The Steve Madden "Tori Amos" Shoe For RAINN

Updated December 1, 2000

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Below you can read all the details about The "Tori Amos" shoe from Steve Madden, which came out in 1999. The shoe is now supposedly discontinued and no longer available. There are also details about other promotions and contests related to the shoe.

The Shoe

Steve Madden's Tori Amos shoe

In 1999, Designer Steve Madden created a shoe called the "Tori Amos". (You can see a photo of the shoe to the left.) 100% of the proceeds for this shoe went to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). You can find additional details about the shoe, another photo, and buying instructions on the Steve Madden web site. The shoe is a high, strappy platform wedge created especially for Tori Amos. It was available in black, white, and red leather, as well as a black sythentic version for the "animal friendly." The cost was $89, although later on they were on sale for only $15! The shoe is still listed at the Steve Madden web site, but I have been told from many sources that the show is totally sold out and is now discontinued.

Read a July 1999 press release about the shoe.

Card That Comes With Every Shoe

Here are additional details about the shoe, some of which came from Toriphile Lee Chaix, who bought a pair at a Steve Madden store. The card you see to the right was scanned by Kim H. and is the card that is included with every shoe sold:

  • All the Steve Madden stores/branches were carrying the shoe when it was available. [There are about 40 branches nationwide in the U.S. and you can find them listed at the Steve Madden Web Site.]
  • The Steve Madden stores carried the shoe in whole and half sizes (unlike the web site, which only had whole sizes). This was at least the case in New York City.
  • There was a little card that came in the shoebox with the message from Tori that you can see to the right. On that card, it says the shoes are available in five colors. Lee said she thought the store near her had five colors but most of my other reports say there were only three. The sythetic version was only available in black.

Tori Amos shoe for RAINN

Promotions Related To The Shoe

There were several promotions, contests, and events happening involving this shoe. Be sure to check out the Special Yahoo Shoe Promotions Page for many of the details.

Yahoo Shoe Auctions

In July 1999, Yahoo auctioned 3 pairs of the Steve Madden designed shoes autographed by Tori. (One of each color.) Thousands of dollars were raised and 100% of the proceeds went to RAINN. Thanks to all who placed a bid and congratulations to the winners!

Yahoo Chat With Tori & Steve Madden

I was able to attend the chat with Tori and Steve Madden that took place on Wednesday, July 14, 1999. The chat lasted for an hour and about 27 questions were asked. Most of them focused on the Tori Amos shoe that Steve designed for RAINN and RAINN itself. I was not surprised by this because the chat did include Steve and I thought it was important to talk about the shoe because it is for a vital cause. You can now read a full transcript of the chat on the Dent. Here are the shoe related highlights of the chat:

  • They decided to offer a black, synthetic, animal-friendly version of the Tori Amos shoe.
  • They auctioned 3 pairs of the Tori shoes on
  • Tori told us that her shoe size is a 7 or 7 1/2.
  • If you want to volunteer for RAINN call the RAINN hotline at 800-656-HOPE and then press 4 at the voice menu. If you want to donate to RAINN choose option 2.

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