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January 2000

Added December 12, 1999

Tori is in the January 2000 (#264) issue of US Magazine (Collector's Edition with JFK Jr. on the cover). She is in an article called 'Long Live Frock' where "music stars sound off on how they fashion their hit-making looks." There is a full picture of Tori in the article and a smaller one in the table of contents. Tori is wearing a black "techno-dress" by Miu Miu. Read the article and see the photos below. Thanks to Medusa6980, lamia, Ana Maria and Danielle Pearlberg for telling me about this. I particularly want to thank Karla, Amber and Matt for scanning the photos! The photos were taken by photographer Dah Len.

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From a fashion standpoint, who has inspired you the most?
Anne Boleyn, who was Queen Elizabeth I's mother. She was French and had her head cut off. She was a true individual, and yet there was a classicness to her look, nothing too desperate. She wasn't afraid to stir up the imagination, which is always good. I also liked Barbara Stanwyck's look early in her career. She was a great dresser because she was a more intelligent kind of turn-on.

What clothes are you most comfortable in?
I love being in a skirt and boots. It goes back to the librarian-principal look. I like the idea of carrying books around in a skirt.

How does your look onstage differ from your look at home?
I'm into knits when i'm home. To play onstage, I have to be put into a shield, some kind of contained thing. If i performed in a knit sweater, my playing would be sloppy. I always play in heels; it gives me more support.

What's the coolest outfit you've worn onstage?
The band bought me this full leopard suit with ears and a tail. I wore it one night onstage. My crew needed cheering up, so i went out in it for the encore. Nothing i wore that night was very flashy, so the paradox of it worked.

What's the dorkiest outfit you've ever worn onstage?
Dorky is very subjective. When I used to play piano bars - like the Marriot's airport-lobby bar in Los Angeles - there were dress requirements. I was not allowed to wear leather or plastic, which was difficult in the 80's. So to find dresses to play in for happy hour was a tall order. I would change in the back of my Capri - I drove my Capri because i couldn't afford a mustang - after work, so my friends couldn't see that I had worn this God-knows-what floral print.

by Ray Rogers

On the bottom of the picture of Tori you see the following text:

"Men are from Barns, women are from Venus: (Opposite page, from left) Robin Goodriged: Waxed-Cotton Shirt by Cynthia Rowley, $175: T-shirts by Helmut Lang, $85; Jeans, his own. Gavin Rossdale: All clothing, his own. Dave Parsons: Jacket, his own; Stainboy shirt by Marc Jacobs, $150; Coated-denim jeans by Helmut Lang, $215. Nigel pulsford: Jacket, his own; Duofold crew neck by Marc Jacobs, $875; Pants, his own. Bush's album "The Science of Things" (Trauma) was released in October. (This Page) Techno-Dress by Miu Miu, $750; Braided scarf by Atsuro Tayama, $308; Gloves by La Crazia, $200. Amos' Album "To Venus and Back" (Atlantic) was released in September."

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