Veronica Magazine
January 1-7, 2000

Added January 14, 2000

A Tori interview appeared in a Dutch TV magazine called Veronica. It was in the January 1-7, 2000 issue. Thanks to Nautical Nymph and Esther Both for translating the article from Dutch to English for us. Esther also scanned a photo that appeared with the article. The photo and interview are below.

Back up interview

Tori Amos Point blank

Musician Tori Amos wants to be unique. She is a clergyman's daughter from North Carolina and started her carreer as a headbanging bimbo in a hardrockband. She seemed to have more talent for playing the piano. Tori gives her fans (ewf) a new glance at her soul on her new album 'to venus and back'.

(interview begins)

Q:Your music is very personal, almost like reading someones dairy. Don't you think it's scary to be so open?

T: I don't really give all my secrets, it's not scary. My music is just a part of my life. There are only a few people who really, really know me. The friendship with them is almost holy. To be there when the other needs you, that's what it is about.

Q:Are you better friends with girls or boys?

T: That's hard to say. In my work I mix with guys. I get along with guys very well. But that doesn't mean I can't get along with women. I mean there are some things (like miscairrige and menstruation) that you can talk about better with women. WOmen understand this without explaining it. That's something universal that connects us.

Q: so women are always kind and friendly amongst each other?

T: Oh no not at all. It seems like only men rule the place, but we women have, just like men, a dark side. When a man starts crying, he leaves as fast as he can. When a woman cries, she is acting like a poor little creature to keep her man with her. Just read the bible or greek tragedies and you'll see how woman manipulate their enviroment. Emotional blackmail. But we will admitt that, will we?

Q:Do you feel happy in a womens body?

T: Oh yes, absolutely. You know, I'm not really impressed by the whole girlpower-thing. I was into that when I was five! But then I didn't knew the womenwisdom I know now. It's so strange when I look at all those young girls who come to my shows. It's really impossible they really understand the things that I sing about. I mean, they look like women, but they are not yet women. Howmany life experience can you have when you're 14? I wonder sometimes that it's because of all the hormones in food, that they are so eh, developed at such an early age. On that age, that didn't happened to me.

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