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Updated Wed, Aug 06, 2003 - 3:07am ET

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 Entry Page posted the Sex Lists on July 24, 2003, and Tori is included in the "Old Ladies Who Are Still Sexy to Rock Boys" list. (Why they call her old is beyond me...) Thanks to Jeff for telling me about this. This list appeared back in the April 2003 issue of Spin magazine. (Thanks Cara.)

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Here is the full "Old Ladies Who Are Still Sexy to Rock Boys" list:

1. Madonna
2. Deborah Harry
3. Marianne Faithfull
4. Tori Amos
5. Chrissie Hynde
6. Courtney Love
7. Stevie Nicks
8. Tina Turner
9. Patti Smith

Posted by: Mikewhy

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