TV & Radio Appearances - September 1998

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Later on... Tori Amos @ Glastonbury '98 (U.K.)
September 23, 1998
    Toriphile Craig Astley informs me that on September 23, 1998, most if not all of Tori's set at the Glastonbury Festival from June 27, 1998 was aired on the 'UK ARENA' channel on a broadcast called "Later on... Tori Amos @ Glastonbury '98" It was part of their series of Later concerts presented and introduced by Jools Holland. (whose show Tori has frequented) They broadcast what apppeared to be the full show; it was an hour broadcast with time deducted for commercials. Here is Craig's description of the show:

    The set list was

    Precious things
    Cornflake Girl
    Raspberry Swirl (which went into PW-Got to be Big!)
    Tear In Your Hand
    The Waitress

    Unfortunately the boadcast cut short (due to an unknown reason. technical problem) during Waitress. Horses was due to be on as Jools mentioned it in the introduction as he has Tori's set list in front of him. Uniquely it was called Making mountains out of mud pies set. The channel have yet to repeat the broadcast but it likely will be as they repeated the Sheryl Crow and Neneh Cherry concerts numerous times. (N.B. a week earlier the channel broadcast "Tori Amos In Concert" but this was an edited version of the Live form NY gig)

German Radio Station "NDR2"
September 28, 1998
    On September 28, 1998, German radio station "NDR2" broadcast part of the June 11, 1998 Hamburg, Germany concert during the program "NDR2 Radiokonzert". The show was also available in Europe via the Astra-Satellite. Thomas Lauritsen from Denmark heard the concert and gives a report:

    I listened to the broadcast on German radio station NDR2 yesterday. The concert was recorded in Hamburg June 11th. The show was approx. 55 minutes. The set list was :

    Black-Dove (January)
    She's Your Cocaine
    Cornflake Girl
    Space Dog
    Thank You
    Raspberry Swirl

MTV Ultra Sound: The Tori Philes
September 27, 1998
    Tori appeared on MTV Ultra Sound in the U.S. on Sunday, September 27. The show had the title "The Tori Philes" and took a look at Tori's life through the comments of "those who know her best, the Tori Philes". They interview several Toriphiles, including some I know personally (Hi Gina, Lisa, Matt & William!) Tori was also interviewed, and she made many insightful comments thoughout the program. They basically covered her life from a small child to her most recent album, "from the choirgirl hotel." The details they gave were things most Toriphiles already know, but it was still a well done and interesting program. My only complaint as usual with MTV programs is the editing. All those quick cuts and one second glances of her onstage were frustrating...I wanted to see more! This episode of MTV Ultra Sound will re-air Sunday, October 4 at 9:00 AM.

    Read more about the program and see photos from the show.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
September 17, 1998

    On Thursday night, September 17, 1998, Tori appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She performed Jackie's Strength with her band and was the third guest, after Paul Reiser and Lucy Lawless. Tori sounded a little hoarse but the performance was excellent! In addition to singing, Tori got to talk for a few minutes with Jay, and she was really funny. She talked about how she used to live in L.A. and play weddings to help pay the rent. She even mentioned that there is a bootleg out there with her singing at a wedding, which caused some people in the crowd to applaud. She also said she tried for a part in Howard The Duck but did not get it. She also talked about actors who suddenly think they are musicians. She was really funny. Thanks to Toriphile Michael Piane, I have a closed captioned transcript of the interview. It does not match what Tori said exactly, but it gives you an idea of what happened. I also have reports from people who were at the taping.

    Read a transcript of what Tori said and see photos from the appearance.

KLLC-ALICE 97.3 Radio Interview
September 15, 1998
    On Tuesday afternoon, September 15, Tori was interviewed on radio station KLLC-ALICE 97.3 in San Francisco. Tori also played a few songs during her time on the air. Many thanks to bloogirl (kirstin) for first telling me about it!

    Read details/ reports about this interview on Alice.

NRK Portland, Oregon Radio Interview
September 12, 1998
    On Saturday, September 12, Tori appeared at radio station 94.7 KNRK in Portland, Oregon. Toriphile Heidi Moore reports that she played Cooling & Northern Lad while on the air, and was interviewed.

    Read More Details About The NRK Interview.

End Sessions on on KNDD 107.7
Taped on September 11, 1998
Aired on September 20, 1998
    Tori did a special performance and interview for radio station KNDD 107.7 "The End" in Seattle. It was part of a normal series of specials the station calls End Sessions. Tori did her "End Session" on September 11, 1998 before the Seattle concert. About 30 people won passes to the event and got to meet and hear Tori. The show later aired on 107.7 on Sunday night, September 20.

    Read More Details About Tori On End Sessions, including a complete transcript of the interview!

1998 MTV Video Music Awards
September 10, 1998
    Tori was a presenter on the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. She appeared on stage with Beck to present the award for Best Rap Video. You can see photos and read a transcript from the appearance. During the awards show, they also played a commercial for a new MTV show called Revue and one of the artists they briefly showed in the commercial was Tori. They describe the show as featuring a "musician, a microphone, and a revealing look into their life."

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