TV & Radio Appearances - January 1996

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CNN Showbiz Today
January 30, 1996
    A story on Tori and Boys For Pele appeared on CNN's Showbiz Today program in the U.S.

NBC Today Show
January 29, 1996

    Tori was featured in a one minute quick segment of the Today Show January 29th. She is shown performing a little bit of Caught A Lite Sneeze in a church (these were scenes from an Atlantic promotional video for Boys For Pele) and there were a few interview snippets.

    See a few photos from the Today Show.

CFNY Toronto Radio Interview
January 29, 1996

    You can read this interview at the Fairy Tales web site. After you get there, scroll down and find CFNY in the list of articles.

MuchMusic (Canada)
January 29, 1996
    A nice Tori interview was shown on TV channel MuchMusic in Canada in early 1996. I am guessing that it aired on January 29, 1996, however there are also reports that it may have aired on February 17, 1996. (Perhaps they showed it both days.) They basically discussed Boys For Pele and what the album was about.

    See photos from this interview on MuchMusic.

Caught A Lite Sneeze Video
January 1996

MTV 120 Minutes
January 28, 1996

Good Morning America
January 26, 1996
    Tori briefly appeared on this morning TV show, but I have no details.

MTV Europe - News Report #1
January 22, 1996

    A short interview with Tori was shown on MTV Europe news on January 22, 1996. Lucy Bennett sent me the transcript, which you can see below:

    Caught A Lite Sneeze Video Clip

    Shot of Tori lying on a bed, leaning on her arm

    Tori- This album is much less censored say than Under The Pink cause of things I couldn't look at or deal with then, because of where my life was and my personal life. However, everything really changed before I made this record um, because I kind of put myself in the drivers seat. And really, this record was about me claiming my womanhood, finding my worth as a woman and not as a woman through the eyes of the men I was with.

    Voice Over- Tori Amos has a reputation for revealing a lot about herself and her life through her songs.

    Tori- I usually write just so that I can express myself as I seem to get to the core when I have, when I'm with my instruments, the piano and now the harpsichord which has become very much a part of my life now. I go to the instruments and I begin to understand what I'm really feeling about, it's like 'No, I really do want to kill her actually, yes I do, yes I do actually'.

    Cornflake Girl Video Clip

    Voice Over- The daughter of a preacher, early religious experiences have had a lasting affect on her work.

    Tori- You know how some people get baptised or christened with a little water on their head? Well my head was held down under the tank for 21 years. So when your head is under water for 21 years eventually you start to see the little crabs crawling at the bottom and you start to differentiate what's happening under that water...or you go numb. I did that for a while but after that I started to really see what was going on. So of course it's core, it's core of my work.

    Past The Mission Video Clip

    Voice Over- In February Tori kicks off her world tour with dates in the UK.

    Tori- To me, going on tour is really about having a relationship with strangers every night. And you say things to strangers a lot of times you don't say to people you know. I mean, there's a real intimacy that I love about that. I'm a road dog. Oh yeah, I'm totally a road dog.

MTV Europe - News Report #2
January 1996

    This interview with Tori was shown on MTV Europe news sometime during January 1996. Lucy Bennett sent me a transcript, and says this interview appears to have be taken from the earlier MTV Europe News interview (see above) and features different musicians talking about their hair. Tori has two comments:

    'When I was a rock chick I'd wake up every morning and you know, acquanette the white can, my hair, it was the idea of getting the pump, how high could I get the pump'.

    'But when you run into a redhead, whether the grill doesn't match or whatever, it's like nanu nanu (does the fingers sign) bleep bleep. We understand each other.'

MTV 120 Minutes
January 21, 1996

Saturday Night Live
January 20, 1996

    On January 20th, NBC aired Tori's appearance on Saturday Night Live. They aired it again May 25th and a third time on November 30, 1996. She performed Caught A Lite Sneeze and Hey Jupiter. There was much debate after the original showing on whether the choir and musicians during CALS were really singing/playing or not. The verdict...Most people say the choir was NOT really singing, the musicians MAY have been really playing, and Tori WAS really playing. At the end of the show when everyone was walking around the stage, Tori did look out of place and ignored, though that may be a false impression.

    See photos from Tori Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Top Of The Pops (U.K.)
January 11, 1996

    Tori performed Caught A Lite Sneeze on the U.K. TV show Top Of The Pops.

Dutch TV shows "Spijkertijd" and "Veronica in concert"
January 26, 1996 for "Spijkertijd"
Sometime in Jan 1996 for "Veronica in concert"

    Tori fan Dennis Snelders sent me the following information and quotes from 2 Tori appearances on Dutch television early in 1996!

    1. She performed "Caught a Lite Sneeze" A Capella on a programme called Spijkertijd. Why she did it a capella? Because they couldn't get the piano through the door! Toriphile Lucy Bennett (who gave me the exact date) adds that Tori did perform a shortened version of 'Caught A Lite Sneeze' acapella, but the most interesting thing was that she used the back of a chair for percussion !! (Like she did with the top of the piano during the DDI tour). The chair was just positioned in the middle of the studio and Tori banged her hands around the back of it as she sang!

    2. There was a dutch interview with Tori on a show called "Veronica in concert". The programme consisted of an interview of one hour and the following clips: Cornflake Girl, Silent All These Years, Crucify, Winter, Past The Mission, China, Pretty Good Year and Caught A Lite Sneeze.

    Read quotes from the Veronica interview with Tori.

This Morning with Richard and Judy (U.K.)
January 3, 1996

    Tori was interviewed on this program and they also showed the Cornflake Girl video. Tori also played Caught A Lite Sneeze with the harpsichord and piano. The interview is below and was sent to me by Lucy Bennett:

    Richard- Well that was a huge hit for you here wasn't it, Cornflake Girl, and you sang that for us, how many years ago?

    Tori- That was two years ago, it came out two years ago this week.

    Richard- Anyway, your new album comes out in three weeks but your new single came out yesterday and you're going to do that live for us in a couple of seconds. Well, how are you?

    Tori- Good, no I'm, this record was a bit blood and guts, you know this one is.

    Judy- Is it, the new album, when is that out?

    Tori- Two weeks, the 23rd.

    Judy- And this song is on it and the new album, we read, was forged from this 7 year relationship you had with someone that has gone horribly wrong.

    Tori- It's funny, it's like you know your soulmate, you believe in. And I still think that we are soulmates, but I believe there is more than one soulmate sometimes. And you just grow apart. And as much love as I still have and honour him, besides dragging each others balls across America, you know, there is a level where....

    Judy- (laughing) Would you like to phone our phone in?

    Richard- Go On..

    Tori- The thing is, you just kinda go, where's my passion for myself, where' s my..... I hid behind him, he hid behind me and um this record is about me finding my own passion.

    Richard- Do you think all really hot rock songs come from a kind of.. not destroyed passion, but pain. Even if it's pain that leads to happiness.

    Tori- But the thing is, when somebody asks me like are you happy, I'm getting to a place of freedom where you can be in sad, you can be in joy and hot and in cold, fully, so that you experience it and to me that makes you alive.

    Richard- Well, I have to say that's one of the best answers to a how are you question we've ever had.

    Judy- Well Tori this is very frustrating as I could sit and talk to you for ten minutes, but you're going to go

    Tori- I'm gonna do my thing

    Richard- We want to hear the whole number.

    Tori- Do you feed me, feed the piano player

    Richard- Yes, by hand, grapes and all the rest. Lovely to see you.

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