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Spanish Magazine "El Dominical"
January 16, 2000

    Esther Both (Orange Jasmine) sent me some fantastic scans of photos that appeared in a Spanish Magazine along with a Tori article. This article appeared in a typical supplement that comes with Spanish newspapers on Sundays. The name of the supplement is "El Dominical" and the name of the newspaper is different for each region where it's distributed. I have a translation of the article from Spanish to English sent by Toriphile Cheefooska Juan in Mexico City. The photos are from the same Cornwall photo shoot as the pictures published in Marie Claire Magazine in the U.K. in October 1999. The photos are different and very nice!

    See the photos and read the article.

Swedish Newspaper "Aftonbladet"
January ?, 2000

    Christina Stalby has translated from Swedish a Tori article and interview that appeared in the Swedish Newspaper "Aftonbladet" somtime during January 2000. (I am not sure of the exact issue date.) Read it in my Articles Archive. Tori talks about sexual violation and as always has some interesting things to say.

Rockrgrl Magazine
January/February 2000 (#31)
    Tori is on Rockrgrl Magazine's "50 Greatest Rockrgrls of All Time" list in the January/February 2000 issue (Issue #31). About Tori they say, "The quirky Tori Amos has merged classical stylings, religious imagery and esocentric lyrics to become an icon in her own right." Thanks to Anne Corrigan and Steve for telling us about this. Lisa reports that Tori was #26 on the list. (Madonna was #1 and Ani DiFranco was #2)

Keyboard Magazine
January 2000
    Andre Julliay tells me that the January 2000 issue of Keyboard Magazine includes a section called the "25 Giants of Keyboard Music" and Tori is the first artist mentioned with a small article and photo. (The photo was used in a previous 1998 article in the magazine.) You can read the article below. Tori is also briefly mentioned on page 66, in an article on Greg Rule.

    Tori Amos
    Not since Billy Joel and Elton John has there been such a celebrated piano-based artist in major radio rotation. Tori Amos defied tradition, going against the grain by writing unconventional, anti-pop pop songs and lacing them with cutting, no-holds-barred lyrics.

    Against all odds, Tori, who had previously been dropped from a major-label recording contract, became an international icon. "In America there's this radio thing of 'Where do they fit?'" she told us in 1992. "'Tori, we don't know where she fits.'" Tori made her music fit, and she made it stick. And how refreshing it was to see an artist whose heart was so deeply in her relationship with her chosen instrument. "I wrap my arms around the piano and embrace it," she said in the same interview. "I see the piano as a living being. I started to approach it as something that has its own consciousness. It thinks. It's not like master and servant. We collaborate together."

The War Against Silence
January 6/13, 2000
    The War Against Silence is a weekly music review column and an internet site that is fascinating to read through. The writer creates very detailed and personal reviews. The January 6, 2000 issue (#258) contained the Best Of 1999, and Tori's "to venus and back" is listed at #3 with a brief description. You can also see Tori listed several times in the January 13, 2000 (#259) issue. Tori's "from the choirgirl hotel" was named the best album of the nineties and what he says about Tori's music rings very true for me. "Her albums have changed what I expect from music, how I understand other people, how I understand how other people understand themselves, how I interpret my own environment and impulses, how I reason, how I breathe." He also lists his favorite albums for each year of the decade, and Tori is at or near the top in 1992, 94, 96, 98 and 99.

Entertainment Weekly
January 14, 2000
    The January 14, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening on the cover) has a section called "1999 Music Winners & Losers" which includes a small photo of Tori and a rather negative comment about her album sales (which I personally though were good for "to venus and back.") Read what they say below. Thanks to Lily Matini, Bill Magee, Karla Canales, Jason, Leanna, jazzallah, Ciccone4 and Chrissie. Lily Matini sent me a scan of the photo, which you can see to the right.

    On pg. 42, an article entitled Streaks and Geeks discusses where pop rock starts are situated right now. There is a beautiful black and white inset of Tori with the Dixie Chicks and Sting. The caption reads:

    'Fly Girls and Fall Guys' (1) The Dixie Chicks were chartbusters, with two albums in the year-end top 20; while once golden oldies (2) Tori Amos and (3) Sting were chart busters.

    On pg. 43, Tori Amos is mentioned in a Losers section:

    Losers Boomers What if they threw a supergroup reunion and nobody came? CSNY's return was DOA; ditto for Eurythmics'. Melissa Ethridge went back into the commercial closet, the sales fairies deserted Tori Amos, and adult-appeal acts like Sting, Tom Petty, and Counting Crows all found their former audiences more preoccupied with soccer mom-dom. Santana had the right idea: enlist younger, hotter stars and create your own de facto tribute album.

Dutch TV Magazine Veronica
January 1-7, 2000
    A Tori interview appeared in a Dutch TV magazine called Veronica. It was in the January 1-7, 2000 issue. Thanks to Nautical Nymph and Esther Both for translating the article from Dutch to English for us. Esther also scanned a photo that appeared with the article. You can read the interview and see the photo in the Articles Archive.

Ink Blot Magazine
Millennial Issue
    Over 20 people emailed me to report that an article on Tori is now available at the Ink Blot Magazine web site, as part of their millennial issue. It is part of their "Why We Love..." series of articles. Go to the Ink Blot web site to read it or my Article Archive. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about it.

Juice Magazine
January 2000
    The January 2000 issue of Juice Magazine in Australia includes an interview with Tori and a photo. Read the interview and see the photo in my Article Archive. Thanks to Garry Trinh for being the first person to send this to me and for making a scan of the photo!

Dutch Music Magazine 'Samsonic'
January/February 2000
    Toriphile Purple has translated into English a small article on Tori that appeared in the January/February 2000 issue of the Dutch music magazine 'Samsonic'. They asked several musicians about 'hope, faith & love'. You can read what Tori said about love below. Thanks to Purple for translating this for us! The article included a small picture of Tori and a big one of a baby lion licking his/her mother.

    "Love according to Tori Amos"

    Shivering in her woolen winter coat, although it is at least 26oC in her hotel room, Tori is drinking her cup of 'normal' tea. that is an exception because usually she only drinks herbal tea, what fits with the "not grounded" [i don't know the correct word, sorry] idea many people have about her. Some even claim that she permanent flies 10 km above the ground. Anyhow, she is a master in metaphors and subjects such as demons, fairies, angels and magic are her favorite. But the most she likes to philosophize about love, and she gets a very 'down to the earth' (read with closed eyes) picture of it. "I see a predator. Mmmmmh, it's a lioness. Yes a lioness who is loving and licking her little cub. The most feared predator, that the strength has to bite through everybody's throat, but at the same time so careful with her litter. That extremely strong mother instinct, for me that is pure love.

    Lionesses are amazing animals, the guys from the family. They do the hunting, make sure there is meat on the table. The men are only laying in the sun playing with their furry balls. I think it's not very different from the human world, but we leave that aside."

    According to Amos women can learn a lot from our animal friends.

    "We are supposed to be on top of the civilization..... well, if you take a walk in Toys'R'Us, you will know better.

    "Shaking her head she takes her coat of. "I got it suddenly very warm".

Allure Magazine
January 2000
    Michelle Stone and Sporty inform me that Tori can be seen in the January 2000 issue of Allure Magazine in the U.S. (With Winona Ryder on the cover.) It is a small blurb in a section called Kevyn's Notebook. (I am assuming this is makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin.) There is an interesting description of a backstage meeting between Kevyn, Winona Ryder and Tori, and it includes a photo of Tori and Winona hugging. I would like to thank Toriphile Omer who gave me permission to use this great photo on the Dent! Omer has it in his web page called Sweetest Cherry in An Apple Pie. Be sure to check his page out as well! Here is what Michelle says about the article. The photo is below that.

    It's on page 60, under Kevyn's Notebook.... There are four pictures, and the bottom one has Tori in it.... Winona is hugging her.. she is wearing the same outfit from the picture w/the singer of Monster Magnet. From what it says below the picture, Winona is also a fan. The article says:

    Backstage Pass

    Winona and I are both Tori Amos freaks. After we saw Tori perform last year, we went backstage to her dressing room (my boyfriend, Jeremy, and Winona's assistan, Sibi, were with us). Winona's really good at massage, so she showed us one of her techniques: You're supposed to massage a pressure point on your forearm every day to release stress, which she did for Tori. Afterward, the four of us drove around looking for a Burger King. Eveyrthing was closed, but we finally found a drive-thru and begged them to make meatless Whoppers for us.

US Magazine
January 2000
    Tori is in the January 2000 issue of US Magazine. Read the article and see the photos in my Articles Archive.

Spin Magazine
January 2000
    The January 2000 issue of Spin Magazine (with Trent Reznor on the cover) includes the Top 20 Singles of 1999, and Bliss is listed as #8. Thanks to Shaigirl, Erick Battaglia and Danica Knox for telling me. They describe the single by saying, "the sound of one grandioso piano, trying to shriek". Tori's album however did not make the Top 20 albums of the year.

Alternative Press (AP)
January 2000

    The January 2000 issue of Alternative Press magazine includes 2 letters to the editor that were in response to the Tori cover story printed in the October 1999 issue of the magazine. One is positive and one is negative. Read them below and thanks to Kim for posting these to the ToriNews mailing list, and to Jennie for sending me a scan of the color photo of Tori that AP printed next to these letters.


    Thank you for the highly entertaining chat with Tori Amos [AP#135]. She never fails to crack me up with her prattling descriptions about her music ("her girls") and her concept of "Toriland." Her new album is a thousand times better than most of the crap being released today. I mean, how can you not love somebody who would write a song from the perspective of the desert? It's nice to read about a generally happy artist who's not screaming about nookie or their status as trailer trash. I'm sure the fairies will agree with me when I say that Tori deserves all of the attention she's receiving. Keep up the good work covering quality artists. -Kathleen Morella El Cajon, CA

    I guess I didn't get the memo that the "A" in A.P now stands for Amos. No offense, but it seems like every time I pull an issue of A.P. out of my mailbox, Ms. Amos is looking at me with that same far-away, sullen expression (issues 120 & 135, for example) With so many innovative artists out there, I think it's excessive to showcase the same person two or three times in just over a year. Why not share the wealth a bit? And by the way, if she's so successful, y kant tori afford a brush? ............... Amy Durkee Ocala, FL

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