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Details about Tori's taping for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Updated Wed, Mar 16, 2005 - 1:03pm ET

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Tori taped for the CBS TV show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday, March 15, 2005. She performed Sleeps With Butterflies solo at the piano. There was no interview. Click the details link to read accounts from people at the taping. This episode will not be shown until late Wednesday night, May 11, 2005 at 12:35am ET. You can see photos from this taping at (Thanks Megan.)

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Details from people who were at the taping

From Lisa:
They shuffled us into the little studio and Tori's small bosey was in there. The were taping Tori's portion to be part of the show that will air later and then right after that they taped a wholehour for tonight's episode. (I wasn't at the Craig Kilborn taping in 2001, but I think this was a similar deal.) Anyway, about five or ten minutes after they seated us, they announced Tori, we cheered, and she came out, waved, and did a beautiful solo version of Sleeps with Butterflies. I really love Butterflies solo....she took a big pause after the first verse/chorus and for a minute I thought she was going to start over, but she went on to the next verse. She looked very cute - black pants, and a black jacket-type thing over a green shirt, what looked to be the same green color she had on last night at Tower. It was very quick, but lovely :) she waved goodbye and was gone... oh, one thing that was cute was the guy who was warming up the audience was joking about all the free stuff they were going to give away and as Tori sat down at the piano, he said that they were going to give away Tori's piano ;) she heard himjoking and kind of looked up and said something like, "you're promising an awful lot!" So after Tori, we taped a full episode that airs tonight with Drew Carey, an author - Lawrence Block I think - and a sketch trio from the UK. I enjoyed that even though Tori wasn't there ;) Craig Ferguson was pretty funny and it was a fun time.

From Cindy:
Just wanted to let you know I went to the Late Late show w/CF taping. Tori played Sleeps w/Butterflies solo. No band. It was really really gorgeous. It almost got me teary-eyed! She was the first one to come on. She just played the song, waved goodbye and left. Ferguson did not interview her, which I was totally expecting, but it's still disappointing. The performance however, was amazing. The rest of the show is airing tonight but the Tori portion as you know, will not be airing until the date you posted.

From Allison:
She performed "Sleeps With Butterflies" solo for us! And it was great!

My new Tori-fan friend (whom I met last night at the signing) and I got super lucky and were seated front and center! The Bose was there when we walked in because apparently they taped only her for later, then proceeded to tape another full episode. Tori came out smiling and waving and looking absolutely adorable as always. I don't remember what she was wearing because I was looking at her brightly smiling face the whole time. She seems to have gotten a good night's rest after her exhausting day yesterday; she was her normal perky self. Before the recording started, the "applause guy" (or whatever they're called) was offering to give away her piano as an audience prize and Tori did this playfully appalled "Ah!" and giggled a little. It was really cute.

We couldn't see the piano keys and we had to keep swaying back and forth in order to see around the stupid camera, but the performance was nothing short of electrifying. It was over before I knew it, but from what I remember it's probably her best version of the song she's done so far. She's really getting into playing this song because I noticed some vocal changes that she hadn't done before, especially in the last chorus. Let me tell you, that song sounds soooo much better live than it does on TV. The swooping camera movements really distract from the intensity of the performance, but sitting there staring right into her eyes while she was singing (she looked at me several times since I was right behind the camera) was incredibly moving. It was also really cool to see the crew guys fold and pack up that monstrous piano and wheel it off the stage so the rest of the taping could continue.

I really think this solo tour will change people's perceptions of The Beekeeper, because now I'm obsessed with "Sleeps With Butterflies"! :)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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