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Reminder: Make a contribution to RAINN in honor of Tori's 40th birthday!

Updated Wed, Aug 20, 2003 - 2:40am ET

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UPDATE: You only have 2 more days to take part in this unique opportunity! This is your last chance to be included included on the Tori birthday card, as RAINN will be sending it to New Jersey on Thursday evening, August 21 for it to be presented to Tori on her birthday on Friday, August 22, 2003. To be included on the card only costs $5, and if you want to be included in the special "front row" section of the card, the donation to RAINN is $40 (one dollar for each Tori year). You can donate at

Scott Berkowitz, the President of RAINN, is encouraging people to make a contribution to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) in honor of Tori's upcoming birthday. Tori will be presented with a special card on her birthday containing the names of all those who donated. Read a letter from Scott Berkowitz explaining more about this exciting way you can help this organization. To be included on the birthday card for Tori, please donate no later than August 21, 2003.

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Happy Birthday, Tori
Tori Amos turns 40 this summer (can you believe it?)
What do you get for a girl who already has a lottapianos?

Dear Friends,

I've known Tori since RAINN began, when she agreed to serve as the main spokesperson for the new organization. From our first conversation, it was clear she cared passionately about the many people who, like her, had survived a sexual assault.

Through many conversations, I know that there are a few things in the world she values more than anything. Her husband and daughter and parents, of course, mean the world to her. She's also extremely grateful for the support and love she has received from her fans.

And, of course, there's RAINN. As you probably know, Tori was a founding member of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), which created the National Sexual Assault Hotline and is now America's largest anti-sexual assault organization. Everyone close to Tori is so proud of her for many accomplishments, but none more so than her involvement with RAINN, and the help it has provided to more than 600,000 victims of sexual assault (this year, calls are up more than 20% to more than 10,000 a month).

Since the beginning, Tori's fans have also been big supporters of RAINN. In fact, their help, "your help", has been indispensable to RAINN's success. I know it also means a great deal to Tori personally.

So, as her 40th birthday approaches (August 22, 2003), I got to thinking about a special way we could all honor Tori. She already has just about everything she needs, and more than she ever dreamed.

But there is one gift that I know would mean so much to her: a gift to RAINN.

Will you join me in making a contribution to RAINN in honor of Tori's 40th birthday?

On her birthday, we will present her with a giant birthday card, with the names of everyone who has made a contribution of $5 or more to RAINN. Those that contribute $40 or more (just $1 per Tori-year) will have their names included in a special Front Row section of the card, and will be listed on RAINN's website. You can donate for this special occasion at

I hope you will join me in this tribute to Tori. I can't think of anything that would make for a better present.

Thanks, as always, for your friendship and support.

Scott Berkowitz

PS: To be included on the birthday card for Tori, please donate no later than August 21. Thanks again. Again, you can donate at

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