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Updated October 17, 2001

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This page details how Tori's 2001 album "Strange Little Girl" is doing or had done on various music charts around the world. I need your help to keep this page accurate or up-to-date, so please email me if you have a chart position to report! Give the name of the chart, the country, and the date of the chart position, as well as the position on the chart. Thanks!

I also plan to document how the singles for this album do on the charts as well if they are released!

Pierre Fageolle points out that you can find a link to most of the world's music charts at this web page!

Chart Positions For The Album Strange Little Girls

U.S. Billboard Album Charts

Update: In its second week on the Billboard 200 album chart (October 13, 2001), "Strange Little Girls" fell to #27. This is normal behavior for Tori albums due to the fact that most of her fan base buys the album the first week it is available.

Tori debuted in the U.S. at #4!

The album "Strange Little Girls" debuted at #4 on Billboard's album chart "The Billboard 200" in the October 6, 2001 issue of Billboard magazine. Tori had first week sales of approximately 110,727 units in the U.S. For the week, Tori had the highest debuting album! Thanks to Peter Fester and Paulomoniz for letting me know. The only Tori album that debuted higher on the Billboard album chart was Boys For Pele in 1996, which debuted at #2.

You can read about Tori's debut at and's Allstar Daily News.

Scott reports that the September 19, 2001 issue of HITS magazine had this to say about Tori's first week album sales:


    Retail Picture Tells a Tori, With Live, Gerald Levert, Macy Gray, Martina McBride and Diana Krall in the Mix

    Tori Amos' new Atlantic release, Strange Little Girls, a collection of covers that puts a female spin on songs by Nirvana [sic], Velvet Underground, 10cc, Depeche Mode and Neil Young, will be next week's biggest album debut, based on first-day reports from retailers around the country. The record should crack next week's Top 10 with a figure hovering around 100k (100,000). Jay-Z's latest Roc-A-Fella/IDJ album, Blueprint, which debuted this week at #1 with more than 450k in first-week sales, will remain in the top spot.

Track the U.S. sales of "Strange Little Girls" at the Hits Daily Double web site!

Rob and Vidar Bergum made me aware of this web site, where you can monitor the sales of albums. These sales figures are reportedly not official, but are very very close to what the official sales figures will be. When I last checked on September 24, 2001, and with 77.62% of the week's sales in, Tori's album was #4! This means Tori could debut in the top five when the official Billboard chart is released soon!

Click here to see the album chart at You may have to register at the site for free first. If you get lost after registering, come back here and click this link a second time.

CDNOW's 100 Hot CDs

Tori's album was a really impressive #3 on CDNOW's Top 100 that was compiled on September 24, 2001. Thank you Justin Saegusa!'s 100 Hot CDs

Tori's "Strange Little Girls" album is doing well on's 100 Hot CDs. The list is constanly changing, but I have seen Tori recent around the #11 spot. Thanks to Smoketiger for making me aware of this.'s Top 30

Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girls" is #2 on's Top 30 music charts, after the album "The Look Of Love" by Diana Krall. The chart is dated September 24, 2001.

U.K. Album Charts

I have several repors that say that SLG debuted on the U.K. album chart at #16. In the second week however, it fell to #57.

Australia Album Chart (Australian Record Industry Association - ARIA)

Tori's album debuted at #7 on this chart! Go to to monitor how it is doing on that chart. Thanks to the many Aussie Toriphiles who alerted me to this, including Marissa Edwards, Daniel Nolan and Benjamin Law who were first.

Austria Album Chart

Michael Heinrich reports:

Canada Album Charts

Paulomoniz reports that "Strange Little Girls" debuted at #8 on the Canadian album chart!

Croatia Album Chart

Igor (Natal) reports:

    I just figured I might tell you how well Tori is doing in Croatia (eastern Europe)

    Anyway, there is this radio station, Otvoreni Radio (Open Radio) and I can easily say it's the coolest radio station around here, and just last week SLG was the album of the week and they played I Don't Like Mondays a few times

    And on the radio charts she was something betwen 5 and 15.

Finland Album Chart

Inger reports:

    Just wanted to tell you that SLG entered the finnish charts at #16, in case you want to put it on the Dent. That's damn good, since Venus got only to #34 and Choirgirl didn't break the top 40.

France Album Chart

Sylvain and Pierre Fageolle report:

    Strange Little Girls debuted at #26 on the charts from "L'EXPRESS" magazine. This is the official chart of France. The album then fell to #40 and then then to #66. It apparently did better in France than to venus and back.

Stephan Fauchille reports:

    tori's CD seems to be at the 5th position in french charts as "le parisien - aujourd'hui" news paper had published last week. The chart given by "Le Parisien" is only for Paris' Virgin Megastores.

Germany Album Charts

Martin / Jefferson reports

    I wanted you to know that Tori's new album debuted at No. 11 in the German official Top 100 longplay charts and was the 4th best new entry in these charts behind Tracy Chapman's "Collection", Macy Gray's "The ID" and "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige. In the second week it has now dropped to No. 17.

Holland Album Chart

Kimmo Vuorinen reports:

    I just wanted to let you know that in the first week of SLG the albem is selling very well. In Holland that is. We have got an ALBUM TOP 100, this will change every week Tori has entered the charts at number 50! so that's very good for the first week.

Hirja tells me that the album went to #27 during the second week and fell to #34 during its third week.

Ireland Album Chart

Patrick Ryan reports:

    thought you might like to know strange little girls is at number 12 in the dublin charts, and is in the top 20 in ireland.

Patrick O' Donoghue and Brian Scanlon report:

    Tori was at #21 in Ireland, but then dropped out of the top 30 chart there.


Italy's Album Chart

Gia reports:

    I'm happy to refer that tori's SLG has debuted at #11 in this week MUSICA!'s top 20 albums. Another magazine, TV SORRISI & CANZONI, shows tori debuting at #14 on its TOP 50 album chart. I have to say that this is the only chart I know which puts togheter album and compilations, so if you take off the compilations on this chart tori gains three positions and gets the 11th place.

    She fell down to #20 in MUSICA!'s TOP 20 ALBUMS and to # 26 in TV SORRISI & CANZONI's TOP 50, but as I told you last time this chart put together albums and complations, so SLG is the 20th album chartedhere too.

Norwegian Album Chart

Anna Banana reports:

    She debuted at no.13 at the Top 40 album chart ..which is good..considering no PR ... only a small comercial (sp) of a well known CD store chain in a norwegian newspaper.

    Strange Little Girl then fell from #13 to #39.

Poland Album Chart

Dawid reports:

    I would like to mention that "Strange Little Girl" is at #2 of the Radio 3's Charts and the album sells amazingly quite well.

Chart Positions For The Single "Strange Little Girl"

Triple J's Net50 chart in Australia

Simon tells me that the song "Strange Little Girl" appears in Triple J's Net50 chart in Australia. Anyone can vote for songs on this chart which is played on TripleJ radio in Australia on Saturday nights starting at 6pm. Strange Little Girl debuted at No.37 on the Chart before slipping to number 41 this week. [September 24, 2001] All Toriphiles are urged to go to the Triple J web site and vote for Tori so her chart position can rise!

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