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January 19, 2003

Added January 20, 2003

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A review of Tori's January 17, 2003 concert in London, U.K. appeared on the BBC CEEFAX Television Information Service on or around January 19, 2003. Thanks to Richard for sending this to The Dent.

BBC Television CEEFAX - Live Review - Tori Amos - Hammersmith Apollo, London

By Michael Osborn

When this original performer floated onto the stage in a sea of blue chiffon and feathers with her jeans underneath, we knew it was business as usual.

Her kookiness and unpredictability can be totally relied upon, and she wasn't about to disappoint.

Safe in her cocoon of keyboards and with just a bassist and drummer in tow, her red-haired tresses started to fly.

Tori's lengthy performance left the vast audience mesmerised almost catatonic.

This singer-songwriter blitzed her was through a set of material both old and new, pausing just the once to chat to her devoted followers.

She told a markedly strange but cute tale about her daughter -- motherhood has inevitably affected her life.

There was an early and well-received highlight to the show with an adapted rendition of her hit Cornflake Girl.

Live meant live with Ms Amos, enhanced by dazzling, kaleidoscopic lighting.

Aside from her soaring, breathy vocals and majestic mastery of the keyboards, Tori's affectations were unmissable.

She was freestyle and expressive, sensual and possessed -- stroking two keyboards at once with consummate ease.

Some of her best moments were simple but heart-wrenching songs interpreted with no more than piano and voice.

This gig's set lacked variation and some favourite tunes -- but to see such a one-off in action was engaging.

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