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You can now view a Quicktime trailer of the upcoming movie Mona Lisa Smile; Tori listing at

Updated Sat, Jul 12, 2003 - 1:25am ET

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As reported earlier, Tori taped a wedding scene in this movie where she sang two 40's style songs. (It remains to be scene how much of that will remain after editing.) This Quicktime trailer does NOT show Tori, but gives you a glance at the movie, which hits theaters on December 19, 2003. In other news on this film, there is an entry for Mona Lisa Smile at now, and they not only mention Tori but if you check out the Tori Amos page at, you will find some nice photos of Tori from her appearance on the VH1 Big In 2002 Awards show. For these and all the latest details about Tori's contribution to this movie, check out The Dent's Mona Lisa Smile Page. Thanks to Stephanie Bean, Adam and Blindhope for this information.

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