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Updated May 17, 2001

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There is an interesting web site called which among many things includes some Tori content. This web site is a free resource site for developing recording artists, singers and singer/songwriters, and in the Spring of 2001 it was redesigned. The site now includes a Tori Amos page in the ProNews section. This Tori page has some interesting and exclusive info and photos you will want to see! You can also find Tori's name and photo elsewhere on the site.

The site includes articles, calendars, voice lessons & training products, legal advice...what's up in the news... and other items of interest to such developing artists. The site has been put together by Marta Woodhull, and old friend of Tori's, and the girlfriend/mate of John Phil Shenale, Tori's String arranger on most of her past albums, and who is reporting helping with her 2001 album "Strange Little Girls". Below you can read some details and comments about from Marta herself. The site's new look is really nice so be sure to check it out!

I (Marta Woodhull) am a singer/songwriter too, and as such I have a "working in the trenches" approach to helping other young artists get their acts together. This is why I created my website.

SINGINGFORALIVING.COM is about cool storytelling, support, and creative butt kicking...with insights and love from pro singers, producer and engineers, encouraging new writers to find their own muse...

Although might not exactly rank as a full on "TORI" site, she is all over my site anecdotally!

I just went nuts designing this new site..and hope it is even way better for your fasns & friends...and yes, some more tori stuff, actually, her own page! If you liked the last one, this version will really motivate you...still all free, it is packed with even more information to keep you moving forward...featuring new articles on Microphones, an FAQ section, a fatter links page with descriptions about the organizations that are out there to help you, an expanded pro news and pro secrets section, and a heads up about the Voice lesson on CD & other products I'll have ready for you in the next month to kick your voice in shape, and better ways to e-mail me.

As a friend, Tori has been in my musical sphere for so many years! I was not her "voice teacher" but I have heard, watched & photographed recording sessions since the days of UNDER THE PINK, and she'll show up often at my site.

For example, on my "PRO NEWS" page, I'll include photos of the prepared piano created by Phil Shenale & Eric Rosse for the sounds on "Bells for Her."

On my "PRO SECRETS" page I help young singers get acclimated to the rigors of road life, with articles, interviews, medical advice and practical tips from voice doctors, on staying in great vocal health, featuring the reknowned Dr. Martin Hopp, ENT, Ph.D. from Beverly Hills.

Soon I'll post a special article on herb shops & alternative remedies used by pro singers to keep their voices healthy.. (including TORI's fav shop, the TEA GARDEN ANDHERBAL EMPORIUM )

In "LESSONS" I offer private voice training , pre-prodution rehearsals, and vocal editing, at my Los Angeles studio, for indies and majors. I am available to travel on location to produce vocals anywhere in the world or coach singers to get in shape for album projects and road tours.

IN "CONSULTATIONS" I have "evaluations by mail" where singers submit demo tapes to me, for personalized vocal tips on their performance, at the beginning and professional levels.

Soon, I'll be launching a "Custom Voice Lessons on CD" series for alternative,pop, rock and all modern vocalists.

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