November 1997 Q Magazine Reviews The RAINN Concert On Video

Added October 2, 1997

Received the following from Toriphile Nicholas.

For more details on this video, go here.

Tori is in the November 1997 issue of Q (UK). It's on p.194 with the title of 'Tori Rule - Tori Amos: genuinely "out of this world" at New York benefit bash'.

I don't know if you have the article with you or how one can access it on the net... so...

Tori Amos - Live From New York
Warner Vision 90 minutes

There's a point at the end of Precious Things when Tori Amos takes the word "girl" and strings it out, sounding like a cross between an old crow and a buzz saw, bottom lip actually stuck to the microphone, eyes shut, her fragility transmogrified into mad banshee-ness, while the audience (mainly young girls) leans forward, caught between admiration and disbelief. It's an extraordinary moment. The only surprise is that the Men In Black don't rush on and drag her away.

Yet, in the context of Amos's contentious and often wilfully obscure confessionals, it makes perfect sense, gleefully teetering as she does on the boundary between weird and cool. The frizz has gone, for example, replaced by a plucky Jennifer Aniston-style shag, she gives the crowd Star Trek "live long and prosper" signs, she's an exceptional and individual pianish, yet begins Cornflake Girl with a dance that's beyond embarrassment.

The venue is Madison Square Garden, in January this year; the occasion, a benefit concert for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) of which Amos is a co-founder. Serious business this, which has helped more than 142,000 victims of sexual assault and been lauded by Congress - this gig alone raised over $250,000. Given her preference for playing solo, she asks a lot of herself nad the audience (self-styled as "Toriphiles" but apparently described by her as "ears with feet") but nevertheless delivers a set that encompasses the Little Earthquakes, Under The Pink and Boys For Pele albums without particularly favouring any of them. Material that resonates with the occasion like Me And A Gun and Silent All These Years gets the biggest cheer, but her father/daughter song Winter is shockingly good, Talula cleverly adds a backing track of drums and bass while Pretty Good Year neatly twists the tale of the whole gig with its mixed message of hope and melancholy.

Given that the next new products is likely to be the soundtrack for Great Expectations that she's currently working on in London with Patrick Doyle, Live Form New York plugs the gap firmly. It's almost too much to take at one sitting - you acctually feel wrung out - so it suits the stop-start video format, and as a summary of Tori Amos - not of this world - it's about perfect. ****

Rob Beattie (pg. 194 of UK's Q, Nov. issue)

There is this picture of Tori which i have not seen before (but probably can be found everywhere in the net)...

I have not seen this video here yet... in the same issue, there is also an interview with Bjork, Mariah Carey, an article on Kylie & Danni...

The Girl With Glasses posted a few more tidbits from this Q review on the newsgroup. She said that the reviewer above gave it 4 out of 5 stars and that the price was 14.99 in British pounds.

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