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Short news item about the Tori Amos/Ben Folds Lottapianos Summer tour at
May 30, 2003

Updated Fri, May 30, 2003 - 9:43pm ET

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The article does not mention anything new except for a line that says that more concert dates are expected to be added to the Lottapianos Tour. However, we know for sure that no more dates will be added to the Lottapianos tour after the September 4, 2003 date in West Palm Beach, FL, so do not take that line too seriously. (They could always added a new date or two in August of course!) Thanks to David Mobley for telling me about this.

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You can read the article online at or below:

A Whole Lottapianos
Updated 03:09 PDT Fri, May 30 2003

When Tori Amos and Ben Folds get together, there's only one way to describe the meeting - a lotta pianos. And a whole lotta keys too - 176 to be exact.

The two ivory-ticklers are teaming up for the Lottapianos Tour 2003, which launches July 26 on the West Coast. Confirmed dates have the duo entertaining the amphitheatre masses through September 4, although more shows are expected to be added.

The stint marks an unofficial continuation of Amos' Scarlet Walk tour - which has been going on for the past seven months - and a fresh outing for Folds, who is expected to perform material from his Rockin' The Suburbs solo album as well as his back catalogue during his hour-long set.

Speaking of albums and Ben Folds, he's currently working on tunes for his second solo disc, which is slated for release early next year.

Amos is expected to be bringing her backing band along for the ride - Jon Evans (bass) and Matt Chamberlin (drums).

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