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What we know about Tori's upcoming "Best of" album, which will likely be released November 17/18, 2003

Updated Sun, Jul 27, 2003 - 6:09pm ET

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We know that there will be a new "Greatest Hits" CD released later in 2003 by Atlantic. I have decided to refer to it as the "Best Of" album, since Tori called it that during her Redmond, WA meet and greet, and a trusted European source saw an offical release schedule from Warner France, and it calls the upcoming CD "Tori Amos, Best of". That same release schedule gives a release date of November 18, 2003 for this album, which sounds like the likely U.S. release date as well. Danny, who works for a large music chain in the U.K., has seen a listing calling it "Tori Amos: Best Of" with a U.K. release date of November 17, 2003. There is still info at that claims this album will surface on October 7, 2003, but that seems too early to me based on what I am now hearing. We do not know the exact content of the album, but we have read articles lately that make it clear that Tori has been in her Cornwall Studio recording some material with the band. An article in the July 24, 2003 Tacoma News Tribune suggests that there could be new songs on the album (although I have yet to see something definitive about that), while we also know for sure that some of her older songs have been "reworked".

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