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Neil Gaiman News Tidbits

Updated Sat, Jun 07, 2003 - 9:18pm ET

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I wanted to make you aware of a few news items related to Neil Gaiman:

  • Neil Gaiman has a new book coming out in August 2003 called "The Wolves in the Walls" which includes illustrations by Dave McKean. It is a graphic novel for all ages. You can pre-order it at
  • In September 2003, Vertigo will publish a hardcover graphic novel called THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS. This is the first new Sandman book in 7 years! "Endless Nights presents seven tales - one for each member of the Endless - that reveal strange and surprising truths about the Sandman and his uniquely dysfunctional family."
  • Marvel comics will release a new mini-series from Neil called 1602 beginning with #1 in August 2003. You can read a little more about it at
  • Check out a new book called "Neil Gaiman's the Sandman and Joseph Campbell: In Search of the Modern Myth" by Stephen Rauch. This book is a scholarly examination of Neil Gaiman's work, and "includes detailed analysis of his best-selling "Sandman" and "Death" series, a look at his work's relationship to Joseph Campbell, and such topics as "The Relationship of Dreams and Myth in Campbell, Jung, and Gaiman's Sandman". You can find out more about this book at and purchase it at

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