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It appears that Tori was NOT on the "100 Greatest Songs Of Country Music" special on CMT

Updated Tue, Jun 17, 2003 - 4:25pm ET

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The CMT network in the U.S. showed several times in June 2003 a special called the "100 Greatest Songs Of Country Music" . (They will show it yet again on June 27, 2003 at 8:00PM.) Tori was listed as one of the artists that would appear on this 6 hour TV program/countdown according to several people who saw commercials for it and However, several people who watched the show did not see Tori. Therefore unless I get an email to the contrary, I am forced to conclude that Tori was NOT on this program. I am sorry to anyone who sat through this 6-hour program to catch Tori based on what they read on The Dent...

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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