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Tori is #5 on Rolling Stone's '20 Greatest Live Bands' printed in their July 10, 2003 issue!

Updated Thu, Jun 19, 2003 - 9:45pm ET

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The July 10, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (#926 with Clay Aiken on the cover) includes their list of the 20 Greatest Live Bands. Tori came in at #5 on this list!

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Many thanks to Bob for being the first to tell me. This listing reportedly came from the readers of the magazine who voted online. They list Tori at #5, and print the following small article. You can read this article online at or below:

5. Tori Amos
Amos' studio albums can be overblown, with their big arrangements and mystic imagery, but onstage she's a one-woman wrecking crew. Legs splayed on her piano bench, hips grinding, tongue curling over her lips, crimson hair cascading down her face, Amos celebrates the erotic with her physical presence while exploring its complexities in song.

Last Tour: Scarlet's Walk tour, 2002
Best Tour: Winter-spring 1994: Her concerts were punctuated by an a cappella "Me and a Gun" that was liberating in the way it confronted, and finally purged, the unthinkable.
Best Live Album: To Venus and Back, from her 1998 tour, when she gets to indulge her Led Zeppelin fetish with a backing trio. "The set changes every night -- the light guy rolls his eyes at me, but at least he can't do as much crack." Tori Amos, RS 816/817, July 8th, 1999.

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