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Screen shots and details from Tori's 2003 "custom concert" as broadcast by the Oxygen cable channel
March 16, 2003

Updated Sat, Nov 01, 2003 - 3:29pm ET

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The Oxygen cable channel in the U.S. broadcast a "custom concert" with Tori for the first time on March 16, 2003 at 10:00pm. At the time of the first showing, I added the details of the show and reaction from fans to The Dent. After many months, I finally have some nice screen shots of the broadcast, kindly created by Michelle!

More Details

Set List from Oxygen Broadcast

Here are the songs they showed during the broadcast in order (Thanks Fourseraphs):

a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Silent All These Years
Taxi Ride
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Precious Things

Screen Shots

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Many thanks to Michelle for taking these screen shots and allowing me to place them on the Dent!

You can find more of Michelle's screen shots from this program at her web site.

Additional Details and Links

Oxygen broadcast this again on Sunday, March 23 and will likely do so several times in the future. Oxygen did not show the following songs that we also know Tori taped for this program:

Sweet Sangria
Past The Mission

Click here for more details about the taping itself.

Go to to see some video clips from the custom concert. (If they have not removed them yet.)


Before each commercial, Tori would answer one of the questions sent in to the Oxygen Channel. See the comments below from fans who saw it for details about what she answered. It seems some fans were really upset that they edited the concert so much and left out some songs. I would have expected this myself, but I can understand their desire to see the entire show. Thus is the reality and frustration of television!

Here are more details and some commentary from fans who saw the show:

From Fourseraphs:

I, for one, am disappointed with the choice of songs from the recording session that Oxygen chose to actually air. I guess the network had new Tori fans in mind and decided to show a sort of Greatest Hits list. I really would have loved it if they aired Tori doing Past the Mission, Iieee, and Sweet Sangria (especially when one considers the looming prospect of war).

On the plus side, Desperado stunned the pants off of me; her voice was so beautiful, and it was such a moving song. Also, the great thing about TV appearences is that Tori really knows how to make love to the camera, as I'm sure you'll see if and when someone who can get you screen shots sends them to you! (Oh yeah, and it's also great seeing close ups of Matt, that cutie!)

Also, before each commercial, Tori would answer questions emailed to Oxygen. This is how I remembered it:

--When asked what she would give up (good wine, lip gloss, or high heels) if she had to choose, Tori said lip gloss is definitely out of the question; if you have lip gloss, it's okay to have bare feet, but if you don't have lip gloss, wine is horrible, so she at least narrowed it down to choosing between wine and heels.

--When asked what kind of music Tash likes to rock to, Tori said it ranges from "Wheels on the Bus" to Brittney Spears (I'm still repressing that fact =P ), but what Tash really loves is "Mattie the Drummer." Whenever Matt is about to groove, Tash is always hunkered down in position.

--Tori was asked what she would wear if she were a leg. I don't do shoes, so it was Greek to me, and I forgot what she said (sorry!).

--When asked what she sings in the shower, Tori said it varies, usually depending on what she hears on the radio, like "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" and the like. She never does Led Zepplin, though. She usually sticks to more melodic songs.

All in all, I'd say it was an okay broadcast. If anything, Desperado alone was worth the broadcast!

From Dave Kinnetz

I'm a†little disappointed after watching Tori's custom concert on Oxygen tonight. Tori's performance was great (much more relaxed than she normally is on TV). However, Oxygen didn't show Sweet Sangria, Past The Mission, Spark, or Iieee. I was really looking forward to seeing her do Spark and Iieee.

Now, I realize they only have an hour, but come on... did they show enough stupid commercials? They were really starting to piss me off, especially the break dance one... it was too damn long. Grrrrrrrrrrr...

Overall, it was still good. It was cute to see her wipe the lip gloss off her chin between songs (which she woudn't need to do if she didn't deep throat the mic - lol). I just†wonder if we'll ever see those other songs...

From Keith:

I have to say, and I may be the only one, but I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in the editing that Oxygen did to the supposed "Custom Concert." They cut out the improv before SATYs. They rearranged the songs, and I think to me the most offensive part was that they SOLD this whole concept to us a concert for the fans, by the fans. Then for Oxygen to edit it down to what are really her most popular four songs CORNFLAKE GIRL, CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE, SILENT ALL THESE YEARS, AND PRECIOUS THINGS I found extremely insulting. As a fan (and you can define that however you want: "ears with feet" ect) I go to see Tori in concert and live for those moments like the "yellow brick road" improv and the chemistry and strength in her rendition of Sweet Sangria. An analogy of this is like taking someone on a tour of an Indian village and only showing them the totem pole and a teepee. There is SO MUCH more to an Indian village then these two things, and it is very much like this with Tori live. Seeing show was bittersweet for me, and absolutely offensive, only because I knew there was so much more behind it. Bottom line is: There was no "custom" to it. They used the fact that we, as loyal fans, would tune in to a concert, one they SOLD to us as custom, that they had no intention of airing in its entirety from the beginning. On one hand I am happy for the exposure she'll get, on the other hand I will never watch another thing, or support OXYGEN in any way again. They misrepresented the whole concept of the show.

From Charlotte:

It reaction to what everyone said, yeah i agree they cut her setlist way to short, but at least a fucking TV station brodcasted Tori! I mean come on, if were gonna focus on of "Oxygen Sucks," it discounts how amazing Tori sounded. Even though the song played were the hits, they still represented Tori's utter talent. Unlike "Regis And Kelly" they cut her off, and make her play radi edit Scarlett Walk songs, at least she got the chance to share her utter talent with the world. I give Oxygen a bow, rather then spit on them. Be happy with what you get, its rare we even see Tori that intimately.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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