Breakfast With Tori On KROQ
May 7, 1998

On Thursday morning, May 7th at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, Tori performed live from the parking lot of the Palace Theater in Los Angeles, CA as part of a KROQ LA "Breakfast with Tori" special broadcast. During the hour-long show, Tori talked with KROQ DJ's Kevin and Bean, as well as taking questions from the live audience. She also performed 5 songs live. The photo to the right is from this event and can be seen on Tori's Official site at, along with several more. You can also see 2 excellent photos from this performance in my Ears With Feet photo album from Toriphile Dor.

Nick Schutz and Lara sent me the set list:

Black Dove (January)
The Waitress
She's Your Cocaine
Cornflake Girl

Here are a couple more nice photos from this event that were taken by Toriphile Erin Dolll.

Here are a photo from this event taken by Toriphile Sandra Smeby.

Here are a photo from this event taken by Toriphile Matt H..

I hope to have a transcript of this appearance in the future. For now here is a report from Toriphile Nick Schutz and a few screen shots sent to me by Toriphiles Alex Goldstein and Amanda Walters. The screen shots are from a RealVideo webcast of this event, which explains why the quality is less than perfect!

Hey, I was there, at the parking lot of the Palace in hollywood and i saw tori. I just thought I'd give my review and tell you the setlist:

Black Dove (January)
The Waitress
She's Your Cocaine
Cornflake Girl

First of all this was the biggest possible blessing i could get, after NOT getting El Rey tickets. I was soooo happy when they announced this. I was NOT going to miss it. I got there at about 5:30 a.m., 2 and a half hours before she was scheduled to go on. There were a bunch of people there already. I sat down and tried to read my astronomy book (test on tuesday) but I couldn't. I don't mean to sound like a little kid or anything but I was just too excited at the fact that I was going to actually SEE Tori. Then, this girl's father near me was saying how he was talking to the security guard and he said that KROQ didn't get a permit to do this so I was freaking for about a minute.

Anyway, it got to be near THAT TIME (after a fun 2 hours, including at 6:58, when a group of people yelled out "6:58, are you sure where my spark is?") and the DJ's, Kevin and Bean (who are much older than they sound), came out and started broadcasting. In a couple of minutes, Tori was on!! She came out and sat down on a couch up on stage, with Kevin & Bean. Kevin & Bean went over the fact that Tori couldn't say any "bad" words, and that she has the biggest potty mouth of anybody they've ever had on, which was cool but it's completely wrong considering they once had Snoop Doggy Dogg on. But anyway, they talked for a couple of minutes and then took some questions from they audience which for the life of me I can't remember any of. Then she and the band went and played Black Dove with a passion that I haven't heard before (I've heard the album version, and the Ft. Laud. and Chicago versions). Then they went to a commercial break and messed around for a while. Then they took some more questions, including one about the video for Spark, which led into the playing of Spark, which I have to say, was the best song of the day. God, that is such a beautiful song. They did an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE version of it. Shit!! It brought tears to my eyes. Especially the bridge ("How many fates...). My God. I think that is my favorite Tori song now (at least the live version).

Sometime or another (I don't remember exactly when), Tori said "fuck" accidentally. And Kevin & Bean we're getting on her about that for the rest of the show. After Spark, they went to another commercial break and DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK, they played Waitress. That was so cool. So no offense but everybody who taped it off the radio has an incomplete version. Then they came back and took some more questions and played She's Your Cocaine, which seriously ROCKS by the way. Matt Chamberlain is an incredible drummer. I didn't give him any credit before this because all I ever heard of him was just session work on the Fiona Apple and Wallflowers albums, but he is DAMN good. I even told their art director (or something) after the show to tell him that he "kicks ass." After that, they played Cornflake Girl which was also really good. I really don't mean to sound monotonous. If anything sucked, I would say so, but everything was INCREDIBLE. I am NOT going to miss her at the Greek in September, which by the way, they made the "official" announcement for at the show. Tickets for that show (September 22) and for the September 18 show at the Arrowhead Pond go on sale on FRIDAY, MAY 15, at 3:00 p.m., NOT on May 16 at 10 a.m. like we had previously thought.

Well, after it was over, I saw this guy that I saw had been videotaping the show and asked him if he would make me a copy if I sent him a tape. He said yes, so GREAT!! Anyway, I had to do a combo of walking and taking the bus home and all the time that I was walking (about 2 miles or so) I was singing Tori songs. Like Spark and Cornflake Girl, and I swear that my voice is better than it has ever been. Maybe it came from just seeing Tori there, performing, and watching her sing. My god. She is just the most incredible singer. I am NOT going to miss the Greek show for ANYTHING.

Photo of the crowd and stage from Toriphile Kim H. If you look closely you can see Tori on the stage!

Another account of the show from Toriphile Lotus:

I was at the show earlier today and I have to agree is was unbelievable! I was in awe. Matt is an incredible drummer in between songs he was over on the right hand side of the stage talking to a guy and a girl, so Janell and myself went over there to tell him how incredible he is. If a band is going to sound tight it starts with a great drummer. Not saying Tori is bad, far from it. But if her drummer sucked she would not sound nearly as good as she does. Ok enough ranting about Matt. I took 24 black and white photos. some of them should be pretty good. If you want me to send a couple of the better ones to you let me know.

Oh I guess I should tell you this short little story about our trip down to the palace. I live in San Luis Obispo, and I worked all day at my daytime job ( ), DJed at a club till 2am. After getting off work I heard about the Tori show. I said lets go! we went to Taco Bell ate, went to my house to confirm the show was for real (internet) and then drove down to the show. Had an unbelievable time. Went to Jack and the Box. Kevin and Bean were in line behind us. We thanked them for the whole Tori free show and then we drove back to San Luis Obispo. I showered and went back to work at Liquid Music. And now I'm at home and I'm not tired. I'm still on an emotional high from seeing Tori!!!!!!!!!

A third account from Jessica & Michael:

Hi. My cousin, friend, brother, his friend and I all left Riverside at 12:30 am. We got to Hollywood at about 1:30 and staked our spots. The roadies for KROQ and yes for Tori were on this big ego trip and would not let us on one side of the semi that had the equipment or behind it or around it however they saw fit. Finaaly at around 4:30, they let get in front of the stage. I was lucky enough to get front and center in the mad rush of people heading for the stage. We all sat there and waited. Watched the sunrise and discussed how the people across the street at capitol records were banging there heads for not being the ones to sign her. Around 8:00, they started calling in to KROQ from the Palace. Finally around 8:30, my cousin who has been blessed with height caught a glimpse of her behind the stage. Kevin and Bean came out and then TORI! Its hard to go through step by step because after being up for 27 hours straight and the adrenaline rush of having her only 3 feet away has smashed my memory into gelatin. There were news casters there, KTLA had Gayle Anderson who took it upon herself to squat in front of Tori and interrupt the whole show, pissing off not only the fans but KROQ as well. As the other review stated the set list, she started out with Black Dove...if I wasn't crying before that, I was crying then. Very emotional with a definite edge. She was taking questions from the audience and took a question from me! I asked her what model and make was the keyboard and what capabilities she looked for in hiring/auditioning the band members. Her response was that they had to be really good. She also said that when she was living in Hollywood, her dream was to play with other players and that if she wasn't here now, they would be back at Catons place tonight playing because this is what they loved to do. She answered that the keyboard was a Kurzweil during the commercial break. SOme of the other question asked for a comparison between 'Black Dove' and 'Black Swan' and questioned the part her obsession with food played in her writing. She was also asked why she didn't thank the faeries on this album. She replied that she had, you just have to look for it. She was also told by a fan that Mark Hawley was the luckiest man alive, to which she replied she was pretty lucky too.

Her shoes: criss cross black platforms with a clear plastic buckle. There was soooo much more, but it is simply indescribable.

A 4th account from FlynDchmn:

So it was me, Dor, Aaron, Kati, Matt, Paul and Jeff at 2 in the morning. We decided to go find the Palace and then go eat at a Denny's somewhere near and fill our stomach's and figure something out. So we get to the Palace, and they are letting people camp out, we saw some people already there, and they said we could park right next to the Palace on the other side. So we found a Denny's on Sunset Blvd, and it turns out to be the same Denny's we went to before we bought tickets at the Greek! They even seated us in the same booth! I took off my shoes, and ordered fries and coffee (oh this reminds me, at the show, Tori talked about being sick in the hospital and eating nothing but baked potatoes). They gave us 2 whole carafe's of water and refill's for coke. Dor ate and went to go sleep in the car, while we stayed in Denny's and were forced to listen to the music of Denny's at 2 in the morn'. At around 3 we got our check and made our way to the Palace, which was reminescent for me, because about a year ago, i met Blur in the same parking lot. SO, there were maybe 30 others, and it was pretty cold, maybe 50 degrees. It was hard to tell because they were all camped out in blankets and sleeping bags near the side from where they were setting up the stage. They let a few people get near the stage, and then they had everyone backup so they could let a truck by, and as soon as the truck was clear everyone made a mad dash for the stage. I went to the far end of the other side of the stage, where there was not nearly as many people as there were on the other side (the side closest to where people were camping out) and the front. I was next to 2 girls, and then next to them i saw was christ, nick, erin, melissa, and jeff! Everyone made new camp, and i tried to stay awake for it all, but around 4 i just said screw it, and cuddled up and went to sleep, where i was somewhat conscience of what was going on, i heard people talking, pictures being taken, and then i woke up about an hour later and really had to go to the bathroom, but i knew there was NO bathroom nearby, so i just walked up the street till i found a bush near this motel, where i could hear them start to soundchecking all the way down the street! I made my way back to the parking lot, where i noticed more people were showing up with time. At around 6:30 people started standing up, and at 7 pretty much every one was up. Security said it was going to start at 8am. One of the girls next to me went to McDonalds and they let me have a sip of their coffee which woke me right up. The "new guy" DJ was looking for good questions in the audience, and there was a sofa and chair set up right on the stage in front of us. It looked like they were having problems with the sound between the microphones and headsets right up till the last minute. And before 8, Kevin and Bean came out, and shortly after Tori did too to a cheery crowd, and about 4000 i would say showed up. The stage rose about 6 feet off of the ground, and the barricade was about 4 feet from the stage, the whole band was set up, and there a lot of photographers and video crews around in the front. Tori promised K&B that she wouldnt say one cuss word (which she did manage to say a *fuck*, but she did it un-intentionally i think, and Bean said Kevin owed him $5). She sat on the couch a bit for the beginning and then for the Q&A she sat on the piano bench and answered the Q's. Also during the commercial breaks she would come to the very front and say hi to everyone and talk. During one break she mentioned the lip gloss that*one girl* had given her, and me, erin, ram, and nick cheered and we screamed out "Valerie!" and she went "oh, valerie! thats right", and she said that K&B should use some of it. It was a whole teasing back and forth between her and K&B, it was funny. During another break, the sound went out on K&B's headset/microphone's and then they came back to being live and it still wasnt working and there was dead air for a bit, and Tori noticed this and her mic's were working fine and said "whats the matter Bean? can't say say what you're thinking?" and Bean rushed over to her microphone and said something, hehe. Then another break, she wanted to play She's Your Cocaine for the audience, but KROQ wanted that one on the radio, and she said "well cant you record it and play it again?" and they said no, and she sarcastically said "come on, you're only the #1 station in LA, dont you have the mechanics for that? well, these people (the audience) wanna rock, so theyre gonna get Waitress", and she looked at the band, and they started, she was determined to play something at that very second. She talked some more, answered some more Q's...christ had the best question that "the new guy dj" just glossed over in favor of "will YKTR ever be -re-released?" and other friviolous Q's that had already been asked before...her question was something like how she was going to play the Pele songs if there's no harpsichord and IF she was going to play more Pele. Well it was pretty much like a show in that Tori took her leave after the last song. K&B also announced the 2 LA shows in Sept. After the show i ran into some people i had seen yesterday and said hi...and then i ran into Adam and Erica and asked if they would be able to drive me back to San Diego, which they did, and i said bye to all my LA friends, and fell asleep on the way home, which i didnt want to, but the sleep deprivation kicked in not too long after we left Hollywood. I asked Adam to drop me off at Tower so i could stretch my legs out a bit, and i would take the bus home, since i used to work in that area i knew the routes. So at Tower there was NO Tori promo's up whatsoever, it was just in the new section, and in the regular A-Z section, no posters, flats, NOTHING. But i saw the new Garbage single so i got that, and then took the bus to this one mall where i had to get a connecting route, but it wouldnt leave for another hour, so i went to the Burger King in the mall, and i was going to go to the Warner Bros store when somethig told me to go to the Wherehouse, so i did, and as soon as i walk in i see this lady behind the counter who sold me my tickets to the Boulder shows! and i had seen her again one other time between then and now, and she remembered me, and she said "so seen tori recently?" and i said "well actually.....", she must think i'm a stalker, but i saw they had the promo poster up and 2 flats! and i asked if they had any extras but they didnt, but they let me put my name on the back and they said they would call me so i could get them when they were done with them. yay! So i made my connecting route, and got home around 3 in the afternoon, and i went straight to bed and told my mom i did NOT want to be woken fifteen hours later i woke up around 9 in the morning,, and everything that happened in the past 2 days seemed like it happened a few hours ago.

A 45th account from Valeri:

This is just a personal note about the KROQ show. Tori was as amazing and as charming and as funny as she always has been. And I commend her for dragging herself outta bed to do something this sweet for those of us who didn't get to see the show the night before. She was energized and did the most incredible rendition of "Spark" I've heard yet. And, as expected, the true Tori fans were considerate and much fun to talk to. But... a few things really pissed me off. First, and foremost, this guy showed up to the drunk off his ass and proceeded to insult, not just the people standing around him, but Tori herself by repeatedly yelling out disrespectful shit during the interview. He reeked of alcohol and harassed a girl standing in front. Security refused to make him leave until about halfway through he nearly passed taking about four people down with him. I also noticed a few people were stoned. This has to be the height of disrespect. Second, I had been in the parking lot since four- thirty in the morning. People who showed up at about seven fifty-eight pushed and shoved their way to the front of the stage. This also irritated me. Those of us who had been there since before dawn were getting pushed to the back by people who had just shown up. There were a few girls standing around me who were nice enough to let me get in front cuz I couldn't see (I was too short to see over this big scary guy who was standing in front of me). Anyway... aside from the minor incidents, the show was awesome.

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