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Updated Tue, Jul 15, 2003 - 2:28am ET

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 Entry Page has just updated their Taxivision web page with the winners from the Taxivision contest! The page includes a letter from Tori talking about the winners she selected. The #1 winner was the "Taxi Ride" video from Susan Hebert. Tori said her #2 choice was from Barclay Deveau, and #3 was from Lee McCaulla. Tori also said that her #4 choice would have been by Ming-Shian Wang. Congratulations to the winner Susan and all the other folks mentioned by Tori! (You can now watch the winning video from Susan on

In the version of Tori's Taxivision letter sent out by the mailing list, there was a special P.S. not included online. It says, "I'd like your input on some songs that you might want to hear live on the Tour. Stay tuned this week to for details." We'll have to wait and see exactly what she means by this!

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