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Neil Gaiman posts interesting Tori tidbits to his online journal about Tori's upcoming tour/album

Updated Wed, Jul 02, 2003 - 5:03pm ET

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Go to Neil Gaiman's online journal and you can see what he wrote about Tori as part of his July 2, 2003 entry. Here is a summary of what Neil said:

  • Tori is currently rehearsing with her band for the Summer 2003 tour AND for the new song(s) on her upcoming Greatest Hits CD. (He did not explain what he meant exactly by "new songs". While this seems to indicate there could be brand new songs on the Greatest Hits album, I hesitate to say that for sure until we know more. He could also be referring older songs remixed or something like that.)
  • Tori claims to Neil that she will perform "Snow Cherries From France" on her upcoming tour, although he does not know if it will appear on the Greatest Hits CD. Neil calls it a "pretty, stange, love song". I really hope this happens!
  • This tour will be Tori's last time on the road until at least 2005. Before you start making plans for 2005, keep in mind that Neil says "at least" 2005. It could be even longer than that.

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