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You can now find 2 exclusive tracks you can access at the iTunes Music Store

Updated Tue, Nov 18, 2003 - 11:42am ET

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The new tracks at the iTunes Music Store are Putting The Damage On (Reconditioned Version) and Pretty Good Year (Live from Sound Check). They also have all of Tales Of A Librarian to download. The catch with the new tracks however is the fact that you have to buy the entire album at $11.99 in order to hear the two tracks. The bonus tracks are not available at this time as individual downloads, which is unfortunate. (The other tracks from TOAL are available for individual downloads.) The iTunes Music Store has also added a special artist page for Tori that includes these downloads, as well as a small bio, and a selection of artists they label as influencers and Contemporaries. It is nice to see Tori getting so much attention there! If you need to find out more about the iTunes Music Store, which is available for Windows and Macintosh, or download the program, click here. If you have iTunes installed, click on this button to go directly to the Tori Amos artist page.

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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