November 1997 Vox Magazine Reviews "Tori Amos Live In New York"

Added October 19, 1997

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Tori is in the November 1997 - Issue #85 of Vox Magazine (UK). It's on p.117 with the title of 'Flame-haired songstress gets those emotions going'.

Tori Amos - Live In New York (Warner Music Video, 12.99)

Flame-haired songstress gets those emotions going

Of all the American femal singer-songwriters in the '90s, Tori amos is surely the most talented and original. Even if you consider people who suckle piglets on their album sleeves worthy of total ridicule, it's hard to deny the emotional impact a performance like this has on any half-sentient music lover.

This is a truly exhausting 100-minute performance recorded earlier this year at Madison Square Garden. Exhausting in the sense that Tori always puts you through the emotional mill with her own songs like "Silent All These Years", "Me And A Gun", and "Marianne". There's extra poignancy with this show being a benefit for Rape, Abuse And Incese Network, and the usual confessional atmosphere seems more intense than ever. But Tori is still an entertainer. She tells stories, dances like a loon, and looks like she's constantly trying to shag the piano stool. Excellent behaviour.

If you can stomach the appearance of the lead singer from Tool on a duet, you should be sufficiently intoxicated to laugh, cry, and hurl garlands at the TV, like most of the crowd seems to be doing here. And you might even understand why everyone needs to clutch a piglet to their breast once in a while.

**** (out of *****)

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