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Tori was on the Danny Baker show on London Radio
November 19, 2003

Updated Sat, Nov 22, 2003 - 3:09am ET

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Lucy tells me that Tori was a guest on the Danny Baker show on London Radio in the U.K. on November 19, 2003. I have some details about what happened!

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They have archived the show online, so you can hear Tori's interview in streaming audio from a link on this web page. You can also find a photo from Tori's visit to the studios posted at the BBC web site.

Here are some details about the show from Lucy:

Spoke about recording 'That's what I like Mick'

He mentioned her adding strange tracks to her CD singles and she said days of CD singles are over

Talked about hidden tracks on CDs- said she'd never done one as far as she knew!

Spoke about Shaw Theatre the night before (the co-presenter on the show had attended the show) and the Ann Powers interview she did in New York.

He asked her if she gets nervous before she went on stage... She said she gets in a certain frame of mind.. Danny Baker then asked if she gets in the zone but she said no.. Britney gets in the zone!

They then spoke about her playing clubs when she was younger and the Jackass and The Toad song.

They then spoke quite a bit about the record label. Danny thought she was still on Atlantic but she explained that she'd left them and were now with Sony.

Lastly they spoke about living in Cornwall and her pianos.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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