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Updated Noember 25, 1999

People who purchased the U.S. 1000 Oceans CD5 Maxi single got an enhanced CD that included the Bliss and 1000 Oceans video. This was the first time that many people saw the 1000 Oceans video. I must say I really love this video. It is very visually striking quite powerful. My friend Danica Knox was kind enough to take a bunch of screen shots from the video, which you can see below. I also added a few more screen captures from Jason Yalowich (DrOwNeD wOrLd).

The video debuted on TV on MTV 120 Minutes on October 24, 1999.

An Atlantic news item states that the 1000 Oceans video is being shown on M2 and The Box in the U.S. You can also see it at Atlantic's Instavid web site.

For more details about the various 1000 Oceans singles, go here.

Photos from Danica Knox

Photos from Jason Yalowich (DrOwNeD wOrLd)

Here are some details about the "1000 Oceans" Video from Toriphile John:

    I work as a key grip here in Los Angeles. All my friends know that I'm a big Tori fan. Well, a director of photograph friend of my called me on Sunday to tell me he was shooting a Tori video in downtown LA on Mon and Tues. [August 9/10, 1999] I had to work on something else those days, but fortunately I was able to get out of work early enough on Tues to catch a few hours of shooting, and finally got to meet/chat with her.

    I've been to over 20 shows. I'm lucky enough as to where I make good enough money to pay for great seats, but with my schedule, I don't have the time to hang out when she comes and go from rehearsal, or after the show. So even though I traveled around the states to see her show, I was never able to meet with her.

    I did yesterday. Briefly. I just pretty much told her the above story, and that I was glad to final meet her.

    The video is of Tori singing in a glass booth. Like a dept. store window display, while people and the world pass outside. People walk by and stare, stop and kiss, and at one point there is a small riot outside. From what I seen on the monitor, it reminded me of 'Jupiter'. The Director was Erick Ifergan. It was shot by Toby Irwin.

Here are more comments from Dyanne Cano:

    I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine, Ana, was one of the characters in the new Tori video made this past week. She basically said the same things that John, the grip, told you earlier. Ana walks by the glass booth, and she also kisses a girl. Then she ends up staring at Tori towards the end. The video was shot in a Downtown LA parking lot. She commented that Tori was really sweet and friendly.

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