"The Tori Amos Art and Song Exhibit" at the Now Lounge in Toronto, Canada

Updated September 10, 2001

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chartattack.com reports the following about this art show, which is called "The Tori Amos Art and Song Exhibit", which is a promotion for the Strange Little Girls album:

    To promote her upcoming album Strange Little Girls, Tori Amos is going to host an art show at the Now Lounge in Toronto. Coinciding with the Sept. 18 release of the album, 13 original photos of Amos posing as the characters in the songs are going to be on display.

    Even though she has done a covers album, all 12 songs one song featuring twins are gender reversed. While Lou Reed, Eminem, The Stranglers, Depeche Mode and Neil Young originally wrote their songs from a male perspective, Amos has given them a sex change.

    In a press release she said, "Each woman approached me and said 'I have a point of view on this song,' that you want to know, that may change how you hear its meaning."

    To coincide with the photos will be a listening station making the whole gig an interactive experience. Art snobs can even view the photograph of the character while listening to the song being played. The show runs from Aug.27 to Sept.14

Thanks to Rachel, Michael Solomon, Elizabeth A Slavkovsky, Julie Florio and Paul for alerting me to this.

This art show has also been advertised in Now Magazine, a weekly publication in Toronto. There is an ad that says, "The Tori Amos Art and Song Exhibit" at the NOW lounge From August 28th to September 14th from 9 am to 8 PM Monday to Friday.

You can read some about this at nowtoronto.com.

Paul has already seen this show, and his report is below:

    i was just at the Now Lounge they had an exhibit of Strange Little Girls up today (i think it was just for today) Each girl had a framed 8x10 colour photo with the stories by neil underneath them printed on japanese paper. Each girl had a name. a name based on the song title. like the i'm not in love character was named Love and the I dont like mondays character was named Monday's Child. etc...

Tori did a secret show in Toronto at the Now Lounge on September 8, 2001. Read more about that here.

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