtvMattP   : she has not even settled on her set for the 
             Unplugged yet. 

MtvMattP   : But you can expect some surprises.

MtvMattP   : "Tallula," Tori's new video, is debuting on 
             120 Minutes this weekend.

MtvMattP   : The arena seats 2500 people and the show sold 
             out really quickly.

MtvMattP   : Let's do the next trivia question. 

Mtvanguard : Question #2:
Mtvanguard : Tori Amos entered the Peabody Conservatory in 
             Baltimore at age five.
Mtvanguard : Why did she leave when she was 11?
Mtvanguard : Send your answer to screename: AskTori 

Mtvanguard : Prizes:
Mtvanguard : - The first 15 people to answer correctly win 
             a copy of: "Boys For Pele" vinyl album
Mtvanguard : - The first of the 15 winners also receives: 
             One (1) U.K.-edition "Cornflake Girl" EP,
Mtvanguard : - The second of the 15 winners also receives: 
             One (1) U.S.-edition "Cornflake Girl" EP.

MtvMattP   : People are in the audience screaming, Tori's 
             taking the stage right at this moment.

MtvMattP   : The PA is playing "son Of A Preacher Man," by 
             Dusty Springfield.
MtvMattP   : Recently it was in the "Pulp Fiction" 

MtvMattP   : That's humorous, because she's the daughter of 
             a preacher, as everyone knows.

MtvMattP   : Tori walked out onstage in front of a set
MtvMattP   : configuration of white lights.
MtvMattP   : almost like a constellation up close.

MtvMattP   : She sat at the piano,
MtvMattP   : and is slowly working her way into "Horses,"
MtvMattP   : starting with an improvisation.

MtvMattP   : The plan was to have Tori on at 7pm for an 
MtvMattP   : Then I would come back later (without Tori)
MtvMattP   : to give a play by play of the beginning of her 
MtvMattP   : which is happening now.
MtvMattP   : Tori and I have been planning to do this ever
MtvMattP   : since she was a guest on 120 Minutes a few 
             months back.

MtvMattP   : For those of you who joined or tried to join 
             us earlier, our sincerest apologies.

MtvMattP   : to both aol users and Web users.
MtvMattP   : There was an amazing amount of technical 
MtvMattP   : that had nothing to do with us. 
MtvMattP   : Maybe it was the storm in the northeast, who 

MtvMattP   : AOL pretty much went down, which you probably
MtvMattP   : know if you tried to sign on.

MTViolator : StevenCoh asks:
Question   : Any chance of Trent Reznor joining Tori on a duet of 
             Past the Mission at the unplugged
Question   : taping?

MtvMattP   : Trent's busy recording his new record.
MtvMattP   : You never know, but it's highly unlikely.

MtvMattP   : There's this amazing psychedelic light show 
             going on on the stage.

MtvMattP   : Tori just jumped off her piano bench all 
             excited and is talking to the audience.

MtvMattP   : She just stopped in the middle of her song and 
             said, "I want to take you on the ride of your 

MtvMattP   : She's saying "Let me sing for you tonight."

MtvMattP   : I think she wants the audience to keep the 
             noise level down so she can concentrate on 
             singing for them

MtvMattP   : She's now doing "Losing My Religion."

MtvMattP   : She did a version of it with Micheal Stipe, I 
             think it was supposed to go on a soundtrack 
MtvMattP   : I don't think it every got on.

MtvMattP   : So for those of you who're dying to know,
MtvMattP   : Tori is wearing a white leotard with a kind of 
             tube top, light blue over it.
MtvMattP   : With what looks like black jeans.

MtvMattP   : She started "Crucify" and then stopped it.
MtvMattP   : Here comes a story...

MtvMattP   : She's talking about being with her parents 
             last Christmas

MtvMattP   : She's describing them singing "Away In A 
MtvMattP   : They wanted her to sing along, but she said 
             she just
MtvMattP   : couldn'hear that song in her head. 
MtvMattP   : She's singing for us "Mohammed My Friend," she
MtvMattP   : started with the lyrics to "Away In a Manger" 
MtvMattP   : that tune.

Mtvanguard : Question #3:
Mtvanguard : A single off of Tori's current record cites 
             the title of a Nine Inch Nails record.
Mtvanguard : What is the song and the lyric?
Mtvanguard : Send your answer to screename: AskTori 

Mtvanguard : - First 15 people to answer correctly will 
             win: special-edition Tori Amos picture book.
Mtvanguard : - The first of the 15 winners also receives:
Mtvanguard : One (1) 7" picture disc of "God."
Mtvanguard : - The second of the 15 winners also receives:
Mtvanguard : One (1) "Pass The Mission" EP including a live 
             version, an album version, and two other 

Mtvanguard : GJeffer10 asks:
Question   : Hey Matt what's up whats coming up for 120 minutes 
             this week? Any Premieres?
MtvMattP   : Yes, new Tori ("Tallula"), new Cure for "The 
MtvMattP   : New Rage Against The Machine, which kicks 
             serious butt.
MtvMattP   : And a series of more new videos.
MtvMattP   : Plus an interview with Marilyn Manson.

MTViolator : Zeus 72   : Hey big Matt,..Did anyone open for 
MtvMattP   : Yes, a guy named Willie Porter 
MtvMattP   : He's the same guy who opened for her in 

MtvMattP   : We don't know that much more about him.
Mtvanguard : 4/10Gainesville, Florida
Mtvanguard : 4/12Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Mtvanguard : 4/13Orlando, Florida
Mtvanguard : 4/14Atlanta, Georgia
Mtvanguard : 4/16Nashville, Tennessee
Mtvanguard : 4/17Memphis, Tennessee
Mtvanguard : 4/20Lexington, Kentucky

Mtvanguard : **For more of Tori's tour dates, check out the 
             MTV Online Concert Info area tomorrow.

MtvMattP   : She just switched to the harpsichord for 

MtvMattP   : Which is onstage with her now.

MtvMattP   : A guitarist just walked on, his name is Steve 
MtvMattP   : It's the first time she's ever used a 
             guitarist on tour.

MtvMattP   : There's a kind of psychedelic film being shown
MtvMattP   : on a triangular screen behind the stage. 
MtvMattP   : People are just loving her in such a big way, 
             she's got such passion.

MTViolator : Drewkt: Matt-which is your fave tori album?

MtvMattP   : I love all three for different reasons.
MtvMattP   : It may be "Little Earthquakes," just because 

MtvMattP   : was so new to me then and what I was going 
             through that year.
MtvMattP   : But all 3 records are special to me for 
             different reasons.

MtvMattP   : Of course I love her b-sides, too.
MtvMattP   : I was so blown away by that version of "Smells 
             LIke Teen Spirit."
MtvMattP   : If anybody can put a great twisted spin on a 
             cover, it's definitely Tori.
MtvMattP   : She's playing "Amsterdam," "Cornflake Girl" is 
             coming up next.

MtvMattP   : Also on the set list: "Space Dog," "Doughnut," 
MtvMattP   : "Leather" "Precious" "Red Baron"

MtvMattP   : You know the whole titles, that's setlist 

MTViolator : Mechel66 asks,
Question   : What's happening with Tori? Is she still playing and 
             what is the crowds reaction?

MtvMattP   : She's finishing "Amsterdam"

MtvMattP   : The crowd goes crazy inbetween songs, they 
             hang on her every word.

MtvMattP   : She's telling the audience she didn't mean to 
             be mean when she stopped in the beginngin of
MtvMattP   : "Crucify"--now she's playing "Cornflake 
             Girl"--she jus
MtvMattP   : just said that if she can't concentrate she 
             loses the vibe.

MtvMattP   : The stage lighting is really beautiful now,

MtvMattP   : it's all green and blue and purple and very 

MtvMattP   : Are we going to b able to do the last 

Mtvanguard : Question #4:
Mtvanguard : What is the name of the comic book character Tori 
             inspired Neil Gaiman to create?
Mtvanguard : Send your answer to screename: AskTori NOW!
Mtvanguard : - The first person to answer wins beautiful 
             8-1/2"x11" bound,
Mtvanguard : commemorative "Boys For Pele" picture book, 
             autographed by Tori Amos,
Mtvanguard : Plus the complete collection of Tori's 3 full-length 
             CD releases.
Mtvanguard : - The second person to answer wins a "Boys For Pele" 
             commemorative poster,
Mtvanguard : autographed by Tori Amos.

Mtvanguard : There will be a list of winners from tonight's 
             Tori contest in the Tori Amos area on MTV 

Mtvanguard : Please look to see if you are a winner shortly 
             after tonight's event

MtvMattP   : We're gonna wrap up now.
MtvMattP   : We'll give you the rest of the set list, 
             although you know Tori, she'll change it every 
             night 10
MtvMattP   : minutes before taking the stage.

MtvMattP   : Still coming up: "Dutchman" "Caught A Light 
             Sneeze," "Gun"
MtvMattP   : Then first encore plan, "Putting The Damage 
             On" and "Winter"

MtvMattP   : And second encore had "Voodoo" "Sugar," and 
             "Hey Jupiter" to close the evening, one of my 
MtvMattP   : songs.

MtvMattP   : The light show is really compelling, but never 
             as compelling as Tori herself.

MtvMattP   : If you download the photos, you should be able 
             to get
MtvMattP   : a photo of myself holding the actual set list. 

MtvMattP   : So you can take a look at it. 

MtvMattP   : Thanks for joining us. Once again,
MtvMattP   : Tori and I are sorry that we couldn't have a 
MtvMattP   : connection to finish the interview and more 
             importantly take your questions.

MtvMattP   : We had the best of intentions, and we'll try 
             and remedy this before the next time.
MtvMattP   : Once again it was out of our control, it was 
             an internet problem.

MtvMattP   : Keep checking MTV Online, hopefully we'll have 
             a rescheduled event.

MtvMattP   : We both agreed that we want to do it.

MtvMattP   : So for any of your friends of people you know 
             on the Web site, let them know that we're 
             planning to
MtvMattP   : reschedule. 

MtvMattP   : Tori recommended that we do it in Philly or 
             Washington DC, so expect it sooner rather
MtvMattP   : than later.

MtvMattP   : For everybody who joined us, thanks again
MtvMattP   : and thanks for supporting Tori.
MtvMattP   : Bye 

MtvMattP   : See you Sunday on 120, when we'll have Tori's 
             new video. 

Mtvanguard : Aside from the technical difficulties tonight, 
             we hope that you got an piece of the action 
             from Tori's
Mtvanguard : premiere show from Tampa, Florida.
Mtvanguard : To see if you won some great Tori stuff, look 
             in the Tori Amos online area for a complete 
             list of winn
Mtvanguard : For a transcript of this event, go to the MTV 
             Arena transcript library.
Mtvanguard : Thanks to Matt Pinfield for hosting tonight's 
Mtvanguard : B'bye! 

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