Tori May Be Scoring A Film

Updated July 18, 2001

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There were reports in early 2000 that Tori had been doing some writing that may eventually be used as part of a film project, the nature of which we do not know at this time. Tori told Launch Magazine in an early 2000 interview, "I've finished albums for awhile. I'm looking at visuals right now, doing music for visuals...I got a call from somebody I really like on the visual side and they said, 'Hey, will you give it a go?' I said, 'Absolutely.' And we'll see what happens. We had a laugh, and we'll see. But no rush." (Read more about this interview below.) At this time we really don't know much more about this project, and it is not even 100% certain that it will ever see the light of day. But its sounds interesting! Find all the latest details or thoughts about this possible film project below.

Tori did put out a new album in 2001 called Strange Little Girls that had nothing to do with this. What this means for the future of the movie score project is unclear. Perhaps Tori gave up on the idea or it is something that may not surface for some time. I think it is safe to say at this point that the project is either on hold or not going to happen.

April 14, 2000 - Sarah Francesca D'Ambruoso and sweetcan alerted me to a Tori article and interview that is from and posted to the MSN web site. Check it out. It refers to Tori's plans for 2000 and the movie score she is working on. This article seems to say that what she is working on may or may NOT see the light of day. Let's hope it does!

Brian Wong alerted me to a news item posted to the Launch web site on February 3, 2000 that states that Tori is "currently holed up in a studio in the U.K. at the request of an unnamed movie producer who thought she should try her hand at writing a film score." They say that the movie is in the early stages and that the name of the film, the producer, director, and release plans have not been formally announced yet. Here are some quotes from the news item:

    LAUNCH asked the Grammy nominee if she's readying a new album "No, I've finished albums for a while. I'm looking at visuals right now, doing music for visuals. But no rush," she said.

    LAUNCH asked Amos if she has to get into a different mindset when writing music for film. "Yeah, because your brief is very specific, and you're composing music for a plot that already exists, whereas while you're composing for your own work you're developing a plot and characters," she explained. "When you're putting music to film, you're trying to give the characters a subtext, but they already exist."

Lisa Street was the very first person to tell me about this. She heard about this on radio station WFNX in Boston in early February 2000.

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