Strange Little Girl
U.S./Canada Single

Updated January 3, 2002

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The first "Strange Little Girls" single in the U.S. and Canada was supposed to be Strange Little Girl. The single was to contain two new b-sides that are also covers:

  • Strange Little Girl
  • "After All" by David Bowie
  • Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper

However, at this point I am almost positive that we will never see this single officially released in the U.S. or Canada. There have been several possible release dates that came and went with no sign of the single. The latest release date I had was November 27, 2001. I worry that since Tori is leaving Atlantic Records, there is no longer any drive to release this single. Many people in the U.S. have found this single. However, what they have found are "leaked" copies of this single being sold as imports from Europe. Here is one example of somene in the states who has found the single. This comes from Toriphile Leigh:

    i'm a toriphile who found the SLG single yesterday *12/20/2001* in a sam goody store in cherry hill, nj. i was looking for random tori singles, as i always do, and lo and behold i found the slg single! it's got the regular cover (satin worship shirt) and there's an import sticker that's written in italian. it was $12.99 at the cherry hill mall sam goody and i picked up one of two that were left. so if there are any south jersey/philly toriphiles out there, pick this up! it's really worth it! also, one "strange little" thing about this single...mine came with two inserts! i opened it and found two covers inside.

This import is not in any way a bootleg or fake. It is a real, official single that leaked out due to the fact that the official release of the single was stopped at the last minute in Europe. Find out all about the situation with the European "Strange Little Girl" single here. is allowing people to order this single as an import. They currently have two listings for the Strange Little Girl single:

CDNOW Strange Little Girl import single Listing #1

CDNOW Strange Little Girl import single Listing #2

They are both $10.99 and are obviously the same thing! You can read more about this Strange Little Girl Import single here.. There is no longer any entry for a domestic U.S. release for a Strange Little Girl single on the CDNOW web site or anywhere else for that matter.

Adding to my conviction that there will not be a domestic SLG single in North America, Ron Volpe reports that there is no information about an upcoming Tori US single anywhere on the WEA (Warner Bros./Elektra/Atlantic) business-to-business website. He sent me this email on November 6, 2001:

    I hate to report bad news, but there is no information about an upcoming Tori US single anywhere on the WEA (Warner Bros./Elektra/Atlantic) business-to-business website. I work for the ad department of a music retailer, and when I saw the news of the possible US single I thought I'd check it out on her distributor's b-2-b website. The site is pretty accurate as far as release schedules (because retailers use it when placing orders for their stores), and there's nothing on the schedule for the foreseeable future. Sometimes they'll throw something out at the last minute, but it generally will be no less than 3 weeks ahead of time because retailers need at least that amount of time to prepare, and the manufacturer needs that amount of time to know how many orders they need to press.

Prince@dam talked to people from Atlantic Records and they confirmed there are no plans to release any single from Tori in 2002...

Many people in the U.S. have found a Strange Little Single single in the stores, but it is a European import. (It says "Made In Germany" but is not the official German release of the single.) You can read about this import on my page for the European Strange Little Girl single.

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