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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's August 5th concert in Tucson, AZ

Updated Wed, Aug 06, 2003 - 6:19am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Tucson, AZ concert. Tori's set included Indian Summer (solo), as well as Little Earthquakes, Your Cloud, Honey, Virginia and Juarez. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. You can also post about your concert experience at the Concert Reviews Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible.

More Details

Tori performed in Tucson, AZ on Tuesday, August 5, 2003 at the Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheatre (at Casino Del Sol). Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Cornflake Girl

Band Leaves

Cloud On My Tongue
Indian Summer

Band returns

Your Cloud
Sweet Sangria
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Liquid Diamonds

2nd Encore



The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page and Sarah (ThatStar):

Tonight's show was the best of the tour so far! Tori sounded really good, and the acoustics of the Amphitheatre were great. Tori debuted Little Earthquakes, Honey, Your Cloud and Juarez for the Lottapianos tour, and most importantly, she performed the Scarlet b-side 'Indian Summer'. Matt said 'Indian Summer' was beautiful and slowly melodic. He also said that Tori includes the lyrics "freshly mown grass" in the second verse, which seems to indicate that Indian Summer is the same song as Freshly Mown Grass, a song Tori has mentioned before in interviews. The song had a "bring us peace" vibe that really resonated with the crowd. Several members of the audience gave Tori a standing ovation after that song. During the last verse, Tori mentions "Mr. Bush". We do not know if that is an original part of the song or something she added live.

Tori followed her written set list exactly. She did a rather rare three songs for the second encore. She told the audience that she loves being in Tucson and that she is a Lizard Women because she loves the heat.

From Heather Allen:

All I can say is...OH MY GOD!!! That was the best Tori show I have ever seen over my 9 shows through my 8 years of going to Tori concerts. Tori's voice was amazing, the crowd was wonderful and the venue was so neat!

Ok..on to the songs.

ASFT has been tweeked a bit and sounds different. I'm really glad they changed it up a bit, because she's been playing it every night.

LE was beautiful and deadly. Tori's voice was classic and heart wrenching. I had tears during this song; it's just so wonderful live.

Pancake/Ohio..I have been wanting to hear this live and I'm so thrilled that I did finally. It was wonderful. The added Ohio was done all on piano, while the rest of the song was done on the umm...wurlitzer (?).

Cornflake Girl...another rocking classic..what else can I say? It was fun and hit me right here *points to heart*

Honey is so wonderful live. I have been hoping she would play this when I was at a concert and I got my wish. It has always been one of my fav b-sides.

God..another classic and another rock out song. Tori looked like she was so into this one...smiling tons and interacting with the audience (actually, she did that the whole night!)

Concertina..I love this song and this again was a first for me live. It was different sounding, with added drums and bass. But, it was so neat to hear it not as sad as the album version. It seemed more like Tori was saying "this is where I am" instead of this is where I wish I would be.

Crazy is my fav song on SW and I got to hear it live AND solo. I had tears...Thank-you Tori for playing this one!

Cloud On My Tongue..just an example of Tori's amazing solo piano and voice up on stage.

Indian Summer..Tori stated "I have never done this before...and started in with the song. The lyrics were amazing, what I could understand since it's new. She had in there a "Mr.Bush" line, but I doubt that's part of the original. It's just too wonderful and everyone should get to hear it. I hope Tori releases it at some point for everyone. I felt so special being in the crowd and sharing this song with Tori. I have never been in concert where she played something she had never done before live or anything.

I know at some point Tori made the comment that she loved her shoes..but I can't remember if that was before Indian Summer or Your Cloud...perhaps someone else will know?

I have to leave to the airport I will just sum up the rest of the show as spectacular! Not only did we get a new song and amazing older ones, but we got a third song on the last encore. One more comment about the girls though...I have also never heard Virginia live...I had tears during this one too. Tori seemed to play songs that had VERY strong Indian relationships..I'm sure it's because of the location (right on an Indian reservation and casino). And I loved it!

Thanks Tori and to the fans for making this show so special to me!

From Steve C.:

Tori's concert in Tucson, AZ last night was possibly the best show she's done during the whole scarlet's walk tour. It was definately the best show thus far this summer, and I can only wait to hear what she's going to do during the next few shows. Anyway, as everybody knows she debuted "Indian Summer" solo, and it was just..godly. I can't wait for the mp3 to surface, because everybody was really quiet while she played it.

A Sorta Fairytale - Like Heather said, it was a little bit different, and some of the vocals echoed and stuff. MUCH better than last year! THIS should have been the cd version!

Little Earthquakes - She sang and played so passionately during this song, it was amazing. Even the guy sitting me to me that I didn't know leaned over and said "WOW".

Pancake/Ohio - I knew this was Pancake by the opening chords, but when she threw in the Ohio's unbelievable. The BEST version of Pancake I've EVER heard.

Cornflake Girl - Sounded the same as last year, but everybody rocked out during the song and loved it.

Honey- I heard this in Tempe last year, and I can honestly say her VOCALS at this show were better than the Tempe show (especially during Honey). It rocked.

God - I recognized this one right away, and right before just the way she held onto the piano and grooved..SO SEXY! It sounded great.

Concertina - It's one of my favorite songs on TVAB, and I'd been hoping to hear it since my first Tori show, and I finally got to hear it in Tucson. It sounded awesome. Great instrumentation!

Wednesday - Same ol, same ol, but it was a little perkier than the phoenix show's version.


Crazy - I heard this with band last time, and it sounds alot better solo, IMO. Her vocals were gorgeous and she used alot of hand gestures.

Tori did this little improv..I have no idea what the words were, but it sounded pretty. She said something about liking Arizona, and how she could stay here along time, even with the heat, because she was a 'lizard woman'.

Cloud on My Tongue - WOW! It's pratically my favorite song on UTP, and the 'circles' part sounded so lovely. Alot of people really paid attention to her play this one.

Indian Summer - Right before she played it, Tori said "Um..this girl was supposed to be on Scarlet's Walk, but she decided to come out for you guys tonight" and she went straight into playing it. I didn't know if it was Mountain or Indian Summer or maybe Seaside, but after the first line she said 'fresh mown grass' and i KNEW it was indian summer! This song is fantastic, I don't think I can even describe it. I really hope the studio b-side is solo too.

{End of solo}

Your Cloud - I'm surprised, but I didn't regonize this at first. Tori sounded lovely as usual, but then again I've only heard one other live version (on mp3) of Your Cloud live. Beautiful..beautiful..did I mention..beautiful?

Bliss - I thought she might play this before the solo time, but I REALLY had to pee during this song, so i ran over to the bathroom and sang along to the 'full horse engine' part while I peed..I got a couple of weird looks, but that's okay! Sounded awesome.

Sweet Sangria - I was kind of expecting to hear this, and she made a few hand gestures during it and really seemed to be into it. I think Jon Evans likes to play this one alot, too.

Virginia - Tori sounded really passionate during this song. I personally like it better solo, but her vocals seemed much more clear than the cd version.

Take to the Sky - What can I say? It totally brought the house down. Everybody was grooving to it, especially during the "I feel the earth move" part toward the end. I guess I never noticed it until now, but she said 'i feel MY earth move'. It sounded so great.

I Can't See New York - eh..I'm not one to complain, but it basically sounded the same as the night before. I actually LIKE this song though, so it was okay.

Precious Things - I can honestly say this version was much more rockin' than the phoenix show. During the starting she pounded the hell out of those keys, and seemed kind of angry. Everybody LOVED it. I liked the how the lights went along with the chorus as well.

encore one:

Juarez - I heard this in Tempe last year, but I still enjoyed hearing it again. It's one of my favorite from TVAB, so I couldn't complain. One woman in the audience FREAKED OUT when it first started, and she danced around like a fool. It was great.

Liquid Diamonds - I was NOT expecting this, but I'm so glad she played it. The audience swayed alot and just focused on Tori. It was very good.

encore two:

Tombigbee - I heard this the previous night, but it still sounded pretty good. She put some incense near her wurlitzer before she started playing.

Rattlesnakes - My favorite song on SLG, I was hoping to hear it at least once, and I did. It sounded a little bit slower, and mellow, but it was reallllllllly good.

Horses - She used this as the closer in the 2002 Tempe show as well, and personally I think it's almost perfect as an actual concert closer. Matt Chamberlain did a GREAT job on this song, as well as Jon Evans.

p.s. Tori didn't play Cloud on my Tongue at all at the Phoenix show.

Thanks, Tori!

From April (Pelesfury):

Ok, this was definitely the best show I have been to. Tori was heavenly tonight. She called herself a "lizard lady" and said she could stay here forever and ever because she loves the heat. (living here is another thing, trust me!)

Wampum Prayer-Strong and hard to hear because the crowd went crazy

a sorta fairytale - Sounded very good tonight. Tori was smiling a lot with this one

Little Earthquakes - Very beautiful. Drums were very powerful with this one tonight

Pancake/Ohio - Oh my god, loved this in San Diego, but it was very exciting this time around. The crowd went crazy and Tori seemed to enjoy it.

Cornflake Girl - Once again, great live

Honey - One of my favorites. I love this one live, especially when she does the growling and long "Tiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhtttttt". Awesome!

God - This song is soo good live. She sounds very ethereal.

Concertina - Beautiful and twinkly.

Wednesday - Just a fun song to hear live.

~Roadside cafe~

Crazy - She did a nice improv with this one and dedicated it to the people on the lawn. She said something along the lines of "he took his time with me, he took 3 days, he showed me a woman's way" there was more but this is the general idea. This song sounded so beautiful and aching live!

Cloud On My Tongue - I have been waiting to hear this one. This is one of my longtime favorites. Sounded lovely.

Indian Summer - I couldnat believe she did this one. Maybe it was the venue. This song is very pretty and peace invoking. The second verse mentioned "Fresh mown grass". She talks about learning a new way to pray, and its just a wonderful song.

Band returns

Your Cloud - Love this live! The band is wonderful.

Bliss - Love this high energy song. Wasnat as pumped as Phoenix, but still rocked.

Sweet Sangria - Good once again.

Virginia - Been waiting to hear this! Sounded so lovely. Her voice resonated through the place.

Take To The Sky - This one absolutely rocked! She had the audience on their feet with the "earth moves under my feed" addition. I loved it! And she was having such a good time with it, smiling and laughing!

I Can't See New York - Beautiful, yet to suddenly calming after Take to the Sky.

Precious Things - This one rocked once again. Tori really got into it. Another lovely growl with the "girl"

1st Encore

Juarez - Never heard this live before. Sounded really good.

Liquid Diamonds - My favorite once again, sounded beautifulShe was really singing this one.

2nd Encore

Tombigbee - When she came out on stage she brought out the burning sage with her and danced a bit before starting into this one. Sounded so good. This song is so awesome!

Rattlesnakes - beautiful.
Horses - Awesome song for the 3rd song! I love this song live.

Over all Tori was full of energy, dancing and laughing a lot. She was giving the audience a lot of eye contact as well as Matt and Jon. It was a wonderful show for me to end my portion of the tour.

From JonBoyAZ

I am happy to report that I am still in a state of "Bliss". Tori really used her pipes Tuesday night in Tucson. I have to say that I think that "Scarlet" found a little slice of "Home Away From Home" tonight. Tori Came out in this awesome white (help me out ladies) top/dress over blue jeans the sleeves were long and at times Tori appeared to be rising like "The Phoenix From The Flames". I think starting off with "Wampum Prayer" took on new meaning since the venue is on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation. I think the set list was a great reflection of the location and of the current events that we are facing these days. She began by telling us "a sorta fairytale" that was nothing short of magical. She told us that she loved the heat and that she loved it here in Tucson quipping "I'm a Lizard Lady"......on with the fairytale.

We had a "Little Earthquake" before she served us a late breakfast "Pancakes, Cornflakes & Honey" She then prayed to "God for help with her Concertina on Wednesday" things began to get a little "Crazy and a Cloud threatened to ruin a perfect Indian Summer Day". I think she had a a private talk with God and asked "can you take Your Cloud away"? We were in "Bliss" when she served some tasty "Sweet Sangria". Intoxicated by Sangria, I vaguely remember her telling "Virginia" that they needed to "Take To The Sky" I think they were headed to New York". She left me some "Precious Things" along with a note that said she would be back.

She returned to tell me all about her trip. She had went down to "Juarez in search of Liquid Diamonds". She said that she had met some guy named "Tom bigbee". He sounded pretty cool he had a couple of "Rattlesnakes and some Horses". I guess she left about 15 hours ago and I miss her so much. I am sure she will return to tell me some more fairytales.

From Jamiane:

Very happy with the Tucson show. I was hoping for an interesting set list because of the location of the venue, and she delivered! Much better set list than Phoenix.

Little Earthquakes right away, perfect. I couldn't have asked for more with Crazy solo, then she played Your Cloud, AND Virginia, AND debuted Indian Summer, absolutely beautiful! Pancake was electric tonight too, did anyone see the fire in her eyes?! On top of everything she played Honey, Bliss, Juarez, Concertina, and God. I never thought I'd see her do God in all 4 shows I saw her, LA, San diego, Phoenix, and here Tucson.

Also, I couldn't help it tonight, I had to talk to her hubby Mark. I went over to the sound booth and shook his hand and asked how Tash was doing. I'm curious if anyone else has approached him before.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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