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On Scarlet's Walk Tour
London, U.K.
Fri, January 17, 2003

Updated Jan 27, 2003

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Tori performed in London, U.K. for the second day in a row on Friday, January 17, 2003 at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith. The opening act was Howie Day.

Set List

Thanks to Matt Page who called me after the show with the set list. Thanks also to Christine Abraham, who emailed me the set list that she got from Eric with a C who was text messaging her via cell phone, and to Christoff who also emailed me the set list!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Take To The Sky
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Mrs. Jesus
Black-Dove (January)

Band leaves


Band returns

Amber Waves
Cornflake Girl
Don't Make Me Come To Vegas
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore

Sweet Sangria
Playboy Mommy


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. (I will eventually move the forum reviews to this web page as well.) Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Matt Page:

Matt says that the show tonight was really good. He thought this was the first time Tori has not played Taxi Ride since she started playing it back in the states. Tori only deviated from the written set list during her solo songs. She was supposed to do China, Crazy, and Marianne, and instead she did China, Landslide and Crazy.

From Erin & Alex:

Tori is just off the stage an hour ago. Unlike last night, she didn't speak throughout the concert, instead she just belted out the tracks, rocking her way through! She did do a wee ditty about Tasha going to the potty, like last night (Her toddler must keep her late onstage every night!) but there were no cute stories this time about rainbows, which was sad, but also in a way, good becasue we got much more music. Tori sang 'Wampum Prayer' behind the curtain and then entered and did 'A Sorta Fairytale'. The crowd was really up for it tonight, which Tori picked up on! Her dress was the same design as last night, she wore it over jeans, a tight top and her sexy big boots again, but tonight it was shiny, shimmery pink and gold satin underlining. The gig followed the same layout as before, with the band going off halfway through and Tori going mellow with just her grand piano, which just blew me away. I can't remember the set list up until then, but this bit is engrained into my memory! She did 'China', which was really unexpected and beautiful, but then, just when I thought things couldn't get any better than Tori two nights in a row, she created the most sensitive version of ... 'LANDSLIDE'!!! My old Napster favourite! Then she did 'Crazy', which I'd hoped she would do as it was missing from last night's gig. It was wonderful to hear some of the more obscure tracks, like 'Tear in Your Hand' and 'Little Earthquakes', I was so glad that she did 'Take to the Sky' again, and tonight everyone clapped along as she thumped her piano! 'Caught a LIte Sneeze' just took our breath away, and of course, she repeated 'Cornflake Girl', which I was so chuffed about! She also did, among others, 'Pancake', 'Don't Make Me Come To Vegas', 'Sweet Sangria', 'Amber Waves', 'Wednesday', 'Mrs Jesus' off the new album, she didn't do 'Taxi Ride', though, or 'Carbon', which she did last night. From her back catalogue she did; 'Bliss', 'Talula (ABSOLUTE MIND-FUNK!!!)', 'Black Dove (ROCK!!!)', 'iiieee (sexy moves to this one!)', and what had to be one of the rocking highlights of the night, was 'Hotel'. She finished the gig on 'Playboy Mommy', which was quite bizarre, but it was a nice mellow comedown, cause again, everyone went a little mad and stormed the front, and Tori did two encores again. A funny moment was during 'Tear in Your Hand' when a girl had her little lighter held up, all on it's ownsome, and when Tori caught sight of it, the girl waved to Tori, and Tori waved back with a wee bunny-wave!!! I must just say, Matt Chamberlain and John Evans were absolutely fantastic, I gave a big hollar for Evans at one point, because he was just loving it, head-banging and rocking! The crowd was mad, Tori loved the gig, but we must say, Howie Day, her support act, is one talented young fella. if you can get a hold of him live, or get his cd, 'Australia', I highly reccommend him!!! He won the crowd over big time tonight!

From Steven Veritas:

Wow, tonights show was the best one I've seen so far! The set was so varied!! And she played such an eclectic set of songs. She also played most of the requests from the meet and great. (Hotel, Bliss, Little Earthquakes, Playboy Mommy). Little Earthquakes was a real tear jerker as was 'China' and 'Tear In Your Hand'. 'Hotel' and 'Bliss' were also highlights and were a big suprise! However, she did not chat to the audience like she did the previous night, but I did get a glimpse of a young child at the side of the stage which I think was Tash. It was my last show tonight so I was really sad, but I hope to rejoin the tour later on. Thanks to Dan, Kate, Cath, Lucy, Carl, Berry, Rachel, Jennifer and Ali for making things more interesting! And the girls from Israel who I see every time. Also there maybe the possibility that Tori maybe performing at a festival in Ireland this summer. This may mean there maybe more opportunities to see her in Europe this summer.

From Richard From Glasgow:

I keep reading that people think that the child that was seen off stage at the Tori gig was Tash, but It was actually Marcel's (Tori's old sound engineer) new baby! Just to clear that up!

From Richard Scott:

Incredible. Heartstopping. Tear jerking. Just some of the phrases that I used this morning describing last nights concert to my friends. The last time I«d managed to see Tori was the Dewdropp Inn tour in 96 for one reason or another so I was very excited to be there last night. Quick note first about Howie Day, probably one of the best supports slots I«ve seen on a tour. I have just ordered his album Australia this morning, I recommend you do the same!

Tori started up with Sorta Fairytale, and the set just got better all the way from there. Personal highlights were China, Little earthquakes and Hotel. I was a bit gutted that she didnt do Hey Jupiter, but I did get to see Talula so you cant have everything I guess.The band were great and Tori rattled through song after song like a women possessed, I didnt even see her stop to take a sip of water! Shame she didnt talk to the crowd really, but I guess thats why we watch her on Graham Norton!

After the end we went outside and stood to the side of the Apollo with a few other hardy souls, but we left after half an hour or so for the tube. Did anyone get to meet her eventually?

All in all, superb night, hope to see her again in the UK in the not too distant future.

From Lillibet:

We missed the support act as it took so long to get into the venue due to everyone being searched for recording equipment - not the warmest night to be standing around, so when we were finally inside a drink was priority! Just time for one and then we were called into the auditorium as Tori would be taking the stage in 5 minutes. We sat down and waited for 15 minutes before the lights went down and 'Wampum Prayer' started. I thought that this was typical of venues - to say it's starting earlier than it is to get people moving - but Tori sang us a little improv later along the lines of "Hello, Hello, I have a lot of friends here, sorry I was late, I had to go to the potty with my favourite girl", then introduced two more of her favourite people; Jon and Matt. This was the only time that she said anything throughout the whole gig, the rest of the time it was heads down and rock! She did re-apply her lipgloss at the midway point of course!

Tori was on absolutely top form tonight - the voice, piano and keyboard playing were superlative. It still takes my breath away to see her sing, play keyboard and a piano behind her back. She looked as if she was really enjoying herself and there was so much energy to all the songs. Highlights included 'Little Earthquakes', 'Hotel', 'Talula' (where she did an impression of Big Bird as she turned back to the keyboards after the "senators" line!) and the most beautiful version of Stevie Nicks' 'Landslide'. The Scarlet songs were perfectly mixed with the older songs - for me I prefer them as individual pieces as opposed to all together in the 'sonic novel' concept. During 'Fairytale' we could smell the sage burning too!

What stood out a mile was the fact that Tori has what must be THE most kick-ass rythym section in the world. Absolutely superb both of them. I liked the way that a roadie would bring on Jon's change of bass to him between each song when the lights were out, instead of having all of them in a row around him. Matt is the best drummer I have ever seen live, his patterns just defy description they are so good. I don't know how he manages to play in that jacket though! The sound was balanced well from where we were (4th row circle) and we didn't get blinded by any lights either!

This is the third time I have seen Tori, and she just gets better and better. Her live act is everything you expect from a rock gig and more. She didn't need to speak - the music did that for her. Please come back soon Tori!

From Anthony H.:

I have been a fan of Tori Amos for quite awhile and when I found out she was playing in London, I was naturally very excited. I wouldn't say I'm fanatical about her, but I do love a lot of her music. It was surprising to me to see that she attracts such a loyal following and perhaps that was part of the problem with her second london show.

Perhaps in acknowledgement of the diehard followers who turn up at each show Tori turned the setlist from the night before upsidedown and I was extremely disappointed to miss out on seeing her perform songs such as Jackie's Strength, Hey Jupiter, Cooling, Sugar, Baker Baker, Past The Mission etc... even Taxi Ride and Carbon (two of the better songs off Scarlet's Walk in my opinion) were omitted from the setlist. I felt the set was obscure and perhaps alienated some of the audience who were not diehard fans. I'm sure the concert was a fantastic experience for those of you who are devoted Tori followers, but I felt she may have fallen short of doing much more than preaching to the converted.

Her vocals were faultless; make no mistake, but where was the audience interaction? Aside from acknowledging applause in between encores, she did not address the audience for the entire evening which I found a little disconcerting. I also felt that sonically, there was a hole in the overall sound without Michael Catlin's atmospheric guitar.

I was really impressed with the opening artist Howie Day and thought that his passion and sound with one acoustic guitar and a few effects was awe inspiring. I couldn't help feeling at the end of the evening that it may have been more exciting to witness a full length set from someone such as Howie who was fighting to win over a new audience rather than seeing someone who has won their audience long ago go through the motions. It's just my opinion...

From Mpwbennett:

Ms. Amos was slightly later on stage than most of the audience seemed to expect her to be, something she apologised after the first few songs.  It was about 8:35pm when Wampum Prayer was sung from behind the curtains and the excitement was very potent.  It was certainly a magical moment when the curtains were thrown down and the band, soon followed by a slinky Tori emerged onto the stage.  Naturally, the first touch of the piano was met with an emphatic cheer, and A Sorta Fairytale was a truly wonderful opening.  

Tori then delighted the crowd with a superb version of Little Earthquakes, a song which clearly hadn't been expected by many of the audience.  Caught A Lite Sneeze, a few songs later, met with a similarly delighted reception, and Tori was evidently on top form.  The same went for her band, who powered out the rhythm section of the tracks at full force, with some amazing drumming from Matt Chamberlain on Caught A Lite Sneeze.

After renditions of Mrs Jesus, Black-Dove (January) and Wednesday, the band left the stage and the 'Roadside Cafe' section of the show began.  I was absolutely stunned and delighted when Tori played the opening notes of China (from Little Earthquakes), as I hadn't expected she would perform that song.  Judging by the reaction of the crowd, the song is a favourite of a lot of people and was therefore met with a distinct gasp when the song began.  I have to admit that I was hoping to hear Cooling at this point but Tori's rendering of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide was lovely nonetheless.  She then brought this solo section of the show to a close with a great 'unplugged' performance of Crazy from Scarlet's Walk.

The band returned with a version of Amber Waves and particularly impressive renditions of Cornflake Girl (which obviously delighted everyone) and Bliss.  The show then 'finished' with a wonderful Iieee.  Tori left the stage after a brief 'farewell' before quickly returning to perform Talula and a gorgeous Tear In Your Hand.  Again, she left the stage and after some loud shouts from the audience for her to return, she came back for a second encore.  Once again, I was expecting Taxi Ride or Past The Mission at this stage, but instead Tori performed Sweet Sangria and Playboy Mommy, a low-key but still great ending to the evening.

Whilst it would have been great to hear her play Taxi Ride or Past The Mission, Tori's performance all night was so impassioned and polished that the setlist was in a sense immaterial.  She didn't do very much talking at all, but instead chose to go straight from track to track, the night becoming a relentless live retrospective of her work.  Certainly there didn't seem to be a single person there who hadn't been completely absorbed by the show, and of course by Tori herself - her stage presence really is quite something.  

From Anonymous:

the second show was just as wonderful! i won't say too much because i'm sure everyone has already said it all! but... (starting at the end) she finished with playboy mommy!! this is one of my favorate tori songs, and i was totally transfixed! it was amazing!

whilst waiting for tori to come out before the show, we were talking about how great it would be to hear hotel, little earthquakes, bliss and tear in your hand. it was wonderful that she played all four.

i was annoyed with myself for missing howie day this time, but i did get to meet him after the show (he was just standing outside). we just went over and chatted to him and he signed my book for me. he's a sweetie!

take to the sky was great again, although not quite as good as thursday (possibly because it wasn't followed straight up by a kick-ass precious things!), but black-dove was the highlight for me this time, and of course landslide!

once again i met some really lovely people, especially dane (sorry, i didn't know how to do your irish accent thingy!) and jolene! it's always so easy to make friends at tori's gigs.

From Tonje:

This was my first Tori concert and I was not prepared and I was just blown away from the first second she came on..I just wanted to say that seeing her live is priceless. anyway here is what i noticed that is not mentioned and some of the things I just wanted to say

The bass problem that have been trought the whole tour where not a problem at our show only at ASF.. but later it was great and I was on the Bass side...

she did an improv before little earthquakes..

" I am sorry I was late.... had to go to a party with my favourite girl" and I cant remember more.. anyone got more from the improv It was right before she introduce Matt and Jon..

Little earthquakes was the first song that made me cry during the concert she trew her hair backwards and went hey and then the piano thingie oh how I treasure it...


take to the sky The whole audience went crazy especially me.. the lady infront of me told me that she played it the night before to..And the audience clapped with Tori and the piano sorry if I exploded your ears.. thank you for bearing over with me BTW :)

Caught a light sneeze was great I loved it..

and then there was a intro to mrs Jesus
I think it was
something like "she knows where she`s going" can anybody please post the intros..

Black dove was really special lovely!!!


oh and then when she played china the whole audience went oh my god... And not an eye stayed dry...

Then she played LANDSLIDE... I think there where like 10 people who cheered before the song and afterwards the whole audience went crazy this was one of the best songs she preformed tonight

Crazy was better live than on the cd I wasnt so fond of it... But live it was flawless..

Amber Waves
Cornflake Girl
Don't Make Me Come To Vegas
I Can't See New York

During the song she looked up and smashed the harmonica on "I got bigbird on the fishingline...." I stood in the direction she looked at later I just meleted... The song rocked she looked kinda possessed really freaky..

Tear In Your Hand
I just have to tell you that during tear in your hand the man with the little baby danced around with him/her it was so cozy and tori played it like it was the first time she discovered the song by the way the baby couldnt have been more then 5 months tash is 2 years and 3 months

Sweet Sangria

Playboy Mommy was so sweet she held her arms up at " take you in my arms" just like the soundman had held his baby.. It was breathtaking.. and then she just ran off leaving my life hopefully not for good...

I great concert Tori was on in body and mind!

anyway that was my experience hopefully it wont be the last..

From BBC CEEFAX Television Information Service

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