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A push to get the Scarlet'S Walk b-sides added to the Apple Music Store

Updated Fri, May 09, 2003 - 4:45pm ET

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Update: There is a nice Associated Press article from May 8, 2003 about the new Apple Music Store that actually mentions Tori! You can read it many places online, including

As many of you know, Apple began a new Music Store recently. You can buy entire albums or individual songs quickly and easily online, and Tori is represented by the store. (You can learn more about this at Apple's website.) At the moment this service is only available to to Mac users in the U.S, but should be open to Windows users by the end of the year, and hopefully it will expand to more countries later. One of the features of the store are exclusive tracks. This would seem to be an excellent place to Epic to release the Scarlet's Walk b-sides like Tombigbee and Seaside (which have appeared on Scarlet's Web, but only as streaming audio), as well as the songs Mountain and Indian Summer, which are Scarlet's Walk b-sides we know exist but have not been released yet. This would make the tracks available to us online in a high quality format in such a way that Tori would still profit for her work. If you agree, then please email Epic and ask them to do this. You can go to the Sony Music Feedback Page, choose "Epic Records" for the Subject Field and then type your request.

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