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E! News Weekend
May 23 & 24, 1998

Later With Jools Holland
May 22, 1998

    I have a full report on Tori's appearance on the TV show "Later with Jools Holland" in the U.K. on May 22, 1998. You can read a full transcript of what Tori said and see photos from the show.

    There is also a truly wonderful RealAudio interview at the Jools Holland web site. I don't think this interview had anything to do with the show itself. It last 5 minutes and Tori talks almost exclusively about the Internet. Tori talks very favorably about the net, which shows that she does understand the good side to the net as well as the bad. She even expresses the opinion that the net will one day make music critics obsolete! At one point Tori says in the interview, "One of the guys who runs one of the big sites has been really respectful, and if he's heard something he'll double check it before he just goes and puts something out." I can't help but wonder what web site she might be referring to. It would be cool if she were talking about the Dent. but I have no way of knowing that. IF YOU DO ANYTHING TODAY, LISTEN TO THIS GREAT INTERVIEW! Thank you Matt for finding this.

German radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) Interview
May 18, 1998
    On May 18, 1998, there was a Tori interview aired on German radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) on a show called Rock et Cetera. I have a report on the interview and some interesting quotes. sent to me by Timmy and a Purple Monkey.

    Read Details & Quotes From the Interview.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
May 11, 1998

Modern Rock Live
May 10, 1998

    On Sunday night, May 10, 1998, Tori was the featured guest on the U.S. syndicated radio program Modern Rock Live. Tori talked with the host and answered questions from callers. They also played several songs from her new album. I hope to have a complete transcript for this appearance one day. If anyone already has one, send it my way! Julia posted to the Torinews mailing list that it was a really good interview. She talked about her first concert experience (which was Elton John), whether she'd be working on anything with Maynard from Tool (she said she got him hooked on red wine and that they were gonna go out drinking together sometime soon), the Seinfeld season finale and loads of other stuff. They also played Spark, Playboy Mommy, Black-Dove (January), Northern Lad, She's Your Cocaine, a live version of Tear In Your Hand from the Apr. 30th Chicago show and Jackie's Strength.

    Here is one part of the transcript when Tori is talking about She's Your Cocaine Thsi was posted to the Precious-Things mailing list by BlueGirl88:

    "It's about umm me being really strappy and umm vile because somebody uh finds a woman that's a black hole that isn't a woman's woman interesting.....You know a lot of guys and alot of them are on my crew they're like my brothers and umm it blows me away sometimes the women they're attracted to....Let's be honest here....The women they're attracted to right me & Beenie (sp?) who's my bestfriend & Karen & ? we would NEVER like even if they were crawling we wouldn't give them the worm at the end of the tequilla bottle...FORGET IT! They could beg, crawl dog on your knees hopefully lick the sand they wouldn't get a chance. These women....Let me tell you something about these women...They have this little thing.....This little beard between their legs and they're snake....They're reptillian.....I don't want to hurt the poor snake life even.....You know it's a cut to the snake world....But these girls.....They're takers....And guys don't see it because they don't sit there......They do their killing.....Say we're eating dinner right and one of these girls is at the table and there's a big party of us......Some of these guys are going 'Isn't she the sweetest thing you've ever seen?" and you're going she just murdered the girl next to you, the girl you brought is like a walking corpse because of this other girl...Like over the head.......They don't even get these slime walking....

    Max the interviewer jumps in : But it's on both sides smart women foolish men, smart women foolish choices......

    Tori again: "No no no sorry Max I hate to burst your bubble but men are obvious. I don't know men that they can't canive the same way. Let me tell you what the difference is. These women try to get in and act like they're your friend. They act like they're your bestfriend. And so they find out all your secrets, they find out everything and then they go to your man or to your other friends and just completely ruin your relationships with them....I'm telling you they are Lucifer. Lucifer with boobs...."

CNN Showbiz Today
May 7, 1998

Breakfast With Tori On KROQ
May 7, 1998
    On Thursday morning, May 7th at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, Tori performed live from the parking lot of the Palace Theater in Los Angeles, CA as part of a KROQ LA "Breakfast with Tori" special broadcast. During the hour-long show, Tori talked with KROQ DJ's Kevin and Bean, as well as taking questions from the live audience. She also perfored 5 songs live. I have a report from the scene and a few screen shots sent to me by Toriphiles Alex Goldstein and Amanda Walters. If anyone has a complete transcript of the interview, please send it my way!

    Read More About Breakfast With Tori And See Photos.

MTV: "True Life: Who Is Jesse Camp?"
May 5, 1998
    On May 5, 1998 (and likely at other times as well), MTV broadcast a show called "True Life: Who Is Jesse Camp?" Jesse was the winner of a VJ contest MTV held earlier this year, and is the person who appeared with Tori and sang "Dream On" with her during MTV Live on April 24, 1998. This show did a profile on this VJ (Personal bias...he grates on my nerves big time!) Anyway, Tori was mentioned during the program. Toriphile Kim H. reports:

    They showed clips of various "Jesse moments" and one of them was with Tori Amos when they sang "Dream On" together. The regular VJ (Carson, who interviewed Tori on MTV Live on April 24th) said something like it was a moment HE could never have had with Tori. They showed the duet and he said it was totally impromptu or something. In the clip you can see the VJ trying to get their attention to no avail.

    Then it showed Jesse alone (they interspersed the cliips with him talking) and Jesse said, "I fell IN LOVE with Tori Amos. Our eyes connected, our souls connected, wowee wow wow wow man, that's the stuff that Papa likes!"

Radio Interview On The End (Seattle)
May 3, 1998

    Tori was interviewed via phone by The End, a radio station in Seattle, WA, on May 3, 1998. Tori was in Seattle that day to perform in concert during the Sneak Preview Plugged '98 tour.

    Trent Mathias reports:

    They just interviewed Tori on THE END, a radio station here in Seattle. She was suppose to be in the studio and play a song, but she called in and said that she got food poisoning and had to go to the hospital. Tori said she had returned from the hospital but didn't think it was a good idea to come into the studio. So they played a live track from Chicogo instead, TEAR IN MY HAND. Tori talked about her and Johnny (the tour manager) hearing a ghost the last time she played The Moore Theater, where she is playing tonight. She also talked about her beginnings, the new album and when asked about about her mariage, she said that they were keeping it private. They played a couple of songs off the new album and then they said that the phone call was cut short and she didn't call back.

The O-Zone (U.K.)
May 3, 1998

    Tori appeared on the U.K. TV show O-Zone on Sunday, May 3, 1998 on BBC 2. This was NOT be a repeat of the Great Expectations item O-Zone showed back on April 14, 1998.

    Toriphile Angela gave me information about Tori's appearance:

    I was lucky enough to catch Tori this morning on "The O-Zone", in which she spoke for about five minutes on such topics as:

  • Armand's remix of Professional Widow

  • Spark, and its relation to her miscarriage, "Where do you go when souls have left this planet? Where do they survive?" and when asked if she wasn't a pop star, what would she be, she responded: "I'd be driving for McClaren"

  • They also showed some clips from "Winter" and "Cornflake Girl" at the opening of her segment, and showed a little of "Spark" as well. The quotes included above were the only couple that I was able to write down for ya. (I'm not too sure about the spelling of the racing team, McClaren...sorry!)

    Toriphile Christi adds:

    It was very very nice to actually see Tori and hear her speak after two relatively silent years. She looked different - more pensive, more quiet and "to herself". But that is just speculation, I don't pretent to really know her very well. They showed the video from Spark, and let Tori talk about it, and about her new album. She stood outside, somewhere in London maybe, and talked about (of course) the miscarriage, and about how Spark is about wondering where the soul she was carrying went to after she left her. I have to say that I didn't hear her say anything I did not already know from the Dent. But still, it was nice to see her talk. And I liked the video. All in all I think the Tori-part of the O-zone didn't take longer that 5-10 minutes.

MTV News 1515
May 1 & 2 & 3, 1998
    As expected, Tori was featured on the MTV News 1515 show in the U.S. It first aired on Friday, May 1, 1998 at 7:30PM ET. The show was repeated twice on Saturday, May 2, and twice on Sunday, May 3. MTV News' John Norris sat down with Tori and four fans (Mellisa, Walker, Saroa, and James) in a hotel room and asked Tori a series of questions.

    See more stills from this appearance and read about it.

MTV Artist Cut
May 2 & 14, 1998
    Tori's "Spark" video was featured on the MTV Show Artist Cut on May 2, 1998 and May 14, 1998 (and likely other dates as well.) I saw this because it was shown just minutes before MTV 1515 came on May 2nd. This is a show where the artists talk about making the video while they're showing the video...Tori talked about the making of "Spark". This speech was not the same one we heard on MTV Live a week earlier, though it was similar in content. I now an almost-complete transcript of what Tori said about the "Spark" video on this program.

    Read The MTV Artist Cut transcript.

HBO Ole "Live From New York" Special
May 2, 1998

    HBO Ole is a cable channel in Central America. Giovanni reports on it:

    Finally I saw the HBO Ole "Live From New York" special. It wasn't the whole concert that they showed though, sadly.

    These songs were showed:

  • Cornflake Girl (with the dance included... hilarious! First time I ever saw her doing it!)
  • Winter (heartbreaking... I thought she was going to break down and cry... beautiful)
  • Caught A Lite Sneeze (Great... with the lines from NIN's "Hurt"... she's such a piano genious... and the part where she was hitting her body and the piano as she sang I thought was remarkable)
  • Talula (This one rocked!! Intense singing, indeed.)
  • Me And A Gun (Beautiful as always. The emotion was really THERE)
  • Marianne (AMAZING!!! This one really touched me... it sent shivers up my spine. What an incredible song!)
  • Silent All These Years (this one is always beautiful!)
  • Muhammad My Friend (with Maynard... I thought this duet was beyond amazing... this song is truly powerful and Maynard seemed to really like it... especially the "we both know it was a girl, back in bethlehem" part, I really, really enjoyed it. My "Tool" fan friends must have been really confused to see Maynard singing with Tori.)
  • Pretty Good Year (Tori was at her happiest.. beautiful song, it brought a smile to my face)

Top Of The Pops (U.K.)
May 1 & 2, 1998

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