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July 8, 2001

Updated July 8, 2001

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Toriphile David Mcinnes was the first to inform me that the July 8, 2001 edition of the Australian newspaper The Sunday Telegraph included a small article about Strange Little Girls where they published 3 new photos of Tori portraying more "characters" from her album "Strange Little Girls". The photos are really amazing!

Thanks to Mike Champ who scanned all the photos from this article for us. You can see the photos below. They are in black and white, but the colors in the CD booklet should be in color.

Sunday Telegraph Photos #1Sunday Telegraph Photos #2Sunday Telegraph Photos #3
From left to right: Tori as the Seductress, In Cabaret, and the Thinker. Click on any photo to see larger!

Here is David's report on the photos and article:

All pictures are accompanied with a caption of "Tori Amos: The ... ...". On the pictures themselves, is what I believe to be official font for the new album, unlike Tori's fondness lately for lower case, these words seem remarkably like the Under The Pink Font: "ToriAmos StrangeLittleGirls". Tori Amos and Strange Little Girls has no spaces between them - they are like one word. Even though the pics are in black and white, the text seems to be very white.

Here are the photo descriptions:

"Tori Amos: The Seductress"

Tori has wavy (red?) hair, hanging over one of her shoulders, on the other side, she is wearing a very long thin earring, her top is very cleavage revealing, and strappy, with little gold beads woven throughout. Tori seems very docile, sensual.

"Tori Amos: The Thinker"

Tori has on what seems to be an oriental inspired pink / white button up kimono top. She is wearing a straight blonde wig, her hair is parted to one side of her head, and her fringe area has been crimped, and hangs in whisps around her face.

"Tori Amos: In Cabaret"

Tori looks VERY different!! Short red wig - very hepcat, with sharp bangs, hidden mostly underneath a black beret. Her top is black, with a feather boa - type collar, and she is partially lifting one arm into the frame.

These photos appeared in the EXPRESS: MUSIC section, accompanied by a small article (nothing new) which featured second in the articles line up. The three photos look very good together, very prominent on the page, all with a very unique feel. I am very excited at seeing the accompanying font!

Here is the article:

"Ms Understanding"

NEW mummy Tori Amos is returning to her musical career with a typically different concept titled Strange Little Girls.

Tori reinterprets an eclectic mix of distinctly male songs from the perspctive of different female characters.

Released in September, the album includes Neil Young's Heart Of Gold, Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence, The Beatles' Happiness Is A Warm Gun and even tracks from Slayer and Eminem.

"I've always found it fascinating how men say things and women hear them" she said.

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